SOOEW Chapter 118 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XLI

When Wen Ying rushed to help her, Shao Yifeng only heard Wen Ying’s exclamation and opened the door.

The two people, one tall and one short were squatting on the ground. He stood there and looked at the other.

Wen Ying bowed her head and staggered her sight. She said, “Quickly help save the person!”

Shao Yifeng called over Luo Cheng, who was waiting at the corner, and let him send the person to the hospital. He stopped Wen Ying himself.

“Don’t go.” He said in a low voice, “I’ve heard my father say that this woman secretly had dealings with Fang Tongkai. Father loved her, but he was worried that she would be unfaithful to him, so he arranged a person in private……as soon as he had an accident, she would only receive a death.”

Wen Ying suddenly raised her head, yet was gradually entranced.

Mi Xi has always regarded all the characters as chess pieces, but this time she was set to be killed by her chess piece. What an amazing thing fate was……

She remembered the way Mi Xi had just grasped the cigarette case, and the corners of her mouth were cocked up, with a clear smile in her heart. She probably must have already guessed it.

Because Shao Yifeng caught ahold of her hand when he stopped her, while holding a cigarette between his fingertips, so it burned a long piece of ashes. After a long time of not flicking it, it suddenly fell down and burned her arm. She gave a light “hiss” sound and regained her consciousness.

He threw the cigarette decisively, raised her arm, and blew on it gently and attentively.

The scene seemed to have happened before.

Wen Ying finally turned her sight to him, she measured him up and down. The man’s chin was covered with stubble, and his eyes were full of red blood. He looked haggard. She didn’t know how many nights he had slept terribly. Where is he still that handsome and young Marshal. She pursed her lower lip and opened her mouth several times without making a sound. When he was about to look up, she whispered, “I killed your father.”

He stiffened, and his actions also paused. Instead, he raised an eye to stare at her and said: “I don’t believe it.”

“Yifeng, you are different from Xiao Hu.” When she said this, her eyes were a little sore. “Don’t judge that Xiao Hu is very powerful now. In fact, he doesn’t understand many things, such as the overall situation, such as responsibility. I don’t know if I can teach him well. He may not listen to me, but you know all these logics. “

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He clenched his fist and stared at her.

“You also know, where you believe it or not, others will not allow you to be with a woman who killed your father.”

“……then what about him? He is also father’s child. “

“But he doesn’t care at all.”

Her words hit the nail and made him silent.

What she said is not wrong at all. Shao Tingyu does not care about things, but he cannot ignore it. Shao Tingyu was able to achieve this situation by relying on his own courage. From the beginning of his father’s imprisonment, Shao Tingyu had already disordered the order. However, he is different. He wants to inherit his father’s career, and he stresses righteousness and justice. Public opinion, fame, filial piety, and human relations will not allow him to do it.

He stared at her: “Will you be with him then?”

“How is that possible.” Wen Ying gave a little pause and said, “Xiaohu, he is the closest person to me in this world, but……”

“I also don’t need my mother with me either.”

When Shao Tingyu received the news, he immediately returned to the residence.

At this moment, he happened to walk into the room and said naturally, “I just want my mother to have no one else but me beside her.”

His natural and domineering tone made Shao Yifeng laugh.

If this wasn’t wanting Wen Ying, then what would it be? But perhaps, only with such an attitude, can they not care about other people’s eyes and thoughts, and focus solidly only on caring for Wen Ying.

“I see.” He took Wen Ying’s hand and raised it to his mouth like every time before, and gently dropped a kiss, but this time it was very long.

“Hope……take care. “

After the death of Shao Getian, the governor of Chen Province, his influence was divided into two parts by his two sons. However, the two men conspired in secret to wipe out the enemy under the light of the other two warlords. This war has been going on for ten years, but after the cruel war, the sun will again appear on the horizon, and a new country full of hope will finally be born.

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