SOOEW Chapter 95 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XVIII

As soon as they returned to the manor, they saw Ying Cao running down and breathing a sigh of relief. It looked as if something had happened.

“What’s the matter?” She asked.

“Madam has finally returned. Once the second young master couldn’t find you*, he became really noisy.”

*formal you

“What about the words I told him to practice?”

“He wrote more than a page and a half. I performed as you* requested, and watched him practice his calligraphy. At first, all was going well, except that he was frequently distracted and would repeatedly stare at the doorway. Later, when he continuously couldn’t find you*, it became very dangerous! It seems like he would almost tear the study in half!”

“I’ll go and take a look.”

Then she hurried to the study, and the eldest young master of the Shao family who was talking to her just before was left aside.

Shao Yifeng dusted the chill from his coat, raised his eyebrows, and followed her.

Before Wen Ying even entered the door, she already smelled the scent of ink. Once she entered, and took a glance, the stool was overturned, the ink pot was overturned on the table, with all the ink leaking out. There was also torn paper covering the floor. Ying Cao has exaggerated for so many times,  but this time she has really not exaggerated. In fact, it can be said that she has even toned it down.

How could it be that the study was almost split? It’s already been split!

When Shao Tingyu heard her breath, his eyes lit up in an instant, and he was about to rush over, but instead, received her frozen, stern glance, and her sharp rebuke: “Stand properly!”

After such a long period of teaching, he could understand most of what she said. At this time, he didn’t even need to hear to understand. Just by seeing her different expression and strong emotion, the sharp small wolf dog had already stopped his steps.

He stood in front of her about a meter away, and habitually issued from the throat a “woo” sound, expressing the appearance of tension.

Wen Ying reflects on herself. Ever since the day she transmigrated, she hardly let the small wolf dog leave her side. On one hand, it made teaching easier, and on the other, she is worried about his dependence. She has never considered that this will lead to the present situation.

But he can’t be next to her forever. If he gets away from the environment he feels safe and starts to be restless, then his future is not even as good as the original track, and her appearance will actually harm him!

Thinking up to this, her hesitant eyes became a little more firm.

When Shao Yifeng arrived, he saw her hold a feather duster to whip the small pup.

He had heard about her whipping the pup before. He once thought that she was just looking for a reason for a pretext. How could anyone raise an outsider at the expense of their name?

*In China, names are very important. It’s important for others to hear your name, and hear good stuff attached to it. Shao Yifeng is referring to the fact that why would anyone be willing to sully their own reputation just to raise an outsider?

She may be disgusted with the other party’s mother, or maybe she was angry, and used to to vent. In short, she probably had bad intentions, but after the event, she wanted to find a good reason to make her reputation better.

Yet now……


Shao Yifeng, with his back against the door, quietly looks at the scene in front of him and suddenly remembers many past events.

Around the time when he was very young, his biological mother also beat him terribly like this. He has long forgotten the cause. In any case, it was probably because he was a troublemaker in the countryside, and every time he got caught, he would receive a beating.

At the age of seven or eight, he was the same as this “younger brother”, but his biological mother was far less gentle and beautiful than Wen Ying. Instead, she was the most simple woman from the countryside, her strength in beating others probably wasn’t even one-tenth of hers.

He couldn’t help admiring the pup. At that time, he hurt so much that he couldn’t even walk on the road. His back was as hot and spicy as chili water.

He took a look at him again, and it was only a face full of blankness and grievances. Obviously, it didn’t hurt too much, and he couldn’t understand her meaning. Instead, it was she who beat, and beat, and started crying herself first.

Shao Yifeng thought it was funny, but he didn’t realize how tender he looked when he gazed at his stepmother.

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Time went by, and within the blink of an eye, three years had passed. Shao Yifeng had graduated from the military academy and currently worked with Shao Gutian, and displayed his talents. After receiving a victory while fighting against other warlords for territory, he saw real blood, and became more stable. He was less frivolous than when he was young, but his character was still willful. Shao Tingyu has finally been named. Only Wen Ying still calls him Xiao Hu.

Currently, he is no different from normal people. If he studies before Wen Ying, he lacks communication skills and knowledge regarding the world. Therefore, Wen Ying and Shao Getian proposed to let him go directly to the army for training.

She said: “Xiao Hu has no patience with textbook knowledge, so it’s better to have practical experience.”

Shao Getian became extremely happy. He clapped his big thigh, and pointed out that his son was like him. They were not alike in just appearances, but also in character, and even their shortcoming in their lack of love for reading was the exact same!

It’s nothing to be young. Didn’t he start to secretly acknowledge a teacher and learn martial arts in his teens? He only needed to find a capable man from the army to lead him.

Shao Yifeng only raised his brows, and didn’t express anything else. He only chose a day to return to the commander’s mansion.


He had his own house elsewhere, so naturally he returned less. Because he arrived at the mansion at daybreak in the morning and most of the servants were still sleeping, he suddenly felt hungry and went to the kitchen.

He didn’t expect that someone was already busy there. That tiny and delicate back, was cutting vegetables on the chopping board.

When he saw her, he slowed down his steps and looked for a long time before he suddenly asked, “Is today his birthday?”

Wen Ying raised her head and saw the visitor, and her brows knitted, “Yifeng has also returned? I didn’t expect that you still remember, yes, today is Xiao Hu’s birthday. “

“Every time he celebrates his birthday, you would personally cook noodles for him. I would naturally remember that.” He answered.

She smiled and looked out of the window. “It’s so early. Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Then I’ll make you something to eat first.” She said with some embarrassment, “I didn’t allow the servants to help, so I drove them all out. Is it ok to cook noodles?”

He unconsciously lowered his voice, and replied, “Ok.”

He stood by and watched her become busy. After so many years, she still loved to wear the old-styled clothes and skirts just as she did when she first came. It’s nothing elsewhere, but when she rotated around in the kitchen, he always thought that her sleeve would fall into the pot or catch fire on the stove.

How would he know that good doesn’t pass, yet bads would pass. He was just thinking, and became lost in his thoughts when he saw Wen Ying’s sleeves brush the edge of the pot, and it actually caught a spark!

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