SOOEW Chapter 124 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga VI

Wen Ying’s first use of the magic wand made her feel a little uneasy. After all, her plan is to select a female character from her own comic book, enter the second-dimensional world, and then climb out of another “window”. But if it doesn’t work, there are also other ways to operate through some special scenes.

But fortunately, it was very successful, and there was no horror scene like Zhen Zi stretching out her hand from the book and then slowly climbing out.

She breathed a sigh of relief, knelt down, and sat up, just in line with Jiang Tianye’s sight.

She blinked.

After a moment, the goosebumps on Jiang Tianye’s arm are about to rise up. He resisted the impulse to run away and opened his mouth to ask, “You……”


Before he finished speaking, her eyes lit up, staring at the wet droplets on his head, emitting the same lights as kilakila1kilakila in the original text – I think it’s Japanese (キラキラ) – meaning sparkling or glittering and stars.

Because she knelt down on the upper bed, and he stood on the ground, his position was not as high as her. He was caught off guard when she touched his neck with her fingers. Then she earnestly licked her fingers and ate the water droplets from his body.

Jiang Tianye felt that his entire person was going to freeze.

She also exclaimed: “It’s very clean water that has not been polluted. Where did you get it from?”

Jiang Tianye: “……”

I am the one who wants to ask you where did you come from!

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He suddenly thought of the luminous comic book. Her dusty painting style is very similar to the people running in the wind and sand in《The end of the world kamikaze group》. Only people from the end of the world can sigh and say that his bath water is clean.

“You are……Qingniao?” He hesitated and asked an impossible name.

“Yes, have you heard of me, too?” She seemed a little shy, but one couldn’t see much information from her dirty face, “I just joined the group, but I didn’t expect to be famous already. Well, speaking of it, I was dressing Lu Wu’s wound just now. How……yi, here, where is it?”

She was stunned, as if she had just awoken, and drowsily asked.

Compared with her pure question, Jiang Tianye’s reaction in his heart is much more shocking.

Is it possible for cartoon characters to cross into the real world? The connection of two and three-dimensional worlds? Space-time cracks? The rupture of the dimensional wall!?

It’s too much of a goddamn fantasy!

In fact, he was dreaming, right. After reading comics until he was addicted, he had such a dream……but why wasn’t the one who came out his favorite character Bifang?!

He took a deep breath, completed his mental preparation, followed closely, and pinched his arm severely. This pinch was not light, but when he opened his eyes again, the woman in front of him not only did not disappear, but also “puchi” and laughed out loud.

The clear and crisp voice which can only originate from women reverberated happily in the boys’ dormitory.

Facts speak louder than words. Jiang Tianye has to admit strangely that an unexpected guest has really come to his dormitory. If the other party’s appearance was not too dreamy, he will certainly let the housekeeper drive her out.

But now……

He sighed. What now?



“Do you remember how you got here?”

She shook her head. “I don’t remember. It’s like a change of place in the blink of an eye. Do you know where this is? “

She knew nothing about this world, and she also didn’t know how to go back. Hence, he had to take her in first?

Before Jiang Tianye could completely place aside his psychological surprise, he saw her rubbing the sheets with dust.

He frowned. Even if he didn’t like cleanliness, he didn’t like his things being spoiled messy by others.

“Take a bath first.” He looked at his watch and there was still some time before his roommate came back. “I’ll tell you slowly where this place is.”

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