WFILTU Chapter 129 – Bookworm III

Li Sitong said with a smile: “Sister Li, I almost forgot. I originally thought that the children will be able to get along with each other. How would I know that they would receive a notice announcing that Mingze and Jiao Jiao had signed up for a math contest, and will have to head to Beijing to participate in the winter camp.”

“Ah?” Li Shu was surprised, and then the expression on her face was a little unhappy.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. Let the child live here. Cheng Shuo and I will be strict with him, just like with Mingze and Xuejiao! If he can’t learn something, let Mingjiao come and teach him. Mingjiao is also among the best in the whole grade!” Li Sitong continued to smile, looking very welcoming.

Li Shu was not happy, but she thought that the competition had already been tested. Whether or not they will pass, the Cheng family also would not know, so she didn’t say anything. Their family atmosphere is good, and they can cultivate Cheng Mingze and Gu Xuejiao. It’s good for Hongyi to come for a holiday, and it’s not far away. She can come to see him from time to time to avoid being wronged.

“Then alright. Hongyi, you have to be obedient here!”

“I know already. You pester too much!” Bai Hongyi, collapsed into the seat, responded with his eyes fixed onto his phone.

“Alright, alright. I know you dislike your mother pestering. Then I will be leaving now. Sitong, I will be troubling you!”

“No worries, it’s ok. Sister Li’s son is like my nephew. It should be like this!” Li Sitong smiled sincerely.

After seeing Li Shu off, Li Sitong went back to the living room and said with a smile: “Hongyi ah! How was your final exam? “

Without waiting for him to answer, she continued: “Your elder brother Mingze and younger sister Xue Jiao all placed first. You should learn from them and believe in yourself, and also place first!”

Bai Hongyi became very impatient. Why does this woman speak like a headteacher? Is she not irritating?


A headteacher in school is already annoying enough. He still needs to meet one when he’s at home?

“This grandpa’s grades are not good!” Bai Hongyi responded agitatedly.

“Oh, aunt knows, but it doesn’t matter. It’s ok to learn more from Jiao Jiao. Your mother has already told aunty. Your attitude towards learning is bad. Xue Jiao should be reading books at this time. Let’s go. Aunty will bring you to the study. It’s time for you to read.”

Study? Read a book? !

Bai Hongyi’s eyes widened. He almost didn’t believe his ears.

“Let’s go. Auntie will bring you there.”

“I’m not going!”

Suddenly, Li Sitong’s face became sad, “Hongyi, your mother said you would listen to me, you……is it because you don’t want to stay with aunty? Then I’ll call your mother? “

Bai Hongyi instantly thought of his own card that would be confiscated if he went back. He held back his anger: “Lead the way!”

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“Ai!” Li Sitong answered, and hurriedly brought him into the study.

As soon as the door closed, Bai Hongyi kicked his foot heavily against the desk.

Read a book?! Look at fart! This grandpa will definitely not read it!

Li Sitong, regardless of whether he read or not, left the study and went to have a rest.

In the evening, Cheng Shuo returned.

“Where’s Bai Hongyi?”

“Study.” Li Sitong made a gesture of playing with the phone, and Cheng Shuo nodded.

He went upstairs and opened the door directly. Sure enough, Bai Hongyi was playing games, and seemed like he was regardless of whether anyone came in or not.

Cheng Shuo walked over and pulled out the cable.

“F****** s***, your grandpa!”

“Who is your grandpa?” Cheng Shuo, with a stern face, said seriously, “Our family doesn’t like to play on the phone, let alone play games, so you can’t play games in my house. Now hand in your phone and go down for dinner. “

“I’ll let you go your a**……”

“Sitong! Call his dad!” Cheng Shuo is stern.

“Bang——” Bai Hongyi smashed his phone over and headed downstairs.

Cheng Shuo also headed down, and ate at the table. Bai Hongyi’s expression was ugly.

However, Li Sitong still said: “Mingze and Jiao Jiao will practice a set of mathematical problems after eating, and right before going to sleep. Later, Uncle Cheng will find you some problems. You should remember to do the problem before heading off to sleep.”

“Pei!” Bai Hongyi directly smashed his rice bowl, went upstairs again and went into the guest room.

Cheng Shuo slowly ate his meal, went upstairs and entered the guest room.


“If you don’t eat, then you can only be hungry tonight. You don’t have a phone now. You can’t call your parents even if you wanted to. Now, do these problems.”

After that, he found a set of papers for Bai Hongyi and handed them to the person on the bed. Bai Hongyi tore several of them.

Li Sitong, who just came up, began to say, “Xue Jiao will never waste papers. She thinks every paper contains precious knowledge. Hongyi, you can get up and finish it before you go to sleep! You learn……”

“You son of a b****! Shut up for this grandpa!” Bai Hongyi lifted the quilt and came down. He raised his fist and waved it at Li Sitong.

Cheng Shuo stopped him and pressed the person to the bed with a backhand.

“I thought you were just disobedient. I didn’t think that it was a problem with your root character.”

“I place——ah!”

Cheng Shuo added strength to his hands, and he continued with a serious face: “It’s time to read.”

Bai Hongyi is not satisfied and wants to continue swearing. Cheng Shuo continued to exert himself.

“It hurts! This grandpa will look!” Bai Hongyi screeched.

Cheng Shuo released his hand and pressed him to sit at the desk. He helped open the math book for year one and stared at Bai Hongyi.

Succumbing to force, Bai Hongyi gave in temporarily tonight.

But he didn’t expect that today is just the beginning of “hell”.


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