SOOEW Chapter 96 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XIX

Wen Ying saw the spark caught on her sleeve, and all of a sudden, all her dignitary, calmness, and beauty flew out the window.

She gave a light “ah” and stared at a loss at the flame which burned a black hole on her sleeve easily. It seemed as if it would burn up in the next second, so she hurriedly reached out to put it out.

“Don’t move!”

Suddenly, there was a light cough from behind, and then a strong force came from her waist. She basically was lifted off her feet and brought in front of the faucet.

“What are you thinking? Using your hand to put it out, en?” He said to her in his usual sarcastic tone, pressing his cold and hard military uniform on her back. He turned on the faucet, held her wrist and sent it under the faucet.

The clean water kept rushing down, wetting her sleeves, and the flame was subdued and washed away.

She gave a slight “hiss”.

“Were you burned? Let me see. ” He quickly turned over her wrist and lifted up her sleeve. Sure enough, her skin was burned black and red, although it was just a little bit, like the ink flowers left on the paper when drawing plum blossoms.

Yet she held her delicate and gorgeous sleeve and sighed, “Aiyah, I like this one very much……”

Shao Yifeng was unreasonably angered by her again, “Mother!”

“Ok, I know……” She muttered, with a rare childish air, and then took a step back, yet it was just enough to step right on his military boots.


Her embroidered shoes usually only poke out a little from below her skirt, like the flowers in spring that probe from the branches, but now they were currently stepping half on him.

Most of her weight leaned on him.

But even if the weight of her body was all pressed on him, it still didn’t hurt at all. It was as if a pair of soft hands suddenly clenched his heart. It was not the weight of the grip that held one’s breath, but the feeling of leaving lightly afterward.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Wen Ying quickly moved her embroidered shoes, turned to apologize. Once she raised her head, she suddenly realized how close the distance between the two people was.

He seems to have grown taller again. Now she is only at his chest. She has to tilt her neck back a little more, exposing her pointed chin like that of a cat’s face.

Shao Yifeng lowered his head and looked at her.

As if there was a tacit understanding, there was a moment where the two people’s breathing was light, and they did not speak for half a day.

“Mother, please be careful in the future.” He stepped back one step first, breaking the silence. “If you want to cook again, change your clothes, or ask for help from the staff. Don’t do things like making a fire again.”

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She was still stunned and nodded subconsciously: “O, ok.”

He gazed at her again. She was always serious, just like the cat in the alley where he lived. Her eyes that stared at others were very quiet, and her whiskers were raised meticulously. But occasionally, when it was distracted, it would have an empty expression, and carelessly stepped on the steps and rolled down, looking up in a daze.

She’s like a cat that’s stepped on empty air, and is stunned by her unexpected loss of sense.

Shao Yifeng cocked up the corners of his mouth, and was in a state of unspeakable joy. But at the same time, another voice subdued his joy and warned him that it was something that he could not even think about.

Later, Shao Yifeng cooked the noodles himself. He took off his military coat and rolled up his shirt sleeves. His movements were concise and capable. At first glance, it can be seen that he frequently does this.

Wen Ying suddenly thought, and said: “Yifeng is already twenty-two this year right?”



“Do you have a girl you like?”

His hand that strained the noodles became heavy-handed, and the noodles that were suddenly cut off by chopsticks fell back into the pot. He said calmly, “Why did you think to ask this all of a sudden?”

“Graceful in the hall and skillful in the kitchen, Yifeng looks like a type that will please many girls.” She said with a smile.

“Is it?”

His tone was casual, as if he was not very happy. Wen Ying was afraid that he might misunderstand her and quickly shook her hand, “I don’t have any other meaning. I know that you are not interested in matchmaking and want to obtain love at your own discretion. I just want to tell your father if you have a girl you like, so that he won’t arrange a marriage for you randomly one day when he remembers, and you become unhappy.”

In recent years, the relationship between Wen Ying and Shao Gutian has eased. Although she often chokes him with her education, she doesn’t prohibit him from doing things like the original owner, or set rules and regulations for him. Therefore, Commander Shao occasionally goes back to the mansion once or twice. However, under Wen Ying’s deliberate avoidance, he gets along with her in the same way as ordinary friends. They have the name of husband and wife, but their reality is not that of husband and wife.

“It is better for mother to worry less.”

He placed down his shirt cuffs, buttoned up again, and responded coldly, “I don’t have anyone I like.”

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