SOOEW Chapter 156 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXVIII

Xia Yi’s voice was not small. To Fang Ran’s ear, she could also catch a few words: Wen Ying, woke up, left the hospital……

She suddenly became an excited spirit, and immediately said: “You see, what I said was right. I met you and that girl in the mall before, but isn’t she missing now? As soon as she disappeared, Wen Ying woke up! I know it sounds very mysterious, like a story in a novel or a manga, but, but——do you really not feel that it’s a little weird at all? ” At the end, she bit her teeth and finished speaking.

She used to be like this. Somehow, she was chosen as a divine emissary. To put it bluntly, she needed to attack different target characters from one world to another. At first, she thought it was fun, because she also loved to read novels, and she had fantasized about transmigrating and such things. It was very enjoyable to replace herself with those heroines, so she agreed soon.

However, at the beginning, she did the task with a fresh and interesting attitude, and reality gave her a slap in the face.

Her first world was an ancient background. The typically young maiden from a big family with excellent status. Her life was very comfortable, but because she was careless, treating them with the attitude of people from the future, seeming like an outsider. Hence, her behavior was completely out of their own character, far from the original owner, and was reported to her parents by her maid. Her parents were shocked, and immediately invited the Taoist priest to use the method of expelling demons. She didn’t get “expelled” and was locked up at home for the rest of her life.

Because of inaction for a long time, Jinjiang space judged her as a failure, and then finally “rescued” her.

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However, even if she adjusted her attitude, she also found that she could not handle every task with ease. She could only pass after she was exhausted of her strength, and sometimes even had to accept failure.

So after she failed to crack down on Wen Ying with the help of reporters and the Internet, she suddenly thought that maybe she could use her own experience to crack down on Wen Ying.

She has never been so eager for a person to believe that there was heresy in the world. Once she tried her best to cover it up, but she had been found many times. Now……

“Stop making jokes.” Regardless of Xia Yi’s cry, Jiang Tianye hung up. He looked at her, his eyebrows and eyes were a bit frosty, very cold, “Don’t spread such rumors around, she is her, Wen Ying is Wen Ying. If you like to make up supernatural stories, don’t place your classmates in them.”

When she saw that he had cleaned up the notebook and pen on the desk and was about to leave with his long legs, she was worried. “I don’t believe that you really have no doubts. Even if they were not the same person, her behavior is different from that of ordinary people. Aren’t you afraid to leave such people around?”

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid that they’ll hurt you!”

Jiang Tianye paused and looked at her for the last time. He seemed to have thought of someone. His cold eyes softened slightly, but when he looked at her, there was still a trace of sneer on his lips. “Even if I take ten thousand steps back, and it’s really like what you said, they are strange, and are from a kind of weird place, but they didn’t hurt me. How could they hurt me? They’re not like those that you are speaking of……forget it, even if I said it, you wouldn’t understand. “

As soon as the words were finished, he didn’t bother to talk any more. He didn’t care what kind of reaction she had, and walked away.

Fang Ran stood in place, staring at his back.


At that time, she did not have any idea of hurting her parents. She would still be treated like this. People in the space once told her that the characters they replaced were all giving up on the idea of survival, hoping that someone could take their place in life, so no matter who she would not hurt anyone, she would not hurt the parents of the original owner.

If only those who doubted her could be as firm as he was, how nice would it be.

Suddenly, she squatted down and began to cry in the empty classroom.

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