WFILTU Chapter 166 – Love II

A moment later, Lin Zhihua returned——

【Although the third round of questions would not be heavy and there are new ideas every year, I think it should be fine for you to try the previous third-round questions. It’s always good to be more knowledgeable.】

After Xue Jiao had seen Lin Zhihua’s position in the business world during the event today, she originally felt that there was some distance all of a sudden.

But all the estrangement has disappeared in these concerns.

It doesn’t matter what kind of person he is and what kind of position he has.

He treated her the same as before, and he was still her scholarly mentor and her helpful friend.

Xue Jiao responded while smiling——

【Alright! !】

【Lin Zhihua: It’s hard to find the third round of the problems on the market. I’ll find some for you tomorrow. Just try to do it. There’s no need to stare at those problems, but you can look at some other knowledge for mathematics, comprehensive mathematics problems. The current third round will not be a pure test of mathematical solutions.】

Help herself find the problems?

Xue Jiao paused again, and then replied embarrassedly——

【Ah? That’s not good, right? It’s alright if you just busy yourself with your own stuff. I’ll collect it myself! No need to bother you!】

Lin Zhihua didn’t seem to think about it, and replied directly——

【Mine is more complete.It‘s harder for you to find a more complete one. It won’t take too long. I’ll send it to you tomorrow.】

Xue Jiao was still a little embarrassed. He was Lin Shi’s boss……

Does he really have the time to organize these things for herself?

It’s like he knew what she was thinking——

【Lin Zhihua: don’t think about it anymore. Hurry and rest. I have time.】

Xue Jiao resolutely does not agree, but Lin Zhihua does not listen to her. Xue Jiao was helpless and she could only say——

【Then all right……thank you! ! !】

After a moment, Lin Zhi returned——

【There are so many questions, so do it well. You shouldn’t go out normally as it will delay your time.】

Xue Jiao’s reply was very fast——

【Alright! I absolutely would not!!】

Lin Zhihua raised his mouth slightly.

For high school students, it was better to study more and have less puppy love.

If she does more questions, then there would be no time to go out with young people.

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Lin Zhihua’s problem set was sent using a file. Xue Jiao saw it when she got up at six in the morning.

Her eyes lit up, but she still went according to her study plan. She recited English for half an hour, then Chinese for half an hour.

She didn’t officially start working on the mathematics problem till half past seven.


When she saw the first question, she already felt it was very difficult!

She took out her notebook and began to calculate.

She only finished the second problem at half past nine.

“Jiao Jiao?” From behind, Li Sitong’s voice was a little confused.

Xue Jiao looked back: “Hmm?”

It was the middle of winter, yet just by doing two math problems, her cold sweats had even come out. It can be seen how difficult these problems were.

“Are you studying?” Li Sitong’s voice was surprised and her face was unbelieving.

“Ah, what’s the matter?” Xue Jiao had a blank face.

Li Sitong:“……”

She knew that Jiao Jiao was serious in her studies, but she never thought that she could be earnest till this point!

Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve!

“It’s New Year’s Eve……you should take a break……” Li Sitong swallowed her saliva.

It seems that Xue Jiao really……has completely changed from the Xue Jiao from before……

It’s only half a year, yet it seems that she already can’t remember Xue Jiao’s appearance with the red hair……

Xue Jiao shook her head and said seriously, “The task of studying is the biggest, so I can’t relax for even one day.”

Li Sitong:“……All right.”

After a moment, she thought of the official business: “By the way, Gu Jingxu asked you to go over to his place to have a New Year’s Eve dinner today.”

Xue Jiao blinked, then expressed……then?

“Hence, I said that you were going to have dinner with us at the Cheng family house tonight, but he didn’t agree.”

Xue Jiao: “……” Can I not go?

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