SOOEW Chapter 163- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs III

When he heard Wen Ying saying polite words, he said more seriously: “I don’t know many people now. You are different, and the audience all over the country are your fans. On Weibo, you were ranked first on the hot search……you are still ranked first, right?” He turned back to ask his original agent, and the other side laughed stiffly.

What is an explosion in one night, what is called the ranked first hot search, why was Wen Ying being pointed at by everyone, was there anyone at the scene who didn’t know?

The face of Yun Ou changed in a flash.

Ning Xiao saw the appearance, the smile at the corner of his mouth expanded, raising into a beautiful and provocative arc, “Did I say something wrong? I have stupid mouth. If I have offended sister in any place, you must not treat me too terribly. “

“I won’t’.” Only the face of Wen Ying at the scene has not changed.

“That’s good.” He got an inch and took a foot, and said with a bad smile, “I heard that the people under sister’s hand would all sleep with you. I don’t know what good there would be if I sleep with you?”

The straightforward words let the scene turn silent in a second, the original agent uneasily and embarrassedly looked at Wen Ying, but Yun Ou could see that the other party did not stop him.

Yun Ou was angry in her heart, but she put out a full posture on her face, and glanced at Ning Xiao. “Now, I know why you are not popular.”

Ning Xiao’s face “Shua” and changed in a moment.

“Xiao Ou.” Wen Ying stopped her words that were even more stinging, not as Ning Xiao would like to scold her.

She walked towards Ning Xiao, raising her hand, which let his pupils subconsciously shrink, falling on his phone that he had just taken out. She looked at the original agent and smiled: “He can’t control you. He has no ability. I won’t talk as nicely with you as he would.”

Seeing his disdain, she said slowly, As for you, it’s better to be a bit more disciplined, which would be good for all, isn’t it?”

“Is a ghost!” Just after a returning a word, his cell phone was suddenly snatched, “Wei, you——”

“What is your password for your Weibo account?”

“Che, who would tell you?”

“Logging in automatically. Good habit.” She praised him, and in his “seeing a ghost” expression, she raised her hand and took a selfie of the two.

Seeing her uploading to the microblog, Ning Xiao suddenly covered the screen with his hand. “Are you crazy? !” Wasn’t she going to be his agent? Under her negative news, sending their two photos, was she disliking that he was too popular? !

“Don’t you want to know what’s good about sleeping with me?” Wen Ying indifferently said, “The good thing is that the audience in China will become your fans,”

Ning Xiao: “……”

Although he was shocked at the first meeting, Ning Xiao was the type to create a mess everyday. As soon as they weren’t watching, he would make scenes on the set.

This was the first book Wen Ying took for him after taking over. It involved the plot of an ancient costume romance drama. He played the role of male three in it. Although it was male three, Wen Ying has seen the book and thought that the character setting is really suitable for him, so she agreed.

According to the principle, as a child star, Ning Xiao should have higher popularity and more resources. He did have such an advantage at the beginning. After his graduation from the film and Television Academy, Ning Xiao has been widely followed, with a high-quality appearance, followed by leading as male one in an idol drama. However, unexpectedly, the audience of the play was very poor, and it was almost cut off. The bad beginning undoubtedly brought the public’s expectation of child stars to the lowest point.

Then, his role did not stir up any waves, not to say that there were tides of bad comments, but he was also no longer receiving praises like when he was a child star.

Gradually, from male number one to male number two, to male number three, his situation was in decline.

Before Wen Ying made the decision to accept the request of Huaidi, she also had a struggle in her heart. In the development according to the original trajectory of this word, Ning Xiao ended up falling into the state where no one knew about him, and was labeled as “the failure of the child star into a celebrity”, indifferent to the eyes of the common people.

So to take over was to remove her shortcut, and to depend on her own abilities to control the scene. Once she fails, she will be marked with “failure” completely, which is equivalent to telling others that Yang Sen can develop to the present stage not because of her help, but because he was originally good enough.

The task was arduous, but it was very interesting to Wen Ying.

At least Ning Xiao’s light on the light source map does not lose others, indicating that he has unlimited potential, and is worthy of her struggle.

Before Wen Ying rushed to deal with his affairs, she heard many colleagues in the company saying sarcastic remarks, as if waiting to see a good show.

Ning Xiao was shooting in the studio this time and when she went there to see it, but because of the frequent obstruction for the shoot, it wasted a lot of time and lens, and the overall atmosphere of the crew has become tense. Ning Xiao stood in the middle, a young man with good looks in ancient clothes, but his face was impatient, as if the person who had caused the incident was not him.

Seeing Wen Ying, the staff first turned to meet each other’s gazes——obviously they had heard her rumors——only then they did address Ning Xiao and made him turn back.

“What are you doing here?” He impatiently said to her, “This time, this is not my problem. You shouldn’t think about wanting to rely on me.” Because of his beautiful face, even if he was angry, it was pleasing to the eyes.

Wen Ying first greeted the director sitting in front of the monitor. The director saw that the film couldn’t be taken anymore. He said to the actress, “You adjust your mood first and then shoot later.” Then he ignored the person and walked away.

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