WFILTU Chapter 173

Evening, five o’clock.

“Jiao Jiao! Quickly pack up, we’re leaving soon!”

“Alright!” She answered, then continued to bow, wielding her pen furiously.

In the third round from previous years, whenever there was a calculation question, it tended to be a very difficult calculation that required many pages.

Xue Jiao seemed to fall into an inaccurate calculation. She tried her best to compute until she couldn’t anymore. Only then was she certain that she had calculated wrongly.

She crossed out the front, taking a few pieces of paper again, recalculating.

Mathematical problems are not difficult to understand, as long as the foundation was still solid, the mathematical problems can be done.

Especially the answers.

Many people can’t do it by themselves or can’t find an entry point, but when they look at the answer, they then feel that the problem was not that difficult.1omg that last part hit in the feels, too true haha

In fact, this is a very dangerous time. If a breakthrough can’t be found, then one will always stay at the stage of understanding the answers at a glance.

Therefore, even if she made a mistake many times, she would not look at the answer, instead, she would recalculate.

Because time is also a consideration in many cases, after working hard and spending a lot of time to solve a problem, she must take a serious look at the problem-solving process and find out which step is the problem that she couldn’t solve before.

After familiarizing with the analysis many times, she could ensure that the next time she met the same type or a similar type of problem, she could solve it quickly and accurately.

Xue Jiao was now in the middle of many calculations, her energy was all focused on the paper.

More than ten minutes later, a cry came from downstairs——

“Are you done packing yet, Jiao Jiao?”

“I’m currently packing!” Xue Jiao casually returned, her reply completely not passing through her brain.

Her fingers quickened and her eyes lit up slightly.

It seems right this time!

Another ten minutes later.

“Jiao Jiao! Come down, we’re ready to go!”

“Alright——” she responded casually.

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Her eyes were very bright while looking at the book. She checked on one hand, while on the other, her eyes were sparkling while staring at the calculator progress.

Very soon, her fingers stopped.

It’s correct!

She finally calculated it!

Xue Jiao smiled, preparing to take it up to look carefully several times. She suddenly seems to think of something——

She stood up quickly, casually picking up the down jacket that she wore today to the Gu Family. She took her phone and ran down.

“Jiao Jiao, hurry……Aiyo, why didn’t you clean yourself up! “


Xue Jiao’s eyes were at a loss for a moment. She looked at Li Sitong with a wooden expression. Her hair was a bit messy, and her delicate face was full of stupidity.

Cheng Mingze was wearing a men’s short down jacket, with his hand in his jeans pocket. Looking at Xue Jiao, he pulled out his right hand, clenched it into a fist, and endured his laugh with a cough.

“Didn’t you just say you were cleaning up just now? What did you clean up? ” Li Sitong’s eyes widened.

Xue Jiao responded subconsciously——

“Cleaning up homework?”


Cheng Shuo also laughed. His eyes narrowed together, laughing happily.

“Alright, alright, let’s go. Jiao Jiao looks good. She looks good no matter how she dresses up.”

Cheng Mingze nodded in agreement, as this was true. Her eyebrows and eyes are beautiful, her hair is long and black, and her skin is white, which makes her even more beautiful. In addition, a small face the size of a big palm was hidden in the down jacket, seemingly stupid yet loving.

“…… All right, alright. Let’s hurry and leave.” Li Sitong had no choice. Currently, these two people in the family were all protecting Jiao Jiao.

The four people got into a car and went to the old house of the Cheng family.

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  1. I don’t want Cheng Minze to fall for Xue Jiao 😭 Please let them still be siblings

    • Probably tough. He’s not blood related but Cheng Shuo & Li Sitong have married so he will naturally fall in “elder brother” role

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