WFILTU Chapter 209 – Ranking II

Wu Wanjun was angry and annoyed, and poked her head with her hand: “Forget it forget it, even if you can’t be compared with others, it’s nothing, but how can you be crushed by Gu Xuejiao?”

She wanted to question and scold Gu Shiyun very much, but when she looked at her daughter sillily looking at her report card, it seemed that she was about to cry, so she couldn’t speak.

“Forget it, Gu Shiyun, it seems that you still haven’t worked hard enough. Next time, you need to work harder! Be sure to pass Gu Xuejiao on the exam. She was so much worse than you before, but she could become number one, so you could too! “

Gu Shiyun looked at Gu Xuejiao’s name and nodded heavily.

At this time, Gu Shiyun only thought that Gu Xuejiao was her roadblock and a small obstacle she would surpass at the next stop.

She was a pebble that she could kick.

But the current her doesn’t know that Gu Xuejiao will become a big mountain in her life.

If she doesn’t make a detour, Gu Xuejiao will be a mountain she can’t climb all her life.

After reading the results, they went out in silence. When they came back besides Gu Jingxu, they found that his face was very ugly.

Gu Shiyun’s breath stagnated.

Wu Wanjun was also slightly shocked and stopped. Does he know the achievements of Shiyun?

She pulled out a slight smile and laughingly said: “Jing Xu, although Shiyun is ranked in the third place, her score is steadily rising, 723. If she could keep this momentum, she could apply to any university after the college entrance examination!”

Hearing Gu Shiyun’s achievements, Gu Jingxu’s expression looked better.

“Jiayou Shiyun, keep it going. Don’t be arrogant when you win, but don’t be discouraged when you lose!”

“All right, Dad.” Gu Shiyun was relieved, nodded and nestled next to him.

Gu Jingxu’s blackened face lightened. He couldn’t get angry with his little cotton padded jacket.

“How did Xue Jiao test? What’s her score? “

As soon as his question fell to the ground, the expressions on Wu Wanjun’s and Gu Shiyun’s faces froze, unable to speak for a moment.

Gu Jingxu had no time to doubt. Suddenly, he saw Li Sitong and Gu Xuejiao getting closer and closer.

There were too many people, the two people’s eyes were on the bulletin board, and they did not notice Gu Jingxu and the others who were a little further.

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“Jiao Jiao, how can you see your score with so many people?”

“Let’s wait for the people to disperse, or you could come back to the classroom with me first, and Teacher Yin will send it later.” Xue Jiao said calmly.

Li Sitong looked at the parents who were crowded together. No matter what age and what kind of development, as long as the college entrance examination was here for one more day, the parents’ attention to the students’ performance will not be reduced.

Gu Jingxu looked at Li Sitong stupidly. Today, Li Sitong dresses up carefully. Her appearance doesn’t seem to have changed from when they divorced, but he suddenly felt that——Li Sitong was really good-looking.

Xue Jiao and Li Sitong looked like each other. With a very delicate face, Li Sitong would naturally not be ugly either, and can be regarded as a great beauty.

This was Li Sitong. She never pushed into the crowd rudely. Gu Jingxu thought she was pure and lofty before, but now he doesn’t know why……he thought it was education.

Wu Wanjun’s teeth were about to be broken. Gu Jingxu was looking straight at Li Sitong!

What does he mean by this ? !

Women who depend on men have no family status. Even if Wu Wanjun was mad, she just tore out a smile and pulled on Gu Jingxu’s clothes.

“Jingxu, are we going to Shiyun’s classroom?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes followed Li Sitong, still in a trance.

Li Sitong did not listen to Xue Jiao. Instead, she went to a student who had just come out and asked with a smile, “Hello, classmate. May I ask who is ranked first?”

It was a coincidence that the boy was someone that Gu Xuejiao recognizes——Chu Sheng.

Chu Sheng pushed his glasses and his mother was standing beside him. She was also an intellectual with an outstanding temperament.

“Are you 1 *polite you Gu Xuejiao’s mother?” He asked softly.

Li Sitong was slightly surprised, “Are you and Xue Jiao classmates?”

“I’m Chu Sheng from the class next door. Gu Xuejiao and I were tied for first place, 736 points.”

Chu Sheng calmly finished speaking. The woman beside him and Li Sitong stare with wide eyes at the same time.

Chu Sheng looked at Xue Jiao and pushed on his glasses: “Gu Xuejiao, although I still haven’t surpassed you, but I finally caught up. I will work harder on the exam next month.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She pulled out a smile: “Alright, Student Chu Sheng, next month I will also work harder, and strive to not be surpassed by you.”

There was a very strong student behind her pressuring to catch up to her creating an invincible pressure……

Xue Jiao was sure that she would have been left behind by Chu Sheng if she hadn’t learned it once in her last life and saved a lot of time!

“Hello, Gu Xuejiao’s mother, I’m the mother of Chu Sheng.” The woman with the outstanding temperament on the side suddenly spoke and shook hands with Li Sitong with a smile.

Li Sitong also quickly grasped it back, and did a self introduction.

Her head was not very smart, but her manners were very good.

“In order to catch up with your daughter and get the first place every day, my son studies as if he had no life. How could he have such strength before? My father and I are worried to death! ” Chu Sheng’s mother looks sad.

Li Sitong also agreed: “Xue Jiao too. She only studies all day, never taking a pause. Even on New Years, she brought a word book to our relatives! Hard work is a good thing, but sometimes, when she works too hard, I am more worried instead. Would she become a book nerd?”

Chu Sheng’s mother became even more worried. She looked at Chu Sheng with a worried face and said, “Your child is still fine. I think she’s very generous, unlike my son. I can barely even hear him speak!”

“Ai.” Li Sitong sighed, holding hands with Chu Sheng’s mother to comfort each other.

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  1. This king of worry from mothers sounds like boasting in an indirect way…from my experience…

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  3. I can’t tell if they’re both sincere or not. But if they are I hope they can become friends!!


  4. When one mom bumps into another mom and measure their kids, notices it is a good balance and can continue being friends with out worries of inferiority. Both smart, both socially lost, lets drink our wine to toast our successes and cry about how long till we meet our future grandchildren

  5. These comments are so hilarious! Usually average kids’ parents worry about them being too unruly and being at the bottom of their grades, while genius kids’ parents worry about whether they can meet a friend of their kid, let alone an in-law. By the end of the day, they’ll be lamenting how they should have stuffed video games or even p*rn into their kids’ hands to incite some interest in marriage.

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