SOOEW Chapter 159 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXXI

Jiang Tianye and Wen Ying were together.

Once the news came out, it was like stones thrown into a lake bringing waves, giving students gossip for their afternoon tea. If it was said to be inconceivable, Wen Ying still had a very outstanding appearance, and the two matched when they were to stand together. But if it was said to be obvious, it didn’t quite match either. They had different schedules, and typically, they weren’t seen meeting either, and there was also no gossip spread about them. Suddenly a blast came, scaring people.

But thinking back, Wen Ying and Xia Yi have a good relationship. Wasn’t Xia Yi in the  same group as Jiang Tianye. It seemed that they have been together in the dark for a long time.

They hardly realized that amongst everyone, Xia Yi was actually the most surprised!

She suddenly slapped the table, stood up and shouted, “I don’t agree!”

The suddenly rising voice made half the library’s participants turn their head back.

Jiang Tianye, with his hand on the back of Wen Ying’s chair, looked up lazily and gave her a word: “Oh?” Then his girlfriend gave him a “shut up” look.

Sure enough, Xia Yi blew up in the next second.

“What’s good about this kind of man?” She questioned, barely lowering her voice under the gesture of Wen Ying, and still resented, “He only loves to put on airs, has narcissism, likes mocking others, does not give you face, has a young master attitude……you believe me, I grew up with him since childhood. What shortcomings would I not know about him? !”

Seeing that her boyfriend could not help but sneer at the other, Wen Ying leaned on his face and kissed him, successfully stopping his attack.

Xia Yi was dazed, and even Jiang Tianye was stunned.

“I just like his beauty.” She was back to her original body, biting the straw and smiling at Xia Yi across from her. “So don’t worry, unless he’s old or he’s ruined one day, then I’ll think about getting rid of him.”

Jiang Tianye raised his hand and touched his face subconsciously. He didn’t know whether he was feeling where she had just kissed or thinking about growing old and having disfigurement.

Xia Yi didn’t speak for a while, and hated on Jiang Tianye while having an angry expression.

Wen Ying smiling comforted her in front of Jiang Tianye, saying: “Anyway, a friend is a lifetime, but a man is hard to say. What are you afraid of?”

“That makes sense!” Xia Yi’s eyes brightened, immediately pulling out her cell phone. “I have a lot of good goods here, are all the acquaintances around me. I am embarrassed to start on them. I will introduce them to you immediately.”


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Jiang Tianye brought Wen Ying into his embrace and revealed his desire for exclusive action. He grinded his teeth in her ear. “This neuropathy sees wind as rain, why would you talk about these with her?”

She turned her head and smiled quietly in his arms, “Silly, if you don’t give her something to do, are you waiting for her to destroy us?”


These words hit his heart, and her intimate movements, and her unique breath, let him forget his words of complaint in a flash.

Actually, Jiang Tianye doesn’t know why, but he was willing to accept such a strange thing very quickly.

Perhaps because, whether it was Qingniao or Wen Ying, but in the moment when she became one person, it let him suddenly realize that they gave him the same palpitating feeling.

He still remembered what she said when she was trying to solve his confusion.

At first, he was not used to it, until she was wandering around the little house he rented to the Qingniao, took out the iPad from the drawer of the room, and swayed back and forth on the sofa to play the game of “Temple Run”, and the shadows in his head gradually coincided.

Then she told him about her “adventure”.

“I always thought that I transmigrated into a manga……” She ate an orange and recalled, “after a while there, I suddenly returned to modern times one day. At first I thought I came back, but the surroundings were strange, even me, myself was strange……”

This was very similar to Qingniao, who does not like to have an empty mouth and would catch any opportunity to eat and eat.

Jiang Tianye naturally reached for the seeds she spit out, and then both were stunned. He turned away his face.

“What’s strange?” He asked.

She thought, “The feeling of being unable to control myself, it’s like being pressed into bed by ghosts in your sleep, and being unable to wake up. I can only speak and do things with the memory and identity of Qingniao, but the memory is Qingniao’s from the manga, yet the character and style are like me, which is strange……”

Jiang Tianye has a thought.

This was also his question all the time, if she was Qingniao, why couldn’t she tell him the truth? When he was with Qingniao, her performance was like the real manga character Qingniao, not a fraud.

“…… It’s very complicated. ” He commented after hearing her explanation.

She bit the orange petals and slipped him an eye quietly. “Then, do you believe that?”

“En……” He pondered, looking at her from top to bottom and from left to right. When she angered into leaving, he stopped the person with a smile, propping her onto the sofa and whispered, “Otherwise, I will believe you for now, and I will settle with you whenever I catch your tail?”

She was suppressed and shrunk into the corner, stressing, “I am me, you shouldn’t think about wanting to catch my little tail!”

Different from Qingniao’s straightforward and lively persona, Wen Ying had a quiet and soft persona. She was very lovely in private. His heart moved and he subconsciously wiped the orange juice from the corner of her lips.

He had long thought clearly, as he originally only had the most basic interest in Qingniao. Whether she was or wasn’t Qingniao, he felt the same throbbing on her, and she would not disappear at any time like a Qignniao.

This was enough.

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