SOOEW Chapter 128 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga X

“I’ll go shopping for you tomorrow. What do you need?”

“Well, if you can, I would like a new set of clothes.”

“Daily necessities, too. Towels, toothbrush……forget it. I’ll help think about it for you. “


“Then can you sleep in my bed first today?”


“Alright, then I’ll go down. If you have anything, you can ask me.”

Following closely, the gossiping flames of the other two were completely extinguished. They thought the two would do something indescribable in the middle of the night. Unexpectedly, Jiang Tianye was such a gentleman and let the other girl sleep alone. Even if you don’t do anything, can’t he hug her? That’s a soft girl!

Forced to sleep in a bed together with Jiang Tianye, Li Shu poked him and said in a low voice: “I haven’t seen it before, or did my sight go bad? Is that the school flower from our school? Our department’s flower? Or is it the person from the university next door who sent you a thinly veiled confession? “

Jiang Tianye placed his arms on the back of his head. He still felt incredible when he thought of what happened today. He was annoyed by the other party and turned his back to him.

“Don’t ask anymore. I’ll let you know when I get a chance.”

The night passed quickly.

Although his curiosity was forbidden, however, people have strong curiosity. The more people don’t know, the more they want to know.

The next day, Li Shu fully realized the particularity of this girl. Young Master Jiang had been busy all day, almost always busy with her business, buying clothes, shoes, and daily necessities. Although he placed a cap on his head to block his impatience, when has Li Shu seen him do such small chores?

At the end of the day, he was even careful to prepare female products for her.

Li Shu carefully pondered, holy sh**, this was enough to live for at least a month ah!

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With one hand in his pocket, Jiang Tianye was looking coldly at the row of rectangular objects in the distance. Li Shu is laughing beside him. Suddenly, he saw a familiar girl and beckoned, “Xia Yi!”

Xia Yi came over from the food rack and greeted him.

“Yi1Yi-sound of surprise, your make-up today looks……so very refreshing. “

Once Li Shu mentioned this, Xia Yi didn’t seem to become happy. On the contrary, her eyes fluttered to cope with the sentence, “It’s just alright.”

“Do me a favor. Ah Ye’s girlfriend came to see him, but she didn’t bring all her things. Cough, it’s more convenient for you since you are all girls……”

“Yi, Jiang Tianye has a girlfriend already?”

Although the two families have had interactions since childhood, the words spoken between Xia Yi and Jiang Tianye weren’t as much as those spoken with their friend Li Shu. Because both of them have attitudes of young masters / young ladies, they get along with each other like Mars bumping into Mars.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense.” Jiang Tianye denied.

Xia Yi nodded, “That’s right. If you can find a girlfriend with your attitude, the girl was definitely cheated by your appearance.”

Jiang Tianye completely turned over and looked at her up and down. “Your eyesight has instead turned better.”

“Of course!”

He sneered, “I told you that the friend you made doesn’t have a good heart, and to stay away from her. You never listen. Now you’ve suddenly changed. You’ve probably suffered a loss, right?”

This point lit the fuse, suddenly turning Xia Yi’s face dark.

Indeed, this is Fang Ran’s model for her reference. Compared with Wen Ying’s recommendation for all kinds of colorful cosmetics, Fang Ran seemed to have chosen the most suitable one for her. Several people have already praised her. Even on the way, some boys will ask her for her number, but this instead made her feel nervous.

Just then, Fang Ran finished choosing her item and went next to Xia Yi.

Xia Yi took her arm, “Fang Ran, my friend.”

“Wow, Xueba beauty, I’ve heard so much about you…” Li Shu gave an exaggerated exclamation.

Currently, Fang Ran has taken off her glasses. Although she can’t be said to be a beauty, her delicate and pretty appearance, on top of her studious disposition created the aura of one.

But after a few words of conversation with the other, Li Shu found that the beauty was absent-minded and had been quietly paying attention to Jiang Tianye. He sighed with grief.

In the end, Xia Yi refused to help, it was Fang Ran who bought the items instead.

As soon as she handed it to Jiang Tianye, his eyes turned naturally to her. It seemed that this was the girl who will be cosplaying Qingniao and was mentioned by Li Shu and them last night. He looked a couple more times and nodded his head to express thanks.

Fang Ran smiled slightly.

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