WFILTU Chapter 118 – Straight-A Student I

Xue Jiao said that she will bring Yi Tianyu to study, so she seriously brings him to study. She originally had an upright attitude, and now that she has to carry her deskmate, she has a spirit of 120000 every second and every minute.

Xue Jiao will not forget that not too long after she arrived at class one, when she had a “fight” with Cheng Mingjiao.

She, as a person, will not hang her gratitude at her mouth, nor would she simply give a lollipop.

Xue Jiao will remember it in her heart and when Yi Tianyu really needs her help, she will spare no effort.

Yi Tianyu is also a tough guy. At the thought of not seeing Xue Jiao once he leaves class one, his heart feels like holding back a breath. He follows Xue Jiao to review, do questions, listen to lessons, take notes, review notes, repeatedly practice his mistakes and review.

His strength is stronger than that of his during the mid-term examinations.


“Son, take a rest. It’s already so late.” Yi Dafa and Mother Yi look at him with heartache.

Today is Friday night. Yi Tianyu used to play games when he was at home on Friday, causing them worries. Now he studies hard all the time at home, so they are even more worried.

“A little longer.”

Yi Dafa touched him with some heartache: “Son, if you want to stay in class one, dad will try to find a way for you. It’s not like Qi Zhong doesn’t have those who failed the top 100 rank, yet they stayed. Dad will try to find a way for you!”


Yi Dafa is actually a businessman until the end. No matter how broad the road is, even if he wants to find a way to break the road, there is no channel.

But for the sake of his son, he had to work hard to think up a plan!

Yi Tianyu finally stops writing, just to give him an eye roll——

“How would I not know what are you capable of? I’ll take the test myself. Don’t bother.”

After that, he paused: “Don’t disturb me anymore. If you really want to help me, contact a tutor for me. The type that can immediately start working tomorrow afternoon.”


What else does Mother Yi want to say. Yi Dafa bit his teeth: “Ok! Dad won’t hold you back. You create your own study plan. Dad will go and contact a teacher for you!”

With that, he tugged Mother Yi out and left Yi Tianyu to continue writing.

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At this time, Gu Xuejiao is also still writing, up until her bedtime.


The mobile phone vibrated slightly. Originally Xue Jiao did not plan on seeing it, but suddenly thought that it was the time she typically spoke to Lin Zhihua.

She walked over quickly and opened it——

【Are you resting yet?】

Her fingers typed——

【Not yet. I’m going to work “overtime” for half an hour to collect some information.】

【Information? 】Lin Zhihua was puzzled.


Xue Jiao is busy explaining——

【It’s my deskmate. I’m helping him review. His grades are not very good. He has to rank in the top 100 on the final exam to stay in class one.】

The message was sent out and the other end of the line became silent.


The boy who was surnamed Yu?

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