WFILTU Chapter 140 – Meal III

“Boss, we have arrived.” The driver interrupted them softly.

Lin Zhihua nodded and then looked towards Xue Jiao: “Let’s get off and go eat.”

As he said this, he pulled open the car door. Xue Jiao also hurriedly opened it.

It was a very low-key shop, on the corner of an alley. When the car brought them to the door, it had to turn right to leave——after all, there was no parking outside the store.

The name of the restaurant was a little strange. Xue Jiao looked up at the four words——Carefree Family.

There are two white glazed lamps on both sides of the plaque. Xue Jiao doesn’t understand these things very well, and only feels that it looks very ‘expensive’.

Walking in with Lin Zhihua, Xue Jiao was really surprised.

Although the outside door does not seem simple, it was not unimaginable. The inside is the part that was really shocking!

Such a small door, such a small alley, as a result, when the door opens, a Suzhou garden can be seen.

Rockery, clear water, groups of swimming fish.

Over there……is that a crane?

Lin Zhihua took her along the stone path that led inside, and passed a veranda before finally seeing a figure.

The person looked very young, wore an apron and smiled. She said, “Guest, we don’t accept individual customers in our store. Have you made an appointment?”


“Xiao Wang, he doesn’t have to make an appointment!” A gentle-looking woman came out.

Xue Jiao’s eyes brightened.

This person is like a woman in the garden amongst the water. When she smiles her eyes become like waves.

“Zhihua, Xiao Wang has just come. Kui Ma is not well, so we hired another person.” That woman said.

“What’s wrong with Kui Ma?” Lin Zhihua was slightly surprised.

“Old problem, it’s fine. You guys can sit down first. What do you want to eat?” She said, as her sight moved behind Lin Zhihua. She was slightly surprised to see Xue Jiao, and then she gazed at her young appearance……

“Is this your niece?”

Lin Zhihua: “……”

“Your words are still so disagreeable.”

The woman only smiled, her face beautiful to the extreme.

“Let’s order some classic dishes. Let’s go and sit first.”

Lin Zhihua finished speaking and looked at Xue Jiao. His eyes became obviously softer: “Let’s go, and head in.”

He seemed to be very familiar with this place. He led Xue Jiao directly towards a small round door at the innermost part, which said “expensive” on top.

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Entering the small round door, there was a garden. Through the garden, there was a classical door, and only by opening this door, can they see the table.

Xue Jiao sat down, and Lin Zhihua sat opposite of her.

The table doesn’t look big, so they’re not too far away.

There are a lot of calligraphy and paintings hanging in the room. Xue Jiao can’t understand whether they were legitimate or not, but she was still a little surprised.

“The calligraphy and paintings in here are all real.” He pointed to the top, “Only that one is from the Qing Dynasty. The others are all from modern painters and calligraphers, so they’re not expensive.”

Xue Jiao’s jaw almost fell. She subconsciously touched her backpack.

This, this, this……this, with the money she brought, could she even pay for a meal?

“What are you thinking about?” Lin Zhihua asked her.

Xue Jiao was embarrassed, but still told the truth: “I was thinking that in Beijing, where every inch of land is worth gold, to have such a large garden, and there are not even many rooms at all. Is the price affordable?”

“Puchi——” Lin Zhihua laughed. He seldom exposed a more obvious smile.

He slightly held his forehead, “You, this child, how can you be so honest?”

“The truth, the truth.” Xue Jiao raised her hand.

Lin Zhihua said, “The boss here has some gratitude for me, so I am only charged for the original cost of the dinner here.”


Xue Jiao’s line of sight looked out of the open window and saw a small garden full of flowers.

Obviously, this is the season for wintersweets. There were all kinds of appearances and colors.

“It’s a really good deal……” Xue Jiao continued saying honest words.

This place’s environment probably accounted for the biggest cost of this area. Only collecting the cost fee, coming to eat is money earned!

Lin Zhihua laughed again. At this time, the woman who had stopped before them came in and poured water for them and set up the tableware for them one by one.

Even the bowls and chopsticks are extremely small and delicate.

“Guests, please wait a moment, the boss said to cook your dishes first. It will be very fast.”

With that, she left without any intention of disturbing.

She said that it was very soon, but it took a while for the dishes to come one after another.

“This much!” There were already five dishes in front of them, and there were only two of them. Xue Jiao was really scared that they wouldn’t be able to finish and would waste food.

“It’s not much.” It was not Lin Zhihua who answered her question. It was the woman from the water. She came in with a dish in her hand and was smiling.

“The last dish, the Buddha jumps over the wall. Originally it was made for Kui Ma. We’lll just borrow the flowers for buddha, and use it to welcome our new friend.” As she said this, she winked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao is a little embarrassed, “No need……”

“It doesn’t matter. There are other dishes for other guests that haven’t been cooked yet. I’ll go first.” Her sight turned to Lin Zhihua, “Zhihua, take good care of your child.”

Then she twisted his body and walked away.


Xue Jiao was a little broken down.

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    • Thats a whole new level of zoned, damn even friends can have benefits he is stuck in the Alcatraz of zones

  6. Yeah, I know we’re here for the romance, but I really feel like he should back off until she’s out of school at least. Dude is literally not her peer at the moment, and could even be closer to a teacher role than partner.

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  7. Irl he’s a creep that should be reported to the police. But in noveland he’s just a man in love
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    • What exactly would you report him for? Tutoring her? Helping her avoid trouble? Gifting her a plush panda? Giving her a ride? Eating dinner together? While doing these things without her parents knowledge is problematic there’s nothing you could charge him with.

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