WFILTU Chapter 131 – Prize II

In the morning, at six.

While he was sleeping peacefully, Bai Hongyi was suddenly pulled up so hard that he rolled directly under the bed.

“I f*** your——”

Cheng Shuo looked at him calmly: “At this time, it would be the time that Xue Jiao would wake up. There’s no class today. You can read in the morning.”

“???” Morning reading?!

Bai Hongyi, who has never studied in the morning, only feels that he is dreaming deeply.

He didn’t have a mobile phone to play with last night, so he was already collapsing. Yet, just as he fell asleep, he was awoken by Cheng Shuo.

Bai Hongyi is so angry that he scolds Cheng Shuo’s 18 generations together again.

“Come, read English.” Cheng Shuo takes out the English text for year one for him.

Bai Hongyi doesn’t want to pick it up. He was preparing to create another scene.

Cheng Shuo said calmly: “If you don’t conduct morning reading, then you can’t have breakfast.”

“……” Bai Hongyi’s eyes widened. What spicy chicken is this man?!

*辣鸡- spicy chicken sounds like trash in Chinese, and is the slang for trash


His stomach is now surging. It was the time that it would be so hungry that it wanted to collapse.

“Pa” he received the book and threw it on the table, glaring.

“English is to be read out loud.”

“F**k you——” Bai Hongyi got angry again.

Cheng Shuo slapped him on the head and hurt him. Looking at Bai Hongyi who was still in a daze, he said coldly, “Read it aloud.”

Bai Hongyi ground his teeth and was so angry that he wanted to kill people. In the end, he endured it.

“#@¥…… %*&”*

*“#@¥…… %*&”- In the original text, the assumption is that it’s all curses

He read in disorder, as if insulting Cheng Shuo, with the utmost force.

But because he was sleepy, Bai Hongyi seemed to have no spirit, and he didn’t even create much trouble.

After dinner, Bai Hongyi is ready to head back to his room and go to bed.

Cheng Shuo faintly added: “At this time, Xue Jiao will study language. You should go up to read up on Year one’s language text.”


“If you don’t look, then you don’t need to have lunch at noon.”


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At noon, Cheng Shuo heads upstairs to stare at the dozing Bai Hongyi after he finishes

being busy with the company.

Li Sitong held him back on the way up——

“If you guard him like this, when will it end? You are so busy at your company! “

Cheng Shuo shook his head, “At most, until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he should run.”

As he said this, he headed upstairs.

A moment later, Li Shu and her husband came to the door with large and small bags of gifts.

Li Sitong received them with a smile: “If you come, then just come. What are you being so polite about?”

Boss Bai wanted to continue to be polite, but Li Shu quickly asked: “Where is my son?”

Li Sitong’s facial expression did not change much, and she said the words that Cheng Shuo directed her to say: “This child is pretty wild. Cheng Shuo has no choice but to accompany him a little at home. At this time, he can finally understand a little bit of the texts. Hence, when I bring you guys up, be careful not to disturb him.”

“Good, good, good!” Li Shu smiled until her eyes were flattened.

Li Sitong brings the Bai couple upstairs. Through the open study door, they see the back of a “serious” son.

Boss Bai stared with wide eyes, and even Li Shu had her mouth open wide in shock.


Li Sitong made a gesture with a smile and pointed to the bottom. Several people left quietly at once.

Bai Hongyi didn’t know that the person supporting him was coming. He stared at the language text and felt himself collapse to the extreme.

Stupid Cheng family!

“This grandpa can’t understand it!” He yelled at Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Shuo calmly looked at: “Xue Jiao will study her mathematics text at this time, so you should read mathematics.”


Sh** sh** s***! Xue Jiao Xue Jiao! As soon as you hear that name, you will know that she’s a bookworm. How boring is this person’s life?

Even if she harmed herself, it’s fine. How can she harm this grandfather with her timetable?!

Bai Hongyi is angered into grinding his teeth. In this life, he never wants to hear Gu Xuejiao’s name again!


“Oh, my, your family is really good at teaching children!” Li Shu smiled.

She originally thought the Cheng family was shirking. After all, for whatever reason, Cheng Mingze and Gu Xuejiao were not at home.

But now it is obvious that this is not shirking. This is 100% sincere ah!

Li Sitong is a little angry when she sees that they don’t mention Cheng Shuo staying home to accompany Bai Hongyi. She finally endures it and says——

“Hongyi is good at everything, even if he is a little repellent to study. We said to invite him a tutor for him, but he doesn’t want to. Jiao Jiao and Mingze are not at home. Sister Li, do you want to invite Mingjiao here and strike while the iron is hot, so that Hongyi can learn more during the holiday!”

This is not the meaning of Cheng Shuo. Cheng Shuo will not hurt his niece no matter how angry he is. This was Li Sitong who couldn’t endure her anger anymore, and intentionally did so.

Li Shu smiled while squinting her eyes and called Liu Yazhen on the spot.

Liu Yazhen, who has calculated so many things, obviously didn’t expect that she would be drafted in!

But how could she send Mingjiao to someone like that?

She had done a lot of research before. Bai Hongyi wouldn’t forget a beauty. Apart from Xue Jiao, it would be Mingjiao. Most of them would probably be remembered by him!

“This……Sister Li, Mingjiao is not very convenient at this time……”

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  1. Even if he sees her and remembers her beauty, the mere mention of her name will make him puke blood and run.
    And your daughter needs some disciplining as well!
    Still, Li Sitong, you shouldn’t harm kids, no matter if the mother set your daughter up. What will Cheng Shuo think?
    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the chapter 🎊

    (FYI “After dinner,BH is ready to head back…” — i think it should be breakfast 😉)

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  4. I feel a bit sorry for the Bai family. They obviously fail at educating their child ( beating & criticising but he can spend money like water ) and now push the task to someone else but aside from creating an aversion to Xiao Jiao there‘s nothing good going to come from it. Now Sitong trying to set up Mingjiao is perfectly fine with me but telling lies like „he’s starting to understand the texts“ isn’t! Ah she’ll get their hopes up for nothing!

    I mean he’s already getting a bit broken down so now would be the time to get an actual tutor and then a little carrot & stick motivation. Then once they take him home they just need to threaten him with sending him back to keep him in line.

    Of course… it’s still wrong & weird to push the task to the Cheng’s but eh 🤷

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