WFILTU Chapter 170 – Love VI

Xue Jiao nodded and then said, “I used to come here a lot. Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun took me to play with the phone. They praised me for my beautiful red hair and said studying didn’t matter. Later, I didn’t come. Don’t you think I’m better now?”

Gu Jingxu was stunned, then subconsciously placed his eyes on Wu Wanjun.

“You’re b*llsh**ting!” Wu Wanjun quickly refuted.

Gu Shiyun also placed down her chopsticks: “Sister, how can you speak nonsense? We also advised you to study hard before. You like to play. My mother is afraid to make you unhappy and dare not say anything about you……”

Wu Wanjun wiped the corner of her eye: “It’s not easy to be a stepmother. Jingxu ah, how dare I hold jurisdiction over the child?”

“Then being a good stepfather is easy?” Xue Jiao said, “So Uncle Cheng used to take care of me. I had a bad relationship with him. Now I finally realize my stepfather’s sincerity. Sincerity is to hope the child is good. Hypocrisy is to hope the child is getting worse and worse. After all……it’s not biological.”

Wu Wanjun’s fingers that wiped her tears stopped slightly, then she cried and said, “I didn’t……”

Gu Jingxu slammed his chopsticks on the table: “Everyone have dinner, eat. What are you guys crying for while we celebrate the new year!”

Wu Wanjun’s hands froze and she hurriedly wiped away her tears and stopped talking.

Gu Jingxu……he may have now some doubts……

Not only was Wu Wanjun angered, but also Gu Shiyun. If only Gu Xuejiao hadn’t turned for the better!

The original was easier to fool. The current one keeps on finding trouble!

Xue Jiao ate on one hand, while giving a puzzled look at the same time to Wu Wanjun.

Immediately, her heart gave a voice of being convinced.

Really crying oh!

She sure had some good skills.

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In the past, Xue Jiao really didn’t want to pay attention to these people, but these people had to stimulate herself during the Spring Festival. Clay figurines still have three breaths.

But obviously, Gu Shiyun was not ready to let go of Xue Jiao.

“Dad, I remember the last time you said you wanted to talk about business with the Yi family?” Gu Shiyun looked at Gu Jingxu.

Gu Jingxu has only one daughter by his side, and usually talks about business problems.

“That’s right, what’s the matter?”

Gu Shiyun bit her lower lip slightly and looked at Xue Jiao.

Gu Jingxu followed her sight and asked, “What do you think your sister is doing?”

“Yi Tianyu, Yi Dafa’s son, is sister’s boyfriend……”

“Pu——” Xue Jiao almost spurted out the soup she had just drunk.

“What?” Gu Jingxu was shocked.

Xue Jiao patted her heart and finally warmed back up to look at them.

Gu Shiyun nodded: “They all said it like this, and also……at the annual event……my sister and Yi Tianyu also secretly ran out……”

Gu Jingxu frowned and looked at Xue Jiao immediately: “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? There’s someone defaming me. Yi Tianyu is my deskmate. We have no other relationship. “

“But they all said……”

Xue Jiao said: “They all said it? Who all said that? You name them all, I’ll have to confront them for this injustice. That’s called rumor-mongering and slandering. “

Gu Shiyun was about to give an example. She was prepared and also understood Gu Jingxu.

But Xue Jiao didn’t give her a chance to speak——

“It’s you who fell in love with my brother. How can you wrong me instead?”


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