SOOEW Chapter 114 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXVII

Shao Tingyu has a very deep impression of his childhood memories. If he only worried about food and clothing when he lived with wild dogs, then he had nothing but food and clothing when he went south with his so-called biological mother. These were the memories he remembered after a long time. At that time, he was just ignorant and didn’t like it. However, after his initial wild and difficult resistance was completely subdued, he gradually became the gentle “dog” that his biological mother wanted.

If he fails to perform well, his mother will severely punish him. He will be driven out of the house on rainy nights and exposed to the sun on a hot day. He often does not receive food to eat and can not even drink a mouthful of water. Even if he wants to escape, he will be entangled in chains and locked in a cage.

Because his mother likes to be extravagant and lavish, the money is used up very quickly. She grew up in a brothel. She had no other skills, so she had to go back to her old trade and start the skin business again.

As she gets older, she can only think of some tricks that others don’t have, such as letting her own son perform various events like a dog. Rich people like excitement the most. The men who come and go either ask him to compete with real dogs, or think of some other cruel means, such as drilling through a fire ring. They place money down on their bets and give him money as long as he was able to.

When they had a good time, they naturally would like to stay and spend the night with her.

Every night was like this. He was also driven out, long chains connecting from the inside of the house to the outside of the house, clasping his neck. He would squat at the door to sleep.

The door could not be closed because of the chain. There was a gap in the door. There was a strange groan and creak that emitted from the bed board. When he was able to enter the door, he would find his mother leaning against the head of the bed. There was a strange smell in the room.

And at this time, Wen Ying’s body also produced a similar scent.

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However, different from what he smelled in his mother’s room at that time, she had a kind of clear sweet fragrance, mixed with the smell of musk but not musk, as if it dyed her with a layer of hazy and gorgeous color. If you look carefully, you will find that her eyes are more moist today. Without the red grease on her lips, it makes one hold their breath. Her calm and elegant temperament has changed subtly, and her manners have a little hard to explain non-smoothness. Her movements, which have always been flowing freely, have become sluggish today.

Bit by bit, they are describing her changes.

This prevented Shao Tingyu from restraining the emotional surge in his expressions. He grasped the cufflinks in his hand, “Is it him? !”

Her heart suddenly jumped into the air and she only said, “What is he or not? I can’t understand what Xiao Hu is saying. It’s late now. Let’s go down and have a meal. In a while, you’ll have to……”

Her words had not yet been spoken when she heard his sneer.

It was the first time that she saw his sneer. He could not suppress the fierce breath even when he lifted the corner of his mouth. His eyes were not directed at her. Instead, he clenched the cufflinks and a few words jumped out from between his teeth, “I’m going to kill him!”

“Xiao Hu——”

Her face changed slightly. Seeing that he turned to head out without the slightest hesitation, she hurriedly rushed to stop him.

However, the physical quality of his body is there, so how can she catch up with his pace when he really wants to go? By the time she got to the door, he had already reached the stairway. Her heart went up to her throat. She couldn’t explain the alarm in her heart, and was also angry that he didn’t listen to herself and called him, “Shao Tingyu, you stop there for me!”

Shao Tingyu only looked back at her.

That pair of eyes seems to hide a lot of things, but was also simple, just like a cub seeing the back of an important person leaving. Hidden in the bottom of his eyes was a whirlpool of panic, and like a thin layer of ice, it would break with one step.

His expression shocked Wen Ying, so she let him down the stairs.

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