SOOEW Chapter 113 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXXVI

The next day, when Wen Ying woke up, the room had already been cleaned up. The clothes that had been thrown all over the floor last night were gone. Her cheongsam was even torn accidentally by him. She only heard him say that he will return her a better one. She reached for the pillow, where there was a set of clothes. It was the outfit that she would always wear, which he had picked out for her from the closet.

She stretched out lazily, unconsciously moved her body’s muscles, and painfully gave an “Oh”.

At the beginning of the task, she was already prepared for such a situation to happen. She had already made preparations in her heart, and now the result was natural and everything fell into place.

When she was a student, she had several love affairs. On the one hand, she was naturally moved, on the other, she wanted to use it to enhance her emotional drama skills. Her boyfriend probably could not accept the fact that his position in her heart was far inferior to her love of acting. Finally, they broke up.

Being together with Shao Yifeng, she only regarded it as another love affair after such a long time. Besides age and the object of her love affair was one that she had never thought about, the role orientation was also very difficult to figure out.

As she was lying on the bed, and was too lazy to even move a finger, her brain was skipping the love affair and thinking about how to kill the gang leader on Mi Xi’s side, when suddenly, a knock sounded.

“Who is it?”


“Xiao Hu? You wait……” She sat up and put on her clothes. Then she opened the door. “Why are you here?”

“Mother didn’t go down for mealtime, so I came up to call.”

Shao Tingyu explained quite simply. He had doubts about her behavior of not opening the door for a long time, so he looked over her shoulder and into the room.

The flannel curtains in the room had been opened, the glass windows were spread, and there was a light wind blowing. Apart from the fact that a corner of the room’s quilt was lifted to show her hurry to get up, the rest of the things were arranged in a neat way, as if someone had cleaned it early in the morning.

A sudden hint of faint red spread on Wen Ying’s cheeks. She turned her sight, and lightly coughed: “I’m a little uncomfortable, Xiao Hu should eat first. I’ll head down soon.”

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Her face was slightly red, which made him feel uneasy, just like the scene he had met in the restaurant at that time. Shao Yifeng and her appearance was very ambiguous. When he sat down, he saw her expression which is similar to that of now. He felt very uncomfortable. Why does she have to show such a gentle expression towards others?

He lowered his voice, but his words carried some overbearness and didn’t allow others room to refuse.

“I’ll wait for mother here.”

Wen Ying was not shocked by his momentum, but she rarely refused his request, so she helplessly looked at him with a smile, “Alright, you choose a place to sit, I’ll be done soon.” As she said this, she headed into the bathroom.

When she washed, she glanced at the large mirror in the bathroom. She wore a gorgeous coat on top of her long skirt, which fell to her knees. She also wore trousers inside, from her feet to her waist. Her neck down and her arms were covered tightly on both sides. Even if there were traces, they were all hidden.

She placed down her heart and went out and said, “I’m done, Xiao Hu, let’s……”

All her words, when she saw Shao Tingyu holding the items, suddenly stopped, and were contained in her mouth, unable to spit out.

The sunlight came in, and the golden cuffs in his hands were shining in the light. Shao Tingyu never used this kind of ostentatious color. He even rarely wore a collared shirt as he didn’t like clothes full of shackles. Even in the winter, he wouldn’t feel cold just wearing a single vest.

Shao Tingyu turned and said, “I found it on the floor of the room, mother……”

“Maybe it fell when Yifeng came.” She coughed gently, and her expression was slightly awkward. She remembered that it was about yesterday when she accidentally pulled it off. There was a woolen blanket on the floor. It was trapped in it. Shao Yifeng did not find it when he took away the clothes.

During the time she spoke, Shao Tingyu had already come to her position from the other end of the bed.

His pupils are bigger than others. When he stares at her, she has a kind of creepy fear. Almost immediately, her goosebumps pop out. This is an instinctive reaction when people are in danger.

He immediately lowered his head and sniffed at her neck. The tip of his nose even rubbed against her skin, making people shiver involuntarily. Then, as if smelling something enough to confirm a breath, his eyes suddenly darkened. His messy broken hair hung in front of his forehead, and his expression suddenly fiercened.


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