WFILTU Chapter 206 – Dream V

Even Xue Jiao looked at him in surprise——

If she remembered it correctly Cheng Mingze was a finance major, so he came back soon to take over Cheng Shuo’s job.

How could he suddenly choose computer science?

Cheng Shuo also wondered: “You aren’t going to study finance?”

The family said very early that Peng Cheng was Cheng Mingze’s. He was also studying to prepare for taking over the company, how could he suddenly run to study computer science?

“Dad.” Cheng Mingze suddenly stood up seriously and looked at Cheng Shuo.

His eyes were focused and his voice was serious: “I want to learn computer science. I am interested in that, and I want to set up a company that makes websites and games later.”

This was the first time Cheng Mingze said this, which made Cheng Shuo a little confused.

Peng Cheng was an industry. It was completely unrelated with those Cheng Mingze spoke of. If he goes according to his plan, he will be on a totally different road.

Cheng Shuo opened his mouth for a while, and his voice was hoarse: “You……”

Like knowing what he was going to say, Cheng Mingze continued: “I used to think about my graduation from school. You are old and should rest, but I thought about a lot in year three. I want to take another path. I want to realize my childhood dream. “

Cheng Shuo’s voice became even more hoarse: “You……still remember the times from when you were a kid? “

“Remember, I always remembered. I thought about it again this year. I don’t want to take on Peng Cheng. I want to realize my dream. ” Cheng Mingze looked serious.

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Cheng Shuo did not speak and fell into silence.

Cheng Mingze does not take over the company, and Xue Jiao obviously was not willing to be here. After Cheng Shuo can no longer manage Peng Cheng, the company was destined to be sold out or they would hire someone to take care of the company. No matter which road was taken, the basic industry of Cheng Shuo’s whole life would gradually disappear.

His hope that Cheng Mingze would double the size of Peng Cheng will never be realized again.

After a long time, Li Sitong could not help speaking: “Mingze——”

Cheng Shuo shook his hand and did not let Li Sitong talk.

He felt like he lost all his strength in a moment, only saying, “Mingze, you have always been very sensible, never asking for much. When you were a kid and played snake mobile, you told your mother that it was too simple, and you would make something more fun later. At that time, when you were a child, we didn’t take it seriously, and later, when you played games, you said you would do better when you grow up. Gradually you became older, and didn’t say it. I didn’t expect you to never forget it……”

Cheng Mingze nodded, and his eyes were stubborn.

“You want to go to school, but you should know that the road is not what I expect you to travel. If you want to chase your dream, Peng Cheng will not be your way out in the future. You can’t regret it since you have chosen it.” Cheng Shuo’s voice was serious.

Cheng Mingze nodded seriously, without hesitation: “Dad, I don’t regret……”

“Then you can report it.” Cheng Shuo finished speaking, and slowly walked to his room.

The heir he cultivated was not prepared to inherit his things.

This was a very striking thing for the older generation.

“This……” Li Sitong looked at Cheng Mingze and looked at Cheng Shuo. At the end, she did not speak and chased up.

Only Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze were left in the living room. Her face was a little white.

She did not expect that through her butterfly effect, even Cheng Mingze’s future road was flipped over into oblivion!

Xue Jiao doesn’t know how Cheng Mingze will learn computer science, but she knows that when he take over the company in the future, and will let Peng Cheng go to the first rank in the industry!

It’s all in a mess!

“Brother……” Xue Jiao opened her mouth, her face dazed,” Why don’t you think about the company? You have been learning with your father for so many years, and you will make great achievements in the future……”

Cheng Mingze smiled and came over.

He reached out, rubbing gently on the head of Jiao Jiao, and said, “Jiao Jiao, I am very happy.”

Xue Jiao tilted her head, with a blank face.

“My dream from childhood was computer science, and when I chose this road now, it was my achievement.”

Xue Jiao was still in a daze.

Cheng Mingze continued to smile: “Because that is my dream, I am on the way to my dream.”

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  1. Aww… The future changes because people change. He’s gonna pursue his dream and be successful like he was in the last life – don’t worry Jiao Jiao!

    Thanks for the update <3

  2. Good to see Cheng Shuo be a great dad as always and accept his son’s dream. Jiayou, Mingze! You can do it!

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  4. This chapter made me tear up. Chase your dreams. It’s something I never had the chance to do.

  5. Hmm….If Xue Jiao marries Lin Zhihua, Cheng Shuo might not have to worry about no one in his family inheriting the company….maybe?

    Would the two companies merge or maybe be taken care of separately? Or…perhaps something else.

    Cheng Mingze’s chasing his dreams. So, I wonder what the future of Peng Cheng is. It is, after all, important to Cheng Shuo.

  6. Times like this are we grateful for MCs being subs, they saved so many people from a life filled to the brim in regrets. I think this might be the turning point for her (like in Study Group) where she has to think about what major she wants to enroll in after HS. After all, she studied for the sake of a good life, not because she had a clear dream she wanted to fulfill a dream

  7. I wonder if originally Mingzhe also pursue game developer? They said he had dry relationship with his dad due to missing math competition. What if he had no choice but to inherit the company due to university sparse selection. Then after he took Peng Cheng to new height, he sold it to restart a new company, maybe? Though then that might be far fetched since I just remembered his heroine is Gu Shiyun and her toxic parents.. 😅

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