WFILTU Chapter 201 – School Flower V

After the basketball match ended, the school team wanted to have dinner together. Although the team strongly demanded Xue Jiao to go together, she still refused.

Cheng Mingze called Uncle Xing and asked him to come to the gym to pick up Xue Jiao. The party took her to the car and then went to dinner.

“Brother Ze Brother Ze, is this your sister!” A teammate went over to Cheng Mingze.

He didn’t know why, but Cheng Mingze had two points of pride, but he only faintly replied: “En.”

“Damn it! Your family’s genes are so good?! She’s too beautiful! She even has the first prize in mathematics competition, the first prize in grade two of senior high school! Do you produce male gods and goddesses in your family? “

“Can I still be reincarnated?”

“Wow! I’ve also heard that the most awesome boy and girl in our school is this pair of brother and sister! “

“My roommate sent a love letter to Xuemei, but there was consistently no news.”

“Brother Ze, the school grass and flower are both you brother and sister!”


Cheng Mingze frowned slightly when he heard about the love letter. Although he thought Xue Jiao was the best, but it was unknown why, he was not happy hearing others say so.

Hence, Cheng Mingze changed the subject.

From behind, Yi Tianyu and Xi Junyang walked together, listening to the conversation of these people.

Yi Tianyu couldn’t help but curl his lips: “He’s a school grass like that? Then what about young master, me?”

“Er……” Xi Junyang scratched his head and frankly said, “Brother Yu, although you are also very handsome, you are not the same type as Brother Ze, and can’t be compared. Besides……the other is omnipotent and has the aura of God. “

Yi Tianyu curled his lips, but didn’t speak in the end.

This is Xue Jiao’s brother……en, let him be a brother for the moment.

Xi Junyang couldn’t help sighing: “since she won the first prize in mathematics, the goddess Jiaojiao has been spread all over the city’s high schools, saying that she is extremely beautiful, and her grades are good. My good friend from junior high school always wanted to see if Xuejiao was as good-looking as the picture

“Photos?” Yi Tianyu doubted.

Xi Junyang took out his mobile phone and flipped out a photo: “Here, you see this, the first prize group photo, take a look at Jiao Jiao, isn’t she the brightest star in the place.”

It was the group photo of the more than 50 people who had won the first prize. Xue Jiao was a girl. She was placed in the front row. Originally, there were not many girls. Xue Jiao was really different from the others. This photo was too realistic, others were all a little dark, and ordinary students, only she wore out a different uniform taste, especially white and beautiful.

Xi Junyang also said: “Our Jiao Jiao really gives Qizhong face.”

“What Jiao Jiao, Jiao Jiao! Is Jiao Jiao something you could call too? Call Classmate Gu!” Yi Tianyu was suddenly angry.

Xi Junyang: “……” ? ? ?

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On Sunday, there was another competition, and Xue Jiao didn’t go any more. While reviewing, she listened to Lin Zhihua’s review strategy for the exam.

Ever since the math contest, she has known where Lin Zhihua has strengths.

This man seems to be really omnipotent.

Only after Cheng Mingze came back did she know that they had won another game.

The next basketball match will be next Friday. On Monday, she and Cheng Mingze still carried their school bags to attend school.

By the time she arrived at the classroom, her position was already surrounded by people, to be exact, by Yi Tianyu.

“Brother Yu, can our Qizhong take first place?”

“The sports school is so powerful, can the people in our school even win?”

“In the past, first place was always taken over by the sports school!”

“That’s right, that’s right.”


Yi Tianyu was annoyed endlessly by them and then he noticed Xue Jiao who came from the outside and rushed to shoo the others away——

“Won’t you know later by seeing the results? Hurry and disperse!”

Xue Jiao only sat down after all the others had left.


Yi Tianyu placed his fist between his lips and pretended to be calm: “Not bad, not bad.”

Xue Jiao took out the book, and Yi Tianyu placed his hand into the drawer. He didn’t get the book, but he found a pile of all kinds of small envelopes.

Yi Tianyu: “……”

Xue Jiao has some experience: “Love letters?”

“You know that?! Have you received it before? ” Yi Tianyu raised his voice.

Xue Jiao shook her head: “I haven’t.”

She received a lot in her last life.

It was strange to say, but she thought that her life was more outstanding than her previous life, yet she never received a single love letter……

She was just a little surprised, but had no other thoughts.

However, she would rather not receive that kind of thing, which is also very troublesome.

Xue Jiao soon put herself into her studies. Yi Tianyu threw away all the pink envelopes without looking at them.

Compared to the love letters he receives, he cares more about——

At noon, almost all the students went to dinner.

Yi Tianyu quickly finished eating and went back to the classroom. The first thing he did was to lower his head on Xue Jiao’s seat, put his hand in and bring out some blue and pink letters——

“F*ck! It’s not over, still? I just cleaned up a wave in the morning, yet there’s so much more? “


The author has something to say: Lin Zhihua: Merciless (beautifully done)!

Cheng Mingze: Applause!!!

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  1. Oh so he was fishing for her love letters lol
    Does that mean the letters she saw in the morning were actually from her desk? Lol
    Many thanks

  2. Lol there’s someone running interference

  3. Oh, so she was popular back then?
    I always imagined her past life as a Poor Nerdy Hard-Working Student…but now i have to imagine as a Cool Glasses Beauty?

    • She had that protagonist Halo in both lives it seems,
      hard work and modesty make a girl artistry

      • Jiao Jiao would probably appreciate it if she knew about it tbh, saves her from having to deal with them. Although she might think it’s a bit rude to just throw them away.

    • Being serious and good at study is a big boom, not a “nerd” status like most media portrait. I myself has at least 3 face to face confession in highschool.

      • I think it depends on the country. In Asia? Yeah, being a high-scorer is a big deal. It’s still something of interest in Europe too. In the US? Who the hell knows, I didn’t go to school there.

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  5. aiya i was trying not to dislike 2ml because he is cute like a naive puppy but… this is really too far it’s supposed to be funny but those are technically her personal possessions he has no right to decide what to do with them and NO juridiction over her love life (altho she’d turn them down anyway).

    liking someone doesn’t give you the right to gatekeep them…

    • THANK YOU!!! This is not cute it’s toxic! He’s literally just a friend what the heck gives him the right?!

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