WFILTU Chapter 153 – Sneak Away I

Then, from beyond the opened gates a man walked in somewhat anxiously.

Black suit, angular edges, a face that is extremely brilliant, but his eyes were too sharp, causing others to dare not to look directly.

“Mister Lin! A warm welcome awaits you! Mister Jin’s face was full of smiles, with enthusiasm as if he had met his old friends of many years.

“It’s Lin Zhihua!”

“Why did he come?”

“It’s impossible. It’s clear that Lin Zhihua doesn’t participate in the activities of the W City Chamber of Commerce any more.”

“It isn’t some big problem that occurred is it?”

“I’m worried too, and it’s already so late!”


Other people talked about it, but Xue Jiao didn’t hear a single word.

Her eyes were always on the man who came in……

It really was Lin Zhihua?

Lin Zhihua, with who she had dinner together a few days ago?

She just came out of her shock that the man she knew was a big shot when he appeared here.

“Everybody, let’s stop playing and go to our parents.” Jin Sui left. Xiao Chi presided over the overall situation for her.

Obviously, it’s not appropriate to play anymore now.

They must head next to their parents to see what happened.

“If he has nothing to do, why did he come?” Yi Tianyu was very unhappy!

He and Xue Jiao did not stay for long when they must be “separated”!

Xue Jiao slightly moved away from his sight and looked at Yi Tianyu: “You……”

“En?” Yi Tianyu also looked towards her.

The two people’s sight met. They were standing close together, so they could only have one head up, and one head lowered.

At the door, Lin Zhihua’s hand was clasped with Mister Jin’s.

“Hello, long time no see, Mister Jin.”

He slightly raised the corner of his mouth, pretending to be smiling.

Then his line of sight sweeps randomly across the field and stops at a corner.

There, a boy in a blue suit and a girl in a red skirt was currently looking at each other.

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Lin Zhihua’s hand stiffened, and he temporarily went into shock. Then, he calmly took back his hand.

Mister Jin didn’t notice his temporary gloom.

“Hahaha, it’s true that I haven’t seen you for a long time. Mister Lin has strength! You have already gone to Beijing. It’s rare to come to our party in W City. Come come, please come in!”

Mister Jin welcomed him in his mouth, but he was also beating the drum in his heart.

What’s this guy doing here? By any chance, did something big happen?

His mind was full of thoughts, but there was nothing on his face. He was extremely calm.

Lin Zhihua headed in with Mister Jin, who was smiling.


“It’s nothing……” Xue Jiao didn’t want to say anything anymore.

Yi Tianyu, you dislike him so much. Do you know that he is the original outliner that you boasted to the sky?

Obviously, Yi Tianyu didn’t know, so he said, “You also don’t want to go to your mother’s place, right? How about we sneak out!”

The more he thought about it, the more he thought the idea was great. Yi Tianyu became happy: “I used to stay until I was bored. Today, Boss Lin has come, and the scene will become official again. I’m sure we won’t be allowed to play again! So let’s go. I’ll take you to a good place!”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She rolled her eyes. “Give it up.”

The young people who just played together scattered and walked in the direction of their parents.

Cheng Mingze also came and stopped next to Xue Jiao——

“Let’s go over too.”

He casually swept his eyes over Yi Tianyu whose eyes did not leave Xue Jiao. He frowned slightly.

“Then bookworm, you and brother can head over there. If you’re bored later, you can come find me~” He raised his brow, and his meaning was self-evident.

If you’re bored, we’ll leave!

Cheng Mingze: “……”

If it is not for his demeanor, Cheng Mingze really does not want to let this self-proclaimed familiar person call him elder brother.

Xue Jiao inelegantly rolled her eyes, but the corners of her mouth exposed a light smile.

They stepped forward and went in the direction of Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong.

Lin Zhihua was surrounded by many people when he entered the door. He exchanged greetings and introductions with others. He was extremely unhappy.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze went to Cheng Shuo’s position. Instead of meeting her stepfather, she whispered something to Li Sitong.

“Dad, Aunt Li.”

“Mom, Uncle Cheng.”

“Jiao Jiao and Mingze have also come. Come, come over!” Cheng Shuo said and waved to them.


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