SOOEW Chapter 106 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXIX

On that account, Wen Ying grumpily stuffed her chopsticks into his mouth. She only cared about using barbaric actions, and temporarily forgot that this is her own chopsticks.

Just as she wanted to take her chopsticks back, she found out that she couldn’t move it. When she looked over, she saw that he was biting the other end of the chopsticks, and not letting go. He held it for a few seconds before letting go to munch on the food.

However, his eyes kept staring at her, as if there was something implicating in it, and he said in aftertaste: “……En, delicious. “

Wen Ying’s face “boom” and became red.

Even until Shao Tingyu also sat in his seat, her red clouded cheeks still had not faded.

Shao Yifeng looked at the silent Shao Tingyu, and felt it was interesting. Ergo, he knocked on the table.


He didn’t expect the other party to be so able to keep his equanimity.

If you want to name anyone in this family who can read Shao Tingyu’s mind, I’m afraid that it will only be himself, who hides similar thoughts. Compared with him, the other side can be said to be hidden even deeper. If he did not accidentally discover the other unconscious with an injury, murmuring the name of Wen Ying, he also wouldn’t have noticed.

He still remembers his own reaction at that time. Even astounding won’t be able to fully cover his reaction.

He has no blood relationship with Wen Ying, and Wen Ying has never raised him. From the beginning, the two people are the same age and diametrically opposed. She is so charming that even the old-fashioned ideas on her seem to be so lovely. It is natural to have a good impression after interacting day and night.

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On the contrary, the other party is raised by Wen Ying’s own hands. Even if it is not a nominal relationship between mother and son, it should still be considered as a sister-brother relationship or something else. After all, she hasn’t really been a mother before. He always thought that when her face became stern to teach others, she seemed like a little sister who didn’t understand but would pretend to understand.

The only explanation he could think of was that Shao Tingyu did not regard Wen Ying as a relative at all, or that the relatives he thought of were totally different from those that he, himself thought of.

After all, he’s been in the doghouse for six or seven years……

In the time he used to think, Wen Ying had already finished her breakfast and said that she planned to go to the opera house today.

“No way!” Opposition came from two different directions.

Wen Ying looked at her left and then to her right, “What’s the matter?”


Shao Tingyu answered: “If mother must go, then I will also follow.”

“Isn’t Xiao Hu not too fond of listening to the plays in the opera house?”

She had just asked her question, but heard Shao Yifeng reply from the other side: “Recently, the situation is tense. The front line has been fighting with neighboring provinces, and father has had friction with the gangs. As a result, the army is short of arms and materials, ergo, father would suddenly have the idea of marriage with the merchants.”

“…… Isn’t it an established practice to not trouble ladies or children? “

“You actually know about the established rules?” Shao Yifeng couldn’t help laughing, and then winked and said, “What you said is right. They dare not act rashly. However, you have to have someone to accompany you to let me rest assured. As it happens, I don’t have time today, so let your “son” accompany you.”

Wen Ying heard the banter in his words. From their previous private conversation, she could not help but glare at him to let him converge a little.

Shao Tingyu agreed and did not speak again, as if he did not discover the unusual atmosphere between them, but when scooping porridge, he accidentally spilled a few drops out of the bowl.

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