SOOEW Chapter 142 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXIV

Just as she was about to knock on the door, she found that the other party suddenly reached out to touch Wen Ying’s hand. At the moment of contact, their skin gave out a strange white light, and then the girl’s hand melted on Wen Ying’s back like snow.

Then, as if she had confirmed, she pulled her hand back, and the whole process took only three seconds.

Fang Ran suddenly took in a cold breath.

She was also not an ordinary person. Of course, she won’t be surprised by the amazing picture in front of her. It just brought her a message that she had rivals in this world.

Because she was afraid of acting rashly and alerting the other, she quietly stepped back from the infirmary. Only in her mind, she kept playing back the picture just now.

If she did not guess wrong, this girl and Wen Ying are the same person. Although she does not know how the other party could do it, she clearly knew that if she performs well, she can get a lot of things from Jinjiang space. Unfortunately, all along, her score was very low. She couldn’t start over and over again in a different world and get a good ending each time. She was often killed by a character before she finished her task.

Hence, she wants to stay in this relatively pure and peaceful world.

She didn’t expect that there would be opponents so soon, and she could see that the opponent was the better one.

She has studied Jiang Tianye, this person for a long time. His personality was warm on the outside and cold inside. It seemed that he could speak a few words with anyone, but if they were really to get to know each other, he would step back and take off his smile, but at the same time, she knew that he liked to read comic books. Usually, people who like to read comic books have a rich inner world and expect magical things to happen. That’s why she wants to take the road of a school tyrant becoming a beautiful girl. As the first step, she would attract his attention.

It’s a pity that she hasn’t seemed to have succeeded in this step.

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But to let her admit defeat to Wen Ying right now, she would not be reconciled!

The mysterious identity of the other party was hard to find, but since they are the same person, as long as one of her identities can be hit, she will have a chance to turn over!

Wen Ying doesn’t know that her playfulness will let the opponent find out. There was only one day left for this appearance, and she only thought about how not to waste her time.

Hence, she dragged Jiang Tianye to the orphanage.

Probably from the beginning, he labeled her as “trouble”, so Jiang Tianye’s adaptability to Wen Ying was very fast. He is always the leader. When he was with her, he was passive and followed her rhythm.

With one hand in his pants pocket, he asked her why she wanted to go to the orphanage. Wen Ying walked backward while dragging his other hand with both her hands and said with a smile, “I want to see the future flowers of our motherland……at the end of the world, everyone knew that the population was rapidly decreasing. Maybe sooner or later, extinction would occur, but we could hardly look after ourselves.”

Jiang Tianye was noncommittal. “Even in peacetime, such cases are not uncommon. The family situation was difficult, or they chose to give up the children because of their natural problems.”

“Family has the most profound influence on a person.” She seemed to think of her own experience, and suddenly exclaimed, “If a person does not grow up in a sound family environment, would her character grow into a disgusting appearance? Most of the children in society come from healthy families, which makes them become a very small number of different people. “

Jiang Tianye remembered the background of Qingniao’s life experience. She obviously came from a healthy family where the husband and wife love each other. How could she suddenly express such feelings?

They arrived untimely. When they just arrived, they were just in time to see several children bullying a little boy together.

The little boy was holding a piece of drawing paper in his hand. He held it high, and his eyes were stubborn. “You guys are the ones wrong! I’m not wrong, my eyes are not bad! “

“Your eyes are broken!”

“It’s so ugly. Quickly tear it apart!”

The two went up to stop it.

Wen Ying came closer and saw that there were several pieces of drawing paper on the ground of the courtyard. Crayons smeared a blue sky, white clouds, green grass, and there was even the grandfather sun with a long beard. It was very childlike.

Only when Wen Ying held the picture drawn by the bullied boy, and held him in her arms to protect him, could she see the picture on the paper.

The black sky can be understood as the clouds that came before the rain, but the sun was dark green, the grass was gray-white, and the river was a bright red. The colors were in a disarray, forming a sense of depression.

But from his attitude, it could be seen that he did not mean to draw such a picture, but uncontrollably drew such an effect……he probably knew that it’s his own problem, but he doesn’t want to be an outcast. He could only shout that he was right and he was the same as them.

Was it color blindness? Wen Ying guessed.

Jiang Tianye, who controlled two bear children with one hand, suddenly laughed and asked the children, “Do you guys feel that his drawing was not good?”

Everyone collectively nodded.

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