SOOEW Chapter 162- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs II

Huaidi film industry was very hesitant to hear the olive branch thrown by Wen Ying. Although there are many people who eat melons on the Internet to watch the excitement and hidden rules that were exposed to the Internet, this still affected her reputation in this line.

They lowered their volume once they changed digging corners. This time, they were extremely proud. They killed Yun Ou that represented Wen Ying during negotiations, and then they pasted the other party’s small man to throw darts on, at the wall.

Hearing Wen Ying ask about it, she reluctantly reiterated the dialogue: “From the start, they were provocative, saying that sister, you have no other artists on hand except Yang Sen. These words that are said, isn’t it because Yang Sen’s light is too bright, and on the star road, blinding others? Can they expect a second? They don’t understand in the end. No one can copy another’s success at will!”

Wen Ying smiled. She held a cup of boiled water and drank a mouthful saying: “The appropriate devaluation is to talk about price, you should not listen to their negotiation of words.”

Besides, the other party actually said something with three points of truth. The former focused on using the best resources to hold Yang Sen. The treatment of others would be worse. It can be said that she and Yang Sen were mutually successful, without Yang Sen there was no gold medal agent, and without her, there would be no movie emperor named Yang Sen.

“I am just angry. They used to kneel in front of you singing subjugation, none able to fight! Now, they are depending on when you fall. Seeing it makes my heart feel annoyed. ” Yun Ou complained a few words, finally thought of the business,and took out the information from her bag, ready to tell the results of the negotiation to Wen Ying.

She looked at the child’s temper privately, but the ability to do things was very strong, and has been very trusted by Wen Ying.

At first, Huaidi film industry proposed a B-level broker treatment, namely, the company’s guaranteed salary, and the star commission was divided into two parts: after handing over the company, it was distributed according to the situation. The seemingly reasonable proposal, in fact, is a low figure called “a certain proportion”, which is no different from the regular white-collar workers with fixed monthly income. It was nakedly bullying people to enjoy the B-level treatment with the qualification of Wen Ying.

“Class A treatment is certain. The commission of the actor is directly drawn. It is determined according to the signing contract of the actor. I have settled all these. But on the actors’ front, they gave us a difficult problem, saying they wanted to see the skills of sister……”


Yun Ou spread the information page to show her, “Ning Xiao, debuted as a child star, and has cooperated with many famous actors. Because of his rich feelings, he is good at crying and is very popular with the audience, and is an actor in many people’s memories. The most rare thing is that he grew up cute and meng when he was a child, and grew up with full marks. He was within the few child stars who didn’t have any crooked appearance, and was favored by the media. “

If everything has reached full marks, she would not be able to take over, Wen Ying knew the bellies of their hearts.

Huaidi took a step back on treatment. They would not give this gracefully under the front of so many actors.

“What about your proviso?” She asked.

“But under the guarantee of appearance, resources and audience, he still has not become famous. One of the main reasons is that his temper is very offending……”

Inside the reception room of the second floor for Huaidi Film Industry, under the introduction of the original agent, Wen Ying and Ning Xiao held a greeting.

The former agent smiled while greeting them. It was unknown if he was in a good mood from throwing the hot potato out of his hand. He first introduced the glorious resume of Wen Ying to Ning Xiao, then said to Wen Ying: “Our Xiao Xiao is good everywhere. I am also reluctant to let him change hands, but I have too many artists on hand, so there is just no way for me to take care of it all. I’ve also heard of your 1 *formal you big name. I am relieved to give him to you. “

Yun Ou, who was following Wen Ying almost rolled her eyes until the sky was exposed. She only saw that Wen Ying and Ning Xiao hold a small greeting.

Ning Xiao’s five features were very beautiful, like a beautiful young man from the comic books. When laughing, he exposed his sharp teeth shaped like that of a tiger. Without speaking more, a person can be confused by his face.

He didn’t look like he had a bad temper. His eyes were flashing brightly, and it seemed like he spoke curiously to Wen Ying: “Please take care of me in the future.”

He was pretty lovely. Yun Ou was suspicious. Was the news wrong? But there is no reason for that as there was no way that Huaidi had such a benevolent heart.

“The feeling is mutual.”

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