WFILTU Chapter 138 – Meal I

I haven’t seen you yet. How can I go back today!

With such a sentence, it really made Lin Zhihua pause in place.

A moment ago, his mood was still in hell, and his bitterness was extremely bitter. Only this sentence made his heart feel like he was immersed in candied fruit.

She……what does she mean?

Before he could think about it, Xue Jiao sent another message——

【After all, you’ve helped me so much. I must invite you to a meal before I leave. You can choose the place!】

Lin Zhihua: “……”

It was the first time he knew what it was like to ride a roller coaster.

These ups and downs of his feelings, really does not feel good.

【Lin Zhihua: Oh. 】Apathy.

Xue Jiao didn’t know what the man on the opposite side of the phone experienced from this simple conversation. Seeing that he answered, she happily closed her phone.

She was in such a good mood today that she didn’t pay attention to whether her words would cause misunderstanding in other people’s eyes.

After placing down the phone, Cheng Mingze is still on the phone, obviously video calling.


The other party’s line of sight moved to her own body, then he walked over, and beckoned.

Xue Jiao also confusedly leaned over.

Cheng Mingze shook his mobile phone and said, “Dad and Aunt Li want to see you.”

Xue Jiao slanted her head, and stood on tippy-toes. Cheng Mingze lowered the phone again before she was able to stand in the line of sight of the person in the phone.

She called out obediently, “Mom, Uncle Cheng.”

The two faces inside all burst into laughter, squinting their eyes together and squeezing their heads into the camera——

“Ah! Xue Jiao is too strong!”

“Mingze is also powerful!”

Xue JIao smiled embarrassedly.

“When will you guys arrive home today? Let’s celebrate together!” Cheng Shuo patted the table, excitedly.

“Return tomorrow!” Xue Jiao hurriedly uttered.

Her words shocked two people. Li Sitong asked, surprised: “Today is already the twenty-sixth, tomorrow is the twenty-seventh, why do you still not return?”

Xue Jiao scratched her head, rather embarrassed: “I have a friend in Beijing. We have an appointment to have dinner tonight and I will go back early tomorrow morning.”

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She paused, then thought of Cheng Mingze and said, “Brother can go back first. I’ll go back immediately tomorrow morning.”

“What kind of friend? You actually have friends in Beijing? ” Li Sitong frowned and doubted.

Xue Jiao just nodded and didn’t really want to explain.

After all, it’s not clear to explain in a few words.

Cheng Shuo patted Li Sitong, “Alright, give the child some space.”

Then he looked at the camera with a smile and said, “Jiao Jiao, if you want to stay one more day, you can stay one more day, but Mingze has to stay with you. You can’t be outside alone. As a girl who is alone outside, it is not safe.”

“No need……”

“Mingze, do you have any opinions?”

Cheng Mingze shook his head: “No, I will take care of Xue Jiao.”

He deserves to be very straightforward. He is truly worried about Xue Jiao as a girl who is outside by herself.

Even if she is calm and indifferent typically, she is still a little girl.

He is not at ease.


“Then Jiao Jiao, you guys should return early tomorrow. It’s almost the New Year, and after the new year, you and your brother will be starting school!” Li Sitong was garrulous. Although she has some opinions about her daughter staying for another day, she was still worried about her. It is impossible for her to leave her daughter alone over there.

The situation was set like this. Cheng Mingze brought Xue Jiao to report to the teacher who brought them here. Then, he found a hotel that had a pretty good reputation next to the training camp, and made a reservation.

Their parents were not around. In order to avoid suspicion, they lived in two rooms.

After five o’clock in the afternoon, Xue Jiao knocked on the door next door.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Mingze opened the door.

“I’m going to dinner.” She still knows that she has to greet those who will be worried about her.

Cheng Mingze frowned slightly and asked, “Where are you going? With whom? Male or female? When will you be back?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She swallowed her saliva and then said, “Brother, it’s my friend. There won’t be any danger. I’ll come back as soon as possible. The place hasn’t been decided yet. I’ll let you know once I book it.”

Knowing that he was just worried about herself, Xue Jiao was not so ungrateful.

Cheng Mingze’s eyebrows are still tight. It seems……that it’s a man.

Seeing Xue Jiao’s firm attitude, he was silent for a moment, and then said: “Don’t forget what happened to me when I took the exam in Qizhong. There are many bad people in the world, so you must come back before 8 o’clock and keep your mobile phone unimpeded.”

He paused for a moment, still not quite at ease: “Share your location”

Xue Jiao:”……”

Cheng Mingze, a man who once he was determined to do something, he won’t mix any oil or salt. Xue Jiao had no choice but to agree to his “location sharing” request.

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  1. Doood!! You’re meeting a much older man! No matter how much you trust him, isn’t it better ask your brother to chaperone you? Especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place?

    • I do agree, but she’s met him a few times already. But yeah, the familiar place and the fact no one knows who he is to make sure someone can spread the word in case she gets kidnapped, lol.

    • In real life this is the most ideal. But the setup here make it complicated. Because even though they are family, Jiao Jiao felt they are more of strangers that Lin Zhihua. So, kinda understand why she thought that way. Of course in real life when we are not transmigrator, family is first before stranger.

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