SOOEW Chapter 141 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXIII

Xia Yi heard the knock on the door and went to see who it was. When she saw Jiang Tianye and Li Shu’s faces in the peephole on the door, she opened the door. However, she placed her hand on the door frame and blocked them from entering. The young lady glanced at them with a squint. “You guys also came to see the body of the sleeping beauty, too?”

Li Shu coughed loudly for a while. As expected, Jiang Tianye threw a sneering look at him.

He was ridiculed by the other party in class during the day. No matter what was being said, the one lying down was still the friend of a friend. It was really immoral for him to follow the people from other schools, but he couldn’t resist his curiosity. Also, the girl who was the same as his goddess also said she wanted to see her. Young Master Jiang loosened his pockets and brought them.

Xia Yi drove away waves of curious, gallant, and different kinds of people these two days.

If it were others, she would just ignore them, as she couldn’t just turn Wen Ying into a treasure in the museum exhibition, so she did not allow anyone to come in. During class time, she informed the people in the infirmary to prevent others from “visiting”.

But Jiang Tianye——

“Come in.” She opened the door.

Jiang Tianye and Li Shu entered the room. Just as she was about to close the door, a girl followed in?

She was surprised: “Wait, how come there’s still a woman?”

Just as Wen Ying wanted to say her greetings, before her hand was raised, she was led over by Jiang Tianye. As he was holding her hands, his body was slightly tilted. He asked Xia Yi, “Is this not okay?”

“……I didn’t say it’s not allowed.”

As her diagnosis by the hospital was the state of sleep both times, Xia Yi simply moved her into the school clinic as it was easier to take care of her when she was nearby. Currently, Wen Ying’s body was lying on the white bed, her body slightly undulating, breathing at a constant speed. There was even a healthy faint red glow on her cheeks.

When Wen Ying saw her other self, she immediately felt that these worlds were very wonderful.

It was like a holographic game. She could keep the body intact, while letting her spirit into another world. But what’s more amazing than a holographic game was that she can appear as a comic character in the three-dimensional world. Although it lasts only three days, it was still amazing.

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Although the others don’t know the truth as she does, she still feels magical.

Even if she doesn’t eat or drink, she can still lie there safe and sound, and have a fresh and beautiful appearance. No wonder people from other schools will say that she is a “Sleeping Beauty”.

Xia Yi was still staring at the hand held by that bright man. She had a moment to think about it. Then she said, “What is this? I even thought that you liked Wen Ying.”

The other three were shocked by what she said!

Then, pretending not to know, “Qingniao” looked at herself in the doctor’s bed, and then looked at Jiang Tianye, exclaiming: “So actually this is the girl that Ah Ye likes.”

“Don’t follow her to cause trouble.” Jiang Tianye then asked Xia Yi without any expressions, “I say you, where did this illusion emerge from?”

“I’m not talking nonsense. I felt it when Wen Ying fell down last time. I can’t see how helpful you are just by looking at you, but look at you, your whole expression was wrong with anxiety. Clearly, she was my friend, but you had to fight with me, and carry her to the infirmary to have an examination. If you don’t secretly like her, I really can’t think of any explanations.” Xia Yi loosened her grip and didn’t seem to think her idea was ridiculous at all.

Jiang Tianye subconsciously looked at Wen Ying. Seeing that she was having a lot of fun watching the opera(tea*), he became unhappy without reason.

*same though, tea is an excellent hobby 😉

He countered calmly: “I only did it based on your face. Your mind would not have been so stupid if it had not been creating these messy situations in your brain. “

Xia Yi’s vision swept between them, voicing a “tut”, “Alright, based upon your little girlfriend’s face, I won’t expose you.”

“I’m for sure not his little girlfriend.” Wen Ying smiled sweetly, her action naturally held Xia Yi, “Compared to Ah Ye, I still think you are more lovely.”

Qingniao’s young and beautiful appearance could almost kill both men and women. Xia Yi immediately felt that she couldn’t breathe.

After the “visit” to sleeping beauty, Li Shu quickly retreated, leaving the three of them.

Xia Yi knew that Jiang Tianye had a way to invite the top famous doctors in China. In the beginning, she opened the door for him with this goal in mind, so she took the opportunity to ask him to go out and talk. Jiang Tianye gave her face, but he was also a little concerned about Wen Ying’s sudden move to cover his eyes and her familiarity. Hence, they went to a quiet place outside the medical room to talk, leaving “Qingniao” in the room to temporarily keep watch, so as not to be intruded by “visitors”.

The two people who went out didn’t notice that Fang Ran had walked into the infirmary from the other direction.

University A’s infirmary is inside a passageway. There were rooms on both sides. The right side was the hall for infusions and injections. On the left side were the doctor’s examination rooms. Heading inside, there were three or four small rooms for temporary rest.

Fang Ran walked through the hall and quickly confirmed the room where Wen Ying was through the peephole on the door.

Strangely, she found that the person sitting beside the bed was not Xia Yi, but the girl who impressed her deeply during the rehearsal and had an ambiguous relationship with Jiang Tianye.

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