WFILTU Chapter 162 – Pain II

Cheng Shuo, who was always mild-tempered, was a little serious today. He looked at Xue Jiao seriously.

“Are you really just classmates with Yi Tianyu? He only took you out just for dinner today? “

Xue Jiao nodded without hesitation, “Yi Tianyu is my deskmate, our relationship is not bad, but you can rest assured that before graduation, I won’t fall in love, and I also don’t want to fall in love.”

People have so many things to do in their life, why waste all their time falling in love?

This was Xue Jiao’s idea at the moment. When she says graduation, she means completing her studies, including university or any further education she will study in the future.

But apparently, others had mistaken it as graduating from high school.

But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, Xue Jiao meant that she won’t fall in love before the college entrance examination.

Cheng Shuo nodded, looked at her, and said seriously, “I believe you. You are always sensible currently.”

He paused for a moment and continued: “Since you and classmate Yi Tianyu are nothing, your mother and I will not stop you from communicating and playing with your classmate. However, Jiao Jiao, you hadn’t even told us anything today, yet you had run out at night. Isn’t that not too proper?

Cheng Shuo’s words were not fierce at all, and he also did not yell. His words were justified.

Oh no!

Yi Dafa knew that this man was not easy to fool, but he couldn’t interrupt while others are teaching. He could only watch from the side.

Son ah! Your father broke his heart worrying for you!

Cheng Shuo’s words made Xue Jiao lower her head and look guilty——

“I’m sorry, Uncle Cheng. I will never do that again! I will let you know no matter where I go.”

“I was the one who wouldn’t let her say it. I was worried that if we said it, you won’t allow us to leave, so I pulled her and left while running. Uncle Cheng, please don’t blame her!” Yi Tianyu quickly stood up to clarify, and it was almost true that he directly pulled her out.

Cheng Shuo shook his head: “No matter how she went out, with so many people, as long as she doesn’t want to go out, you also can’t take her away. If she told me that she will be heading out to dinner with you, would I not allow it? “

He finished speaking. Yi Tianyu did not know what to say, opened his mouth, and did not spit out a single word.

He wanted to say that you would definitely agree, but your wife, Xue Jiao’s mother would definitely not agree!

But they didn’t think so much at that time. At this time, it was impolite and hurtful to say this. Yi Tianyu could only shut up.

“What’s more, Jiao Jiao, you are a girl. Girls are easy to suffer losses. Your mother just cares about you.”

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Xue Jiao nodded. Cheng Shuo was looking out for her own good. She was not so ignorant.

Cheng Shuo stepped forward and looked straight at Xue Jiao——

“Jiao Jiao, it’s good to be helpful, but you can’t take it for granted to enjoy the gratitude of others. Do you remember the words on the blackboard in your room? You are only 506 days away from the college entrance examination. Your energy should be spent on your studies. I know you are not distracted now, and I hope you will not be distracted in the next year and a half. “

Cheng Shuo could speak more eloquently than Li Sitong.

He neither taught her nor doubted her, but made his worries and her goals clear.

Xue Jiao is a purposeful and hardworking person. She will refuel herself and will also eliminate all of Li Sitong’s worries about puppy love.

Sure enough, as soon as Cheng Shuo finished speaking, Xue Jiao immediately looked up and said seriously——

“Uncle Cheng, it’s my fault this time. I shouldn’t run around without your permission, which worried you. I won’t do it in the future. I will study hard.”

Yi Dafa had nothing to say.

Li Sitong was easy to fool, but Cheng Shuo was not.

This son of his, it’s still a problem whether he could sit with Xue Jiao next semester or not!

“Student Yi Tianyu, don’t be stressed. It’s nothing to bring Jiao Jiao out for dinner. We don’t blame you.” Cheng Shuo smiled at Yi Tianyu and said, “Then we’ll be leaving first. See you again.”

“See you again!” Yi Tianyu said quickly.

“You, this silly son!” Yi Dafa patted him and shook his head.

“What’s the matter?” Yi Tianyu was at a loss.

Yi Dafa shook his head, sighed, and left without saying anything.

Mother Yi followed and lowered her voice: “Old Yi, what’s the matter?”

Yi Dafa explained in a low voice: “I originally wanted them to get along with each other more. After all, this semester, one is still ranked first in the class, and the other is advancing by leaps and bounds. Even if it is love, it’s not an issue. However, the surname Cheng doesn’t want to. He could see that our son might be interested in Gu Xuejiao. In the future, he might not let Gu Xuejiao have more contact with our son. I guess he’ll probably give advice to the teacher next semester to keep the two children apart. “

“Ah? Then will son……”

“It’s fine.” Yi Dafa grinned, “He wants to change, but I won’t let him change!”

My son wants to stay in class one so much that he worked hard for such a long time, just to continue to sit at the same table with Gu Xuejiao. If he can’t be at the same table, it will test his enthusiasm!

But Yi Dafa added a sentence——

“Our son is really in the wrong this time. The little girl is still young. I want to beat him when he brings someone out at night, not to mention Xue Jiao’s parents!”

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  1. LS is really a dim bulb, thank goodness for that stepfather (really hard to think what attracted him in the first place especially when she turned into raging b*tch mom)! So does notifying the parents count when going out with LZ🤔? And I hope there are more opps for meetups with LZ 😍 Thanks for the chapter ❣️

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  3. Go Daddy Cheng, Go! He’s the one who sees the situation clearly, can see that Xue Jiao didn’t have any other intention, and that he can still easily point out studying to make her focus! He doesn’t jump to conclusions and rage endlessly—10/10 parenting!

  4. From another perspective, if the stepfather disliked her and with her mother’s personality, it would’ve been so much easier for the mother and daughter feud for a lifetime. It’s only because of the stepfather that the mother stopped acting like a stepmother and reflected on herself. She really doesn’t deserve this family at all. Gullible aside, her character is so… weak and abrasive.

  5. Tbh, I skimmed all about Jiao Jiao dinner with YiYu. Don’t know why, until the last part. That is right, they just run out the two of them.. minors, without telling anyone.. in fancy clothing. Too many things can go wrong. I understand Cheng Shou and supported him whole heartedly. Even with President Lin, Jiao Jiao shared location with Mingzhe. I will be livid due to concern anger if that was my child to be honest. Scared me to death to just disappear just like that.

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