WFILTU Chapter 207 – Dream VI

Jiao Jiao was very confused. She does not know whether the effects of flipping Cheng Mingze into another road was right or wrong.

He looked very happy.

But he will achieve unexpected accomplishments in Peng Cheng.

Xue Jiao flipped around in bed but couldn’t sleep. She sent Lin Zhihua a message——

【If someone has a brilliant achievement in one field, is it right or wrong to go on another road for his dream? 】

After she sent out the message, she looked at the ceiling in a daze.

After a moment, Lin Zhihua replied——

【There is no right or wrong, but it depends on his own choice. Jiaojiao, if you will make achievements in a certain field, would you like to give up the college entrance examination for the accomplishment? 】

Xue Jiao paused. It was obviously impossible!

How could she give up the college entrance examination?

【You will not give up. The college entrance examination is your dream. So the man who pursues his dream is at no fault. 】

Xue Jiao blinked, and stared at one place, and then only responded after a long pause——

【I seem to understand, compared to the road that looks very easy, my interests and my dreams are even more important.】

Hence, Cheng Mingze was not willing to take over Peng Cheng, and he was more willing to realize his dream, because that way, he will be happier.

Cheng Shuo was exhausted in the original text. Cheng Mingze took over Peng Cheng, but it was more like he was forced to go on this path.

Therefore, Xue Jiao did not become a demon, and Cheng Shuo’s body is also very good. Given the opportunity to choose, Cheng Mingze will resolutely desperately go in another direction.

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【That’s right, like, is more important than everything.】1 *to me, this saying is a little idealistic. In reality, a lot of times, like is shoved away for need.

Lin Zhihua knocked down these words, then closed his eyes slightly.

Hence, Jiao Jiao, you being by my side, is far more important than me sitting in Lin Shi’s command.

Compared to Lin Shi, you are much more……attractive(like). 2 *originally like, but attractive seems more grammatically correct in english in the form the author worded it

You are more important than Lin Shi.

Xue Jiao suddenly excitedly wrote down——

【I want to realize my dream too! I want to study at the best school! I want to be a good mathematician!】

Lin Zhihua smiled and typed——

【Dream is the beacon of the road ahead, interest is the energy that supports you to continue down your path.】

On a night during year two, Cheng Mingze chose to take another path.

Xue Jiao also made a decision that would affect her entire life.

She also didn’t go another way, and she didn’t know if she was right.

But many years later, she was still happy, and she made her own legend.


Monday, parent-teacher conference.

“Jiao Jiao, is mother dressed well today?” Li Sitong pulled on a beautiful skirt.

Xue Jiao:”……looks good.”

Li Sitong smiled: “My daughter is so powerful, I can’t disgrace my daughter!”

Xue Jiao was wordless: “The grades aren’t even out yet! What if I’m not first”

“That doesn’t matter. Anyway, you are ranked in front. Mom is happy no matter what!” Li Sitong drew on her lipstick and followed Cheng Shuo to Qi Zhong.

On the other side.

Wu Wanjun lowered her voice and pulled on Gu Shiyun, saying, “Can your results surpass Gu Xuejiao this time? It’s unknown what happened to your father today. He must follow to attend the parent meeting. If you are worse than Gu Xuejiao……”

Wu Wanjun said nothing in the second half, but she and Gu Shiyun both understood.

Gu Shiyun bit her teeth tightly: “I compared the answers, the score is definitely higher than before!”

Wu Wanjun exhaled a breath and also followed along biting her teeth: “You must press down on Gu Xuejiao! I can’t have Li Sitong riding on my head!”

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  1. Oh my gosh I love Lin Zhihua’s response to Xue Jiao, so wise and supportive. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. While I know Gu Shiyun is not a good person, I have a hard time hating villians like her because when the parents are such scum, you know the child never had a chance.

    It’s little wonder that Shiyun’s personality is warped: her parents don’t care about what Shiyun does, they only care how to use her accomplishments as a tool to hurt others or promote themselves. Turning your child into an object is the worst form of child abuse. I hope that Shiyun can overcome this and learn that her worth can only come from herself, not trying to please her parents.

    • Yeah. She’s as much of a victim of her parents’ attitudes as the original Xue Jiao is. Man, there are a lot of mediocre and crappy parents here….

    • Ai, agreed. A child born from bastards and was raised to feel like she had to steal attention to get the finer things in life, constantly being aware of what her parents did yet being told to love them. Filial piety my arse, adults who failed life trying to use kids as some kind of poster should be hung naked.

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