WFILTU Chapter 208 – Ranking I

When Li Sitong and Xue Jiao arrived at the school, it was already not too early. The school gate was full of cars. They had to park their cars far away and walk towards the school.

After they separated from the Cheng Shuo-son pair, they went to the building for year two. Li Sitong said: “Your brother can be counted as settled. Don’t slack off. You can’t be successful unless you pass the college entrance examination!”

Xue Jiao nodded, she certainly won’t have a moment of slack.

The college entrance examination was her dream, she would never fail herself!

“By the way, since your brother got the first prize, he was recommended to Tsinghua University. You also won the first prize. Can you be recommended?” Li Sitong suddenly turned around. Although Xue Jiao’s performance was very good now, she was always worried that she would suddenly change again one day.

There was still more than a year to go before the college entrance examination. If she doesn’t have to walk the path of the college entrance examination in advance, she will not have so many worries.

“I am not sure.” Xue Jiao shook her head, “There is a quote for recommendations. I also don’t know if I can be recommended.”

“You are the first prize, and you are also ranked the first in your year. If there were recommendations, you must be given priority.” Li Sitong was anxious, her voice became worried, and her steps halted.

Xue Jiao was still very calm. In fact, she doesn’t really want to be recommended. She failed the college entrance examination in her last life. She would make up for all her regrets if she did it again.

On the battlefield, she must go back again.

“We’ll talk about it later, it’s too early to say this now.”

“All right then.”

Li Sitong nodded and stopped talking. They walked side by side toward the first class.


In front of the bulletin board.

“Shiyun, how did you do in the exam?” Gu Jingxu stood on his toes and looked at the red board.

They didn’t come early. There were many people standing in front of them. They were all blocking in front of the list and they couldn’t squeeze in at all.

Gu Shiyun was also worried, frowning and looking inside on her tiptoes. However, her sight was blocked and nothing can be seen.

“Come come come, let’s go in.” In a hurry, Wu Wanjun pulled Gu Shiyun to squeeze in.

She couldn’t wait to see Gu Xuejiao pressed undr Shiyun!

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze!”

“Aiyah, you stepped on me!”

“Can’t you just take a look later?”

“How could you be like this? Don’t you see others? “

“Don’t squeeze!”


Gu Jingxu frowned slightly and didn’t squeeze in.

He looked at Wu Wanjun pulling Gu Shiyun to squeeze inside, which made him a little embarrassed. Wu Wanjun was his childhood sweetheart that he grew up with. His family was poor when he was a child. Gu Jingxu devoted himself to climbing up.

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He worked very hard, got good grades, and grew well in appearance too. As soon as he got a firm foothold in the city, he was with Li Sitong.

At that time, Li Sitong was a typical girl who was spoiled growing up. It wasn’t that Gu Jingxu didn’t like her either. He’s just very evasive of those years when he ate soft food and depended on women.

He wanted to hold Li Sitong, but the other side couldn’t cook, couldn’t do housework, and he couldn’t say anything. Wu Wanjun was a completely different woman from Li Sitong. Instead of holding her, he will be held by her.

When Li Sitong was pregnant, the power of the Li family was in full swing. Gu Jingxu could only treat Li Sitong carefully. In Wu Wanjun’s place, he can find the dignity that a man should have. Wu Wanjun was willing to cook for him, do housework, wash his feet and wash his clothes.

As a result, he married his “true love” soon after his divorce from Li Sitong.

However, with the two people getting along day and night, many problems have been exposed.

For example, Li Sitong, a well-educated person, would not pull his daughter away, and push into the crowd of people with no care at all for appearance.

Even though Wu Wanjun was wearing expensive clothes, Gu Jingxu felt it was humiliating and rude.

Wu Wanjun didn’t know that Gu Jingxu was annoyed by her anxious action. Instead, she spared no effort to push Gu Shiyun forward.

But when they got close, they were stunned.

The name of Chu Sheng ranked first with a score of 736;

Name: Gu Xuejiao, score 736, rank 1;

Name: Gu Shiyun, score 723, rank 3;


It’s like a bolt of thunder from the blue.

On the midterm exam, Gu Shiyun really did pretty well. She had made great efforts this semester and has not missed any knowledge.

With a full score of 750, she got 723, equivalent to only 27 points being deducted!

But how could it be!

How could Gu Xuejiao and Chu Sheng test 736? !

How many points have they deducted in Chinese and English? Or was it tens of points?

Why? !

Gu Shiyun stared at her achievements as if she had been hit by thunder, angry and painful.

“Shiyun, didn’t you say you could do well? !” Wu Wanjun turned her head and glared at Gu Shiyun angrily.

Her eyes hated that the iron didn’t become steel, filled with disbelief and disappointment.

Gu Shiyun was like a balloon that had been pricked. In the next second, she became extremely frustrated.

“I already tried……this was the best result I could get……”

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  1. That kind of pressure will either make or (mostly) break the child 😒

  2. That’s pretty sad. Try your best and do very well, but have your mom still disappointed with you. Of course since they are both shitty people, it isn’t too sad.

    • Both daughters are victims here, really. But I think this story is also an indirect commentary about many Asian parents. And when I say many, I mean _practically the majority_.

      • Mhm, Asian kid here, my dad decided to go against the norm his dad set out for him and my mom’s pretty lax, but they do compare me to others and threaten me with a life of failure when I was younger in offhanded comments and angry yells. Did not help with my self-confidence growing up

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  4. Me: true learning scum of the med school class gleefully holding my 74 going PASSES I PASSSED ALL I NEEDED WAS TO PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  5. The real villains here are the parents lol. Even Li Sitong. Every time she compares current GXJ with the old one, she doesnt know shes comparing her dead daughter w a stranger. How funny.

    • Right? So disappointing. The only good parent here is Cheng Shuo. He treats his son and stepdaughter sincerely. He teaches them when they’re wrong. Sitong….She can’t even tell her daughter has been replaced. Their relationship died a long time ago.

      Even the Yi family, doesn’t really parent their kid except to nag/spoil, and pay off ppl.

  6. The irony of demanding a demure wife but acts like an ape himself who yells and throws things when he’s agitated.

  7. Oh this is so sad. Her result is so good! She’s consistently performed well for years! And yet! The only thing that matters to them both is beating down someone else. They’re both stupidly pitiful.

  8. I know she’s a villain but she busted her butt to get that score and it shows I just want to hug her and tell her she did awesome! From not in the ballpark to 10 points behind? She’s a fighter!

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