SOOEW Chapter 98 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XXI

But Mi Xi also said, “Playing up until this world, I’m also pretty tired of playing. If I lose, then I lose. At worst, I’ll just be an ordinary person. The reason why I chose Shao Getian is because I like this type. Older men understand how to treat women, unlike those young men who are in their early twenties, who don’t even understand what they themselves want. However, ever since you came, I haven’t cared much about these. Look, if you like, then I’ll just give it to you.”

Wen Ying met her “companion” for the first time. When she saw her attitude, she realized that not all deities were like themselves and put their feelings into others’ favor. The other side may have experienced too much of the world, doing tasks is like the next game of chess, all the characters are only pieces to let her play.

She would not comment on it.

At present, Mi Xi listened to her question, crossed her legs, and even her sitting posture was full of charm, “I think you’ve been standing still, so I’m worried for you. I’ve been alienating Commander Shao this past year, yet I haven’t seen any action from you. “

Wen Ying shook her head, “I’m not going to choose him.”

“Yi?” The other party was surprised, “Don’t you know that if you take down more key people like him, your score would be higher? Or do you resent that his age is too high?”


Wen Ying paused, and asked her in return: “Are you sure you want to give up?” No matter how she looks at it, Mi Xi doesn’t seem like a person who would stretch out her neck for the executioner to kill, even though she says that she is tired.

“I said why is it like this, so it’s actually because of this.” The other party smiled, leaned over, as if to speak a secret, and said: “Since Xiao Cherry Blossom helps me think deeply like this, then I will also help you once.”

“I don’t need you to do anything, I, myself……”

Before Wen Ying even finished a phrase, the other party had already used a finger to place pressure on her lips, and blinked her eyes at Wen Ying, “Just wait for it.”

Wen Ying always felt a bad premonition, but the other party does not play according to norms. Although she has already ordered people to watch her, she did not feel that it was of use.

Sure enough, before she even received the news, by the time it reached evening, she was able to understand what the other opponent wanted to do.

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The time when Shao Getian and her slept in the same bed was a long time ago. Everything has been at peace this entire time. Even if he returned to the manor, she would move out to the guest room, and return the room back to him.

However, Shao GeTian had two extra drinks this evening. He actually ran to her room and talked nonsense. What Xi Xi has actually ignored him for a long time already, Xi Xi doesn’t want to create a gap between them as a married couple. Unless they lived a happy life, she will not talk to him again.

Before Wen Ying was able to react, she was pressed down by him onto the bed.

After the new year, he would be forty. After all, he was a man who had been fighting the entire way through the battlefield. He didn’t give Wen Ying any chance to take advantage.

Shao Getian, who has always been strong and domineering, was slightly confused at this time. The surroundings of his eyes were reddened. It couldn’t be seen that he drank too much, but seemed more like he had his heart hurt.


But the hand that approached to tear Wen Ying’s shirt was not light at all. Her spring clothes were light, the collar was pulled off in a flash!

Wen Ying pities him a little, but at this time, she couldn’t help but hate him and Mi Xi enough to shoot them straight in the head!

What does this count as? By imperial decree/to get in bed? Domestic Violence/in marriage?

This is the most disgusting thing she has ever encountered. In spite of the fact that Wen Ying has a toughened heart, at this time, she was still at her wit’s end.

She went to push the other, yet she was unable to. She looked back to the position of the lamp, but the man took this opportunity to lean down, snorting heavily onto her neck.

At this moment, anger swept throughout her entire body, causing her to tremble slightly.

Just when she forced herself to calm down, she suddenly heard the voice of Ying Cao sound outside: “……Madam has already slept, and  the commander-in-chief is also inside……”

The words were not finished yet, she only heard the door “bang”, transferring over an earth-shattering sound. Someone entered by breaking the door.

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