SOOEW Chapter 123 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga V

The boy student’s face reddened with anger!

Yet, Wen Ying didn’t pay much attention to him. She saw a group of people passing by. The several big boys all had their shoulders hooked while happily exclaiming and pointing at her. The person they surrounded in the middle had his hands in his pocket. His eyes only swept over, and turned back in disinterest. His facial features were exquisite and profound. He was dressed in casual clothes and looked casual, but his style was not bad. Then, the silver earrings on his ear flashed and they walked away with the host.

Wen Ying placed this all in her eyes.

This is Jiang Tianye, the brightest spot in this world.

As expected, as shown in the data, his personality is hot on the outside and cold on the inside. He seems to be able to get along with people. However, his personality was proud to his bones. It wasn’t one that just anyone could approach. It is said that he has a strong family background. If she wants to contact him “naturally”, she can only rely on Xia Yi.

But she didn’t want to take advantage of this little girl. After all, the silly white sweetheart always makes people feel guilty.

So she decided to borrow the prize props she had just drawn to find a new way.

She remembers the introduction of the prop. As long as the identity of the character is second dimensional, it can be borrowed. She can go to the second dimension to replace the role to experience the story, or let the appearance ability of the second-dimensional character be used by herself, the third-dimensional person.

It’s just that every time she uses it, it can only last for three days.

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The boys’ dormitory has always been a pronoun for messy and bad. Dormitory 602 is also a foul. As soon as the three boys entered the door, they immediately took off their shoes and fell on the bed.

“Ah, I just finished my classes for the day. My soul has been liberated. Let’s not sleep first, and go out for dinner in a while! ” One of the boys stated.

Jiang Tianye placed his legs on the railing of the bed, holding a comic book in his hands while upside down on his back. “I won’t go. You can just casually bring something back for me. I want to read《The end of the world kamikaze group》.”

《The end of the world kamikaze group》is the most popular cartoon. It was drawn by an unknown mysterious cartoonist in China. It tells the story of a mercenary group formed by four people with physical abilities, who created a mercenary group during the end of the world in the days of rampant death filled with zombies. Although the author himself is not famous, he was good at drawing, his story was novel, and it had a smooth rhythm. The cartoon soon attracted attention in all the major campuses, and both male and female students loved to read it.

“You still haven’t seen it yet? I’ve read the latest words three times already. Hei hei, a new girl character has come along. Her codename is Qingniao. She is my dish!”

*qingniao- or blue bird

“I’ve been procrastinating on reading it because I hate that character.” Jiang Tianye frowned and said impatiently, “She’s too weak. What else can she do besides use her looks?”

“Don’t say that. The other person is still someone who has an ability. Although, she does seem to be a gimmick drawn by the author to attract male readers.”

“I’m attracted anyway, hehe.”

Jiang Tianye is tired of hearing this. He simply told them to roll out for dinner and leave him alone to read cartoons in the dormitory.

As soon as the dormitory was quiet, he quickly turned the page. When he read up to the part regarding the woman codenamed Qingniao turned her beautiful face to the reader’s side, and the author had even drawn every eyebrow very carefully, which clearly showed the author’s intention, he threw the cartoon on the bed and went to take a bath.

When he came out with a towel around his neck and wet hair on his head, he suddenly found that there was light coming from the comic book?

He stepped to the bedside and saw that Qingniao’s space had become more and more bright. Strangely, he even saw the other party blinking at him in a trance……

Then, he only heard a “bang” sound, like magic, and his bed suddenly had one more person!

The dirty girl, full of sand, was lying there, like falling from a high place, making a sound of “ouch”.

Feeling that there are a hundred grass mud horses* running by, Jiang Tianye can’t help but step back.

*hundred grass mud horses- Chinese slang for f*cks

This your mom* is seeing a f*ckin ‘ghost!!!

*another way to curse, can also be f***

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