WFILTU Chapter 130 – Prize I

Do you know what it’s like to let a student who doesn’t study at all read math books?

It’s like holding a book written in a language that you don’t understand at all——heavenly text.

Bai Hongyi stared at the math book, as if to stare through the book, and also like he was staring at this annoying Cheng family again!

He seemed to place his eyes on the math book, but he was swearing in his heart, greeting all the 18 generations of Cheng Shuo.

With the most virulent language, he reviled Cheng Shuo and them.

After a moment, Cheng Shuo said, “Xue Jiao won’t just stare when reading her math books. Didn’t your mother tell you to learn from Xue Jiao? Then you also take out your pen now, mark what should be marked, and do what you should do again! “

“You sure are annoying!” Bai Hongyi is angry again.

He originally was not a person with a good temper. At this time, he hated that he couldn’t just kill Cheng Shuo on the spot.

“Take the pen.” Cheng Shuo has a frigid appearance.

Bai Hongyi and he stared at each other, and then Bai Hongyi angrily picked up the pen and created ticks in the book.

He’s not stupid! On one hand his family’s old man has given him some prestige and on the other……Cheng Shuo hitting people…….really hurts……

“All right! I’m sleepy!” After drawing for a while, Bai Hongyi couldn’t endure any longer.


Cheng Shuo looked at his watch: “Look at it for another while.”

“Based on what?” Bai Hongyi almost jumped up.

“Jiao Jiao usually goes to bed at 10:50.” Li Sitong added a sentence.

“Shit!” Bai Hongyi scolds stupid a** in his heart. F****** they still ask him to study like Gu Xuejiao. Learn what? Go to bed at 10:50 in the evening?!

Cheng Shuo doesn’t care if he says dirty words. He guards him and forces him to sit at his desk until 10:50.

“I’m hungry!” As soon as he got free time, Bai Hongyi immediately called out.

“Since you already said that you won’t eat dinner, then don’t eat. It’s gone already. Besides, it’s time for you to go to bed.” Cheng Shuo is a man with a  one-track mind.

Bai Hongyi clenched his lower lip, grasped his fingers, and pinched his fingertips into his palms.

At that moment, he picked up the chair with his hand and smashed it straight at Cheng Shuo.

“Ah——” Li Sitong screamed.

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Cheng Shuo is not anxious, and doesn’t reach out to avoid the chair. Instead, he pulls Bai Hongyi. He had been holding up the chair, but he was suddenly pulled and fell to the ground with the chair. Even worse, he fell on the leg of the chair.

“Ai yo! It hurts this grandpa so much! Take me to the hospital!” Bai Hongyi shrieked.

Usually at home, as long as he knocked against something, his mother would immediately take him to the hospital.

“This time is Xue Jiao’s bedtime. You should learn from her, so you must sleep now.” Cheng Shuo said it like so.

“I’m hurt! Didn’t you see that I was hurt?! Where’s my mom? You call my mother for me!” Bai Hongyi’s voice is full of volatility, not seeming like he was hurt at all.

“You’re not hurt. You only hurt because you knocked against something. You don’t have to go to the hospital. You should be sleeping now.” Cheng Shuo did not give him a chance to refute, and pulled the person to the bed.

Then they went out and locked the door.


Bai Hongyi suddenly jumped out of bed and sneered: “A group of idiots still want to lock this grandpa. Shouldn’t they see how this grandpa usually plays!”

After he finished speaking, he headed straight to the window.

This is the second floor of the Cheng family. You can jump down quite easily.

“After I go out to find my mother, see if this grandpa can’t kill you!” Then he opened the curtain.

Suddenly, Bai Hongyi became stiff in his place.

Protective window……

Who would place this on the second floor?!

Even if Bai Hongyi was beaten to death, he still wouldn’t have thought of it. Gu Xuejiao used to be as stupid as he was. In order to avoid the dangers of her sneaking out, the house blocked her escape path with protective windows.

He looked at the window in front of him and his face collapsed.

They definitely did it on purpose!

At this time, the door opened, and Cheng Shuo walked in calmly, “How was it? Is it sufficient? “

“You guys did it on purpose?” Bai Hongyi looked shocked.

Cheng Shuo glared at him and then said, “your parents deliberately sent you here to let you learn from Xue Jiao.”

Bai Hongyi was suddenly struck by thunder.

What?! His parents colluded with each other too?!

No wonder Cheng Shuo is so fearless. His parents connived it!

At this moment, Bai Hongyi only felt that he had been pulled tightly in another’s hand. He was angry and helpless.

“I suggest you start sleeping now.” Cheng Shuo provided a friendly suggestion and then left.

How can Bai Hongyi be able to sleep? He is in shock now. Also, he usually sleeps in the early hours of the morning. He can’t sleep at this time.

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  1. I can’t believe the amount of effort they’re putting in towards raising someone else’s child for them… like dang.

    • They’re probably irritating him so that he won’t ever come back lol

      • They are going slightly overboard. More like it is deliberate since the duration is short & they’ll convince him to study as well.

  2. I would just beaten sh#t out of him

  3. His parents are either very negligent or think that it’s not a big matter… He’s so rotten!
    Thank you for the chapter!!

  4. wow he sounds so bratty. I don’t even know why Cheng Shou bothers displining another person’s kid. I’d be calling his parents right now and tell him he’s so rude.

  5. Wow😳 didn’t expect that the punk was gonna turn violent!

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  8. With how things are going, wouldn’t Bai Hongyi avoid Cheng Family’s house like a plague.

  9. Its worrisome how they keep using Xue Jiao’s name to make him do things…he is pretty irrational and will probably bare a grudge against her without her even being involved…

    • I think that’s deliberate. She’s a pretty girl and they don’t want him looking her way so it’s kind of like aversion therapy. He wont want to hear her name or see her at the end of this.

  10. I love Cheng shuo!!!! Also, why does bai keep referring to himself as grandpa??!?

    • Lao zi? It’s a way of speaking in Chinese to aggrandise yourself. Because there’s the generational respect accorded to grandfathers and other old people, so referring to yourself as a grandfather meant that you expect other people to give you a ton of respect.

  11. Can’t pay me all the money in the world in dealing with someone this punchable

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