WFILTU Chapter 202 – Dream I

Yi Tianyu’s mood was quite complicated. Wasn’t it more common for a girl to send a love letter? Why does the nerd receive more love letters than he does?

So how popular was the nerd?

Xue Jiao doesn’t know that her love letters were being intercepted. She was about to enter the third year of senior high school, so her pressure to study was very big.

Lin Zhihua said that people must adapt to the different kinds of rules in the different kinds of environment. Even if there were 1000 or 10000 kinds of dissatisfaction with the domestic exam oriented education, as long as you were in this environment, this was the road you must take. Since they want to take this road, they must seize every second.

High school was three years, but some people were the first, and some people were the last.

Xue Jiao never felt it was hard or felt tired of learning.

In her last life, she felt that learning was much happier than working. In this life, she had one more chance. Xue Jiao cherished every moment of her studies.

Therefore, she also cherished every moment of high school. Even on the way to the canteen, Xue Jiao also wore headphones, listening to English.

In most people’s minds, her appearance could only be seen from afar. The students privately nicknamed her——kaolin flower.

Therefore, even if they were those who liked her, loved her secretly, and wanted to express their love to her, none of them dared to stop her directly.

They only dared to send love letters secretly.

Xue Jiao sat on the dining table with her meal. When the second year of high school began, Cheng Shuo filled her and Cheng Mingze’s card with 10000 yuan each.

Although the food expenses of Qizhong was not cheap, they were not very expensive either.

She had money in her card so she doesn’t treat herself badly.

At noon, a meat and a vegetable with a soup, the amount is not large, and everything can be finished.

The time many people could eat the most in their life was probably in high school.

Even Xue Jiao, a girl with small arms and legs and no meat, can finish a plate.

Most of the boys still have to add extra rice.

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Xue Jiao doesn’t eat fast. She is slow and looks good, but she has a strong respect for food.

Not far away.

“Ah, Gu Xuejiao!” A girl lowered her voice and talked to other girls who were eating together.

The one next to her took the lead to look back and said, “She is pretty powerful. Compared with Gu Xuejiao from before, it’s really a big change!”

“It’s like Cheng Mingjiao’s stimulation changed her.”

“At the beginning of last semester, she made a bet with Cheng Mingjiao, and then she was addicted to learning.”

“Yueyue, at that time, you still laughed at people’s overconfidence. As a result, you see……”

“It’s like you didn’t make complaints about it. It’s not just me. You were also gossiping about her at that time, okay?”

“Yes, that’s right. At the time you guys have all said it. Shiyun was the only one who didn’t say anything!”

“Shiyun, tell me, who amongst us was the first to laugh at her?”


Gu Shiyun squeezed the chopsticks tightly, and her fingertips were white. After a while, she said with a smile, “The past is the past. I don’t remember any more.”

No matter how disgusted she was, she would never be as brainless as Cheng Mingjiao!

“Shiyun is never involved in this kind of thing. Don’t force Shiyun anymore.”

“That’s right, and Shiyun is also very serious now, even more so than before!”

“Chusheng is also very serious. Do you two both want to drive Gu Xuejiao down?”

“Hahaha, as long as Gu Xuejiao’s score is stably in the top ten, when she is in the third year of high school, she can steadily study in the top five!”

“That’s true. I admire.”


Gu Shiyun kept smiling from the corner of his mouth, but it was hard to swallow.

Nothing in the world was more painful than laughing and listening to others exaggerate their own enemies!

Xue Jiao didn’t know that the meal she ate today stimulated Gu Shiyun, and didn’t know how many people were looking at her enviously.

She was still very strong during this semester’s study, and Cheng Mingze’s countdown also brought her a great sense of oppression.

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