SOOEW Chapter 161- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs I

There was a gap between the curtains in the hotel room, and the sunshine passed through, reflecting the buoyancy in the air.

Wen Ying just opened her eyes, the whole person felt dizzy and dull. She conditionally stretched her body, and before she even emerged from her consciousness, she heard her phone rang on the pillow. She began to digest background information in her mind and answered the phone: “Wei?”

“Sister, where are you? I looked for you all last night. You wouldn’t answer your phone call, making me anxious to death! ” The crisp and bright voice of a girl came out from the other end.

Wen Ying just opened her mouth, when suddenly, a strong arm stretched out from the quilt, lying on the quilt that covered her. While holding her, he robbed the phone next to her ear.

The man’s hoarse voice was ambiguous, “It’s early morning, what is all the fuss……”

“Sis——” the person on the other end of the phone screamed immediately. “How can you have a man’s voice over there! When was all this! “

The screams awoke the brain. The effect was immediate, and the man suddenly opened his eyes, and met Wen Ying’s line of sight.

“F***!” His expression collapsed.

Wen Ying ignored the other man’s behaviour of changing his face and not recognizing people. She let him climb up, wearing his own pants, and she took the opportunity to clear the information of the task.

Before she came, 21 told her that the task of the world was a special task, and there was no fallen envoy, but it would be more troublesome.

Because this was a world where the other god envoy failed to do their task. In short, she came to help the other clean up the mess.

This world was also set in the entertainment world. Unlike the previous world, she played the role of a broker. Just recently, the former envoy, who was forced to give up a red male star because of the decision made by the top of the company, was “exiled” to the head office’s entertainer agency. Under her anger, she immediately submitted her resignation letter.

In terms of the ability of the other, it was not too bad. In eight years, she held up Yang Sen, the male star, to the position of the movie emperor and won the very convincing Golden Horn award.

Unfortunately, she paid too much attention to her career, ignored the task, and in the process fell in love with Yang Sen. Her love was different from what Wen Ying shows when she focuses on her acting. Wen Ying loves the other with the character she was acting as but she liked the task goal of the world with her original feelings, which led to the stagnation of the other’s task lines.

If she was to concentrate on one, at most, she would have less power of faith, but she would not be punished.

But she ignored the presence of other roles, and she had Yang Sen robbed by hostile agents. Yang Sen himself has no special resistance to this, and even thought that her management was too strict, so he felt tired, and placed forward the argument that “it was better to try others for a while first.” She was recalled only after her emotional collapse.

Then Wen Ying was kicked over.

As for the man in bed now……

Wen Ying turned her head over. This was quite an attractive man, handsome five features, clear skin, perfect body proportion. At present, he was naked, bowing his head to buckle his belt, and notice the sight of Wen Ying. He slightly turned over his head, and his thin lip was full of wanton evil spirit. “Did you not touch enough?” The hormones that were all over made her blush and her heart beat.

What a loss of business!

She hasn’t even touched it yet. How could she have felt enough?

She yawned, and she felt him with her hand, and under the surprise of the other, “That’s right, I haven’t felt enough.” 1 *LMAO SAME She didn’t even care about him, and went to the ground to pick up her clothes.

The memory of this role has emerged. Jiang Ke, one of the subjects of the task, and Yang Sen were good friends, but the company where the two were located was a competitive company. Yang Sen was in Star Entertainment. He was in the Huandi Film Industry, unlike Yang Sen. He was earlier than Yang Sen, but has only been active in the small screen, and his challenge in the big screen challenge was only failure.

Wen Ying said in her heart, such an appearance and manner, no wonder fans were more like screaming little girls.

When he heard that Wen Ying was so generous, his expression became tangled. “Last night’s thing……”

“Onenightstand, I understand.”

It was really a “pure” 419. Both people were frustrated so they drank too much at the bar. They normally have met, and both did not like the other. They quarreled together and got confused and got together.

He doesn’t know why, but the woman was so straightforward, letting Jiang Ke feel abnormally……unhappy.

But since she understood, according to their acquaintance, there was nothing to say. After each person has finished cleaning up and wearing their clothes, they split up into two paths.

Just as Wen Ying walked out of the hotel, the flash “clicked” and burst into a frenzy, blocking her at the door.

