WFILTU Chapter 167 – Love III

She really doesn’t want to go anywhere. They were all not easy places.

Li Sitong continued to say: “Later, I argued with him. You can go to the Chang family tonight, but you have to go to his place at noon.”

Xue Jiao spun the pen that she was holding, then asked: “Can I not go?”

Li Sitong was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously said: “I have already promised……”

She paused, then pressed down the second half of the sentence: “Then you give him a call in response, I will quarrel with him……”

Xue Jiao understood.

It must be Gu Jingxu who insisted that she go to the New Year’s Eve dinner. In the end, the two quarreled and reached an agreement——she would be at the Gu family home at noon and at the Cheng family home at night.

“Forget it, I’ll go.” Xue Jiao was helpless.

You’re all already in agreement. We’ll have to fight again if I raise up any conditions.

“Then you remember to come back after eating dinner. You must have dinner at the Cheng family in the evening! Although your surname is Gu, you have married into the Cheng family with me. You are also counted as part of the Cheng family. ” Li Sitong babbled endlessly.

In fact, Li Sitong was a bit pedantic and stubborn. Xue Jiao didn’t want to listen to her anymore, so she quickly responded——

“Ok, alright, you can go busy first. I’ll go after calculating some problems.”

“Then you’d better hurry up.” She paused for a moment and said, “Dress up prettier!”

Look better than Gu Shiyun’s!

“All right, alright. You go out first.” Xue Jiao spoke profusely.

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Li Sitong left. Xue Jiao helplessly lied down on the table for a while, then immediately regained her spirit, and began to work on the questions.

Those who don’t let her feel at ease make her really want to scold! ! !

Eleven o’clock.

“Jiao Jiao! Gu Jingxu called to urge you! ” From downstairs, Li Sitong shouted.

Xue Jiao’s hand stopped. She put away her pen, took a small vocabulary book, then picked up a down jacket, and went downstairs.

Li Sitong looked up at her, paused, and said, “Aiyo, how can you dress so simply? You……”

Cheng Shuo interrupted her: “It’s alright, it’s not a big deal. Xue Jiao can wear whatever she likes.”

Xue Jiao looked down. Most of her legs were covered with a long down jacket, and she was wearing leggings underneath.

There seems to be no problem?

Li Sitong did not speak, but she was helpless.

She didn’t know why, but she used to be annoyed by Xue Jiao’s appearance when dressing up. Now that Xue Jiao doesn’t dress up, she feels helpless instead.

Xue Jiao saw that Li Sitong didn’t speak, and also didn’t care about the problem of her attire. She wore her bag and was ready to head out.

“It’s not good to take a taxi on New Year’s Eve. Jiao Jiao, I’ll bring you there.” Cheng Shuo said as he placed down the remote control and stood up.

“No, no need, I’ll myself……”

Cheng Shuo said with a smile, “Jiao Jiao is almost leaving. Don’t miss the meal. Hurry and eat it to come back.”

Xue Jiao stopped speaking and followed Cheng Shuo out.

This Uncle Cheng……is more like a dad than dad……

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15 Comments on “WFILTU Chapter 167 – Love III

  1. Cheng Shuo is definitely way better than her ‘both’ parents. and it’s really hard to love Li Si Tong, I wish she would start putting Xue Jiao’s interest in the 1st place.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!

    • Li Sitong isn’t bad just not amazing. She’s tried to do what was best. Even when she hit her unjustly, it was based on the previous personality and trying to do everything she could to keep her daughter in school. Xue Jiao doesn’t have to thank her for it, but it wouldn’t hurt to try to understand each other better

      • True, Gu Xuejiao changed to Xue Jiao, so she improved but Li Sitong will need a lot of time to change. Cheng Shuo, however, is quite new to the picture so he changed quickly.

      • Yeah, Li Sitong is pretty average parent. Her real fault is that her 1st concern is mostly to save her own face/reputation rather than Jiaojiao’s wellbeing.

        Chen Shuo is above average, which is why we’re so meh about Li Sitong. Plus writer deliberately points/hints out there’s issues with Sitong’s words and care.

      • Nah, even in this scene Li Sitong still isn’t a good mother. All she think is herself. She made the arrangement herself without consulting JiaoJiao, she wanted her to dress up just for her pride because her rival and the daughter was there. Deep in her heart, reputation is 1st for her than Cheng Shou, Cheng Mingzhe, Cheng’s family and the Jiao Jiao. When Jiao Jiao about to play piano before, she is close to run and drag her down if Cheng Shou didn’t stop her. She just doesn’t want to embarrass herself but had no qualm embarrasing Jiao Jiao. I really can’t like her that always always “this child is about to embarrass me more” whenever Jiao Jiao is put on a tough spot. True, she had dark history… but honestly, did Cheng Shou never knows her dark history? He did. What did he do? He support her, trust she will change. When she change, what did he do? He support her, trust she will be even better. Never did he look down on Jiao Jiao like she is a 3 y.o that didn’t know the world.

  2. I just think that mom was great enough to get her this kind of step dad

    • That crossed my mind too! That maybe she realised that she and her ex was really shitty at this parenting stuff, and one of the things that charmed her about Cheng Shuo is how great a parent he is to his kid.

  3. LST, this kind of parent is really annoying tsk tsk

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  5. I think a lot of people are unfairly condemning Sitong. Sure Sitong makes a lot of mistakes, BUT it is undeniable that she deeply loves her daughter. I noticed people were giving kudos to Cheng Suo for “giving up interests” for XJ; BUT Sitong also “gave up interests” for XJ. I just think Sitong suffers from a combination of three things; a) she is still a bit traumatised by XJ’s past behaviour, b) she is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and c) she is just “too close” to XJ in her heart so has difficulty stepping back and seeing things clearly (which is why Cheng Suo is great, he helps Sitong step back to see a fuller picture.

    And Sitong is not even in the same galaxy when comparing with the parenting behaviour with XJ’s father.

  6. I remember that her dad gave up custody in exchange for interests, soSitong should be able to deny him to see Xue Jiao.
    If I’m correct then Sitong leaves much to be desired.

  7. Well … CS acts more like the real parent than her true parents.. Her mother and father doesn’t really cares about her at all…just some pretense and self indulgence..

  8. This stupid ass li sitong need to realize her daughter is a grown up and can make decision for herself. She needs to stop promising anything! I can’t wait for XJ to go to college so she can stay away from this annoying ass

  9. Don’t know what to say. This LST only had a mouthful of complaints. If you’re that bothered, take your daughter shopping, go discover her style and likes and maybe teach her how to do make up. She just spends her entire day enjoying the rich wife’s life and being pampered but flaunts the mom title when she doesn’t like what she sees even though it’s her who hasn’t put in any effort in getting close to her daughter. She is fond of the daughter that she can be proud of. She destined to have an awful relationship with her child no matter who it is. She is only willing to stand by you when you’re worth something to her. If you embarrass her, she’d be the one to either hit or jump miles away from you acting like you don’t know each other.

  10. Sitong was divorced by Gu Scumbag who had a mistress for decades. Now her daughter is going to their home for lunch so of freaking course she’d want her to look better than the daughter of the mistress. What’s wrong with that? While face and reputation are valued highly in China/ chinese novels her sentiment here is totally natural in western culture too.

    As for agreeing to send her in the first place there’s nothing wrong with that either. He’s scum but he is her biological father and the original Xuejiao was closer to him than to her mother.

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