WFILTU Chapter 161 – Pain I

Alright, it was harder and harder to explain clearly.

Xue Jiao was a little helpless. Just as she was about to speak, Yi Tianyu opened his mouth first——

“I asked her to go with me to eat something!”

Yi Dafa’s eyes are half narrowed. His face looked serious, but his eyes were full of smiles.

Good child! He even ran out on a date!

Li Sitong frowned: “Jiao Jiao, you say it.”

“Alright. I was hungry, so my deskmate brought me out to dinner.” Xue Jiao was helpless, and could only tell the truth.

Li Sitong’s idea was more in lieu with the traditional style. She was probably the kind of parent who insists that children can’t fall in love before the college entrance examination, especially……

Especially since the other party was not an obedient and sensible young man!

Xue Jiao used to be a problematic young girl. It was not easy to change her using a chance!

Li Sitong was afraid that someone would change her back to her bad behavior, so……

So even if the other party’s family was much better than the Cheng family, Li Sitong was still very reluctant!

She could not easily say what was bad about Yi Tianyu, so she could only question Xue Jiao——

“Why did you go out with boys at night? !”

Yi Dafa was originally prepared to watch, after all, Xue Jiao looked good and clever, but his son had a criminal record of sneaking out!

But when Li Sitong said this, he was not happy: “Why can’t she go out with my son? Although my son mixes around, regarding what can be done and cannot be done, he is still very clear on it. What you said just now, it obviously points out that you don’t respect the high-quality education that my family provides for my son! “

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Yi Dafa protruded his eyes, with a face full of righteous anger.

Mother Yi pulled on him and wanted to say——the quality of their family’s education is not high.

They are upstarts……there’s no high-quality education……

Yi Dafa turned his head and winked at her. Mother Yi understood.

Sure enough, Li Sitong blushed and hurriedly said, “No, that’s not my meaning. I just want Xue Jiao to be more on guard……”

“On guard against who?! Against my son? ” Yi Fafa continued staring.

This was still the annual event, and Yi Dafa was an unconditional protector. In addition, he was truly much more powerful than the Cheng family. Li Sitong can only stutter, and she doesn’t know what to say.

Yi Dafa suddenly softened his tone——

“Xue Jiao’s mother, I’ll tell you the truth. I appreciate Xue Jiao very much. She’s smart, sensible and clever. My son studied with her and got into the top 100 of the grade. This is unprecedented in my family! So I tell my son all the time that as a person, one has to return kindness with gratitude. Since student Xue Jiao was hungry, Tianyu has to take her out to eat. After all, to Tianyu, Xue Jiao is not only – desk mate, but also——a benefactor!”

Using a slap and then following by a sweet date, Li Sitong was immediately convinced.

She couldn’t help but wonder if she had misunderstood. Xue Jiao taught Yi Tianyu to study, and the other party’s grades rose. In order to thank Xue Jiao, he also takes care of her.

Wasn’t it just that Xue Jiao was hungry and went out to have a meal with her deskmate? Was she, herself, making a mountain out of a molehill?

That’s right!

She definitely was. How can a child who is in love learn so well!

She immediately felt guilty, thinking about what else she should say? Express her apologies?

Obviously, Yi Dafa has trapped Li Sitong and made her feel that she was the party that had done something wrong, wronging the other party’s children and made the other party’s parents angry.

The guilty Li Sitong would definitely be embarrassed to continue preventing Xue Jiao from getting along with Yi Tianyu in the future.

This was Yi Dafa’s calculation!

But Cheng Shuo held onto Li Sitong.

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  1. i kinda understand LST, old XJ was a troublemaker so even tho she changed, her mom can’t help but feel nervous that she might go back to her old-self, but I still hope that she will start trusting her XJ more.
    and thanks for the chapter!!!

    • No kidding. Everyone just manipulates her into doing things that ends up worse for her daughter.

      I don’t blame her, if XJ was actually the past XJ, it might be a bit justified. Past XJ probably shouldn’t be trusted, but current XJ has started proving that she can be trusted.

  2. Hehe
    The step dad doesn’t approve. Honestly the step dad is a pretty smart guy with an upright character. I don’t understand how he got together with her hella biased mom.. no offence, but I just don’t understand that point lol
    Many thanks

    • Same!! He has so many good points but Li Sitong has a weak character, easily manipulated, cares more about appearances than taking care of her family…. I guess she’s nice sometimes, in a doormat kind of way. But I can’t see why he cares for her at all.

      • I think he’s pretty smart in choosing her. At least he knows for certain that she won’t harm his son and is sincere in her feelings for him.

  3. Perfectly innocent, it’s Tianyu after all even though he likes her. And old man Li is definitely eyeing her as a DIL. But in that society a girl has to be careful with her reputation

    Thanks for the chapter 😉

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