“The breaking news of Gold broker Wen Ying’s scandal. Wen Ying sleeps with eight men, and each is fresher than the other!”

“The entertainment circle philatelic(stamp collection) Queen’s brilliant target list: Yang Sen, Jiang Ke, Xu Hejun…… take a look, have a feel, was your husband slept with today? “

“Wen Ying blew up overnight, her popularity was directly forced to be small red flowers!”

As the media scrambled to expose, the Internet cried nonstop. All the fans of the fresh meat were choking each other hard. Suddenly, they gathered together to resist the poisonous tea of Wen Ying towards their Idol!

However, many people scolded her as a “moral corruption”, and many people made different voices of ridicule and envy.

“Now you know the best way to get close to the male god?”

“Mom, I want to be a broker too, and I want to sleep with the male god!”

In the office, the assistant Yun Ou threw the newspaper in front of Wen Ying, and really wanted to shake the woman up with great effort. “Sister, things have become so big, can you hurry and think of a way!”

“It’s true, all that was spoken was the truth.” Wen Ying glanced at the big words in the newspaper, and also paid attention to the matching pictures of her hotel.

This body was similar to a model’s figure. In short, it was a thin and flat chest. The typical hanger and wrinkled clothes that were all put on the body, were all supported by the seven points of temperament. The button of the shirt was meticulous, showing the smell of abstinence, and the cool and indifferent eyes, which was totally cold and frigid.

Who could think that such a character setting, will collapse into that in private.

It was also a headache for Wen Ying. The former God envoy, while enjoying Yang Sen, forced herself to fulfill her duties and then borrowed the agent status to dive——which is the reason why she dared not speak to Yang Sen.

Damn your duties!

She had thought about how to deal with the mine, but she didn’t expect to wait for her to start, but it exploded that day.

Fortunately, she was not caught with Jiang Ke in the same frame that day. The Internet explosion was that she and some of the new people with a little fame were ambiguous. But recently, all the male stars who had a meeting with her have been on her list of cheetarians, and even Jiang Ke could not escape.

Yun Ou of course knows what virtue she is, and the fire suddenly fell by half, but she couldn’t help pouting. “Even if it is true, it can’t be said like this. It must have been done by Liu Yi! She had long been upset just seeing you. She robbed Yang Sen last time. She blew your black material this time. It is unknown what she will do next time. “

Star Entertainment originally had a retention meaning for Wen Ying. After this matter, the back road immediately broke.

After a thoughtful consideration, Wen Ying said to her, “You can help me contact the people around Huaidi and see their attitude.”

“Yi, Huaidi?”

When her sister was working at Xing Chen, in order to rob resources for Yang Sen, she offended all the people around Huaidi. Suddenly, she wanted to change her owner, could the other party accept her with an open mind?

But Wen Ying has her own consideration, “Only it can fight with Stars and……”

There are at least two task objects there.

On the other hand, the Liu Yi in Yun Ou’s mouth once was Wen Ying’s opponent in the company, and also passed the information to Yang Sen.

“I didn’t expect to hear that Wen Ying would do such things in private……being colleagues for a while, since she has difficulties, I still hope to help her. The top level of the company is not very satisfied with her now, but I have a way to talk about them. Would you like to talk to her? “

Liu Yi sent the message and it took a while before she received a reply from Yang Sen.

There were only two words in the short form, “No need.”

She bent her lips and smiled, but continued typing: “She quit the job so impulsively. It might be because you were assigned to me, so she wants to be spiteful. If I go over and say it, she may be more angry. The feelings between you guys are not ordinary. How about you advise her, and she may listen. “

This time, she waited for a long time and didn’t receive a message all the way until the phone rang, and the man’s voice was low and indisputable: “Don’t worry, you can take care of my work.”

“Ok, I’ll listen to you.” Liu Yi’s voice was light and tender. “I chose a commercial film for you. The script has been sent to your mailbox. Take a look to see if you like it?”

She was relaxed, not anxious, unlike Wen Ying who was a clockwork, every moment fixed on the person, not allowing others to relax.

Yang Sen nerves that had been strained by work for a long time, relaxed and his tone eased a lot. “Ok, wait until I see.”

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