SOOEW Chapter 90 – Little Wolf-boy Warlord XIII

Shao Yifeng didn’t expect that someone would rush out, and that she would use such a gesture to protect the person behind her. Her eyes were not biased to look at himself. They were filled with the anger of having her cherished person, who was hurt by him. He was a little confused by this look.

She shielded the person behind her without any reason: “You cannot touch him!”

After the moment he took to heart passed, he smirked, with ice in his eyes, “Who do you think you are?”

Wen Ying suppressed the impetuous little wolf dog behind her, released a breath, and stared at him attentively: “No matter who I am, he is still your brother.”

He seemed to think it was ridiculous and gave a chuckle “che”.

“I heard that Xiao Hu hurt your dog first. I will apologize for him.” Wen Ying paused, then said: “but you let the dog hurt people first, what qualifications do you have to draw a gun? Is “arrogance and despotism” what the Shao family’s young master learned from the military academy?”

Shao Yifeng retrieved his smile and returned the compliment, “Is “smart aleck” what my mother learned from a scholar’s home?”


Shao Tingyu wants to get out of her protective circle behind Wen Ying’s back, struggling to pronounce: “Mo……ther……hit……”

Two belligerent guys. Wen Ying turned her head in a headache and told him not to talk.

Fortunately, the little wolf dog is still pretty obedient. He grievously and puzzledly tilted his head, and then he closed his mouth and turned to lick the blood on his hands.

When she turned back, she saw Shao Yifeng smile sarcastically at her. “You see, if I don’t hit him, he’s going to hit me. Can it be that……mother will make decisions for me too? “

“If he made a mistake first, I would certainly not be partial to him.” Wen Ying said very seriously.

Because her attitude is too natural, Shao Yifeng paused and studied her for a brief period.

Wen Ying took a look at the black muzzle of the gun and tried to calm herself down and said: “If you are not ready to shoot, you might as well put the gun away first.”

He packed the gun with a casual smile, “For the sake of mother……”

“Thank you very much.”

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The shooting incident temporarily came to an end. After hearing that the dog was not seriously injured, she was relieved. The child’s strength was small, and the dog didn’t know how to hide. He only cut the skin and caused some skin trauma. Shao Yifeng saw the blood and found an excuse to have a fit of anger.

But if you really want to say that he will kill Shao Tingyu, Wen Ying doesn’t believe it. Shao Yifeng is not his father Shao GeTian. When he really wants to do something, he will borrow another’s hand instead and will not fight in person. This time, I’m afraid that he’s just playing with the small wolf dog.

The only thing she can learn from this is that he does not acknowledge Shao Tingyu as his younger brother.

If the two stepsons confront each other, it will be more difficult for her to grasp the balance. However, there is no need to consider so much at present. After all, the little wolf dog has not yet grown up.


“Mother, eat.” Shao Tingyu painstakingly spits out three words, which are much clearer than before. He could even connect the word, mother, together.

Wen Ying used a ruler to hit his hand, “Only know how to eat.”

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