WFILTU Chapter 172

“I……” Gu Shiyun bit her lower lip and couldn’t speak when she met Gu Jingxu’s stare.

If she said no today……would it be impossible to be with Cheng Mingze in this lifetime?

She really liked Cheng Mingze. She liked him from the first time she met him. The more she knew about him, the deeper she was trapped.

“Speak!” Gu Jingxu glared at her, his tone becoming more severe.

Gu Shiyun’s tears came down and she looked at Gu Jingxu with droplets in her eyes, “Dad……”

When Gu Shiyun was a child, Gu Jingxu could only accompany Xue Jiao on weekdays. Occasionally meeting her, he would feel distressed and love Gu Shiyun.

Compared with Xue Jiao, Gu Shiyun had always been more obedient and sensible with excellent achievements.

Later, he married Wu Wanjun. This obedient and sensible daughter was always with him. She was not only his pride, but also his favorite daughter.

But now, this favorite daughter, fell in love with the stepson of his ex-wife that he had a bad relationship with.

Does his daughter want to marry into the Cheng Family like Li Sitong in the future?

Cheng Mingze is really an excellent young man, but his surname is Cheng!

The veins on Gu Jingxu’s forehead were jumping. After a long while, he swept the dishes from the table to the ground and stood up to head upstairs.

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He left a mess covering the floor with a shocked Wu Wanjun and a sobbing Gu Shiyun

“Shiyun……” Wu Wanjun’s voice trembled.

She was actually more stimulated than Gu Jingxu. Her daughter……liked Cheng Mingze and wanted to be Li Sitong’s daughter-in-law?

“No way! Gu Shiyun, if you get together with Cheng Mingze, don’t call me mom in the future! ” Wu Wanjun quickly stood up, “You want Li Sitong to ride on my head and sh**!”

As she finished speaking, she stood up and followed Gu Jingxu up the stairs.

Gu Shiyun sat there and cried angrily and wrongly.

Gu Xuejiao! This bi***!

She only likes Mingze Ge. Why will they not allow it?


During the Spring Festival, the Gu family was in a mess, and only Xue Jiao had enough for lunch.

When she returned to the Cheng home, Li Sitong was surprised.

“Why are you back so soon?”

Xue Jiao said while changing her shoes: “I think they’re going to quarrel and so I left.”

“They’re fighting? !” Li Sitong’s voice rosed. Then she approached, with curiosity and schadenfreude in her voice, “What’s the matter?”

Xue Jiao shook her head, expressing that it’s hard to say.

Li Sitong thought that she said she didn’t know, so she didn’t say anything anymore. She just walked briskly.

The woman who married into the Gu family used to show off her happiness from time to time. How about now? Fighting?

What good karma!

“Mom, I’ll go up and read some books!” Xue Jiao said as her footsteps quickened, and she headed upstairs.

“We’re going to eat in the old family house in the evening. You should clean up early. It’s the New Years’ these two days so you shouldn’t read books these two days.” Li Sitong raised her head and yelled.

“En, en”

Xue Jiao perfunctorily responded, and then hurried upstairs.

The math problem Lin Zhihua gave her was too difficult for her to finish.

“This child……” Li Sitong was helpless, but she hummed a song with a little joy.

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  1. “I think they’re going to quarrel”
    She’s like a plane that dropped a bomb and returns to base like “I think that city is on fire”

  2. Math problem too difficult to finish? Time to call someone for help! You’ll make his New Year happy!

  3. I hope they I invite her less now, but they seem like the type that can’t learn.


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  5. Yup, this LST is hopeless imo. She wasn’t worried about her daughter’s emotional state. After all, it’s still her biological father according to her knowledge. She’s completely unconcerned about any suffering she endured over there…. I’m officially writing her off as a lost case.

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