SOOEW Chapter 164- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs IV

Under this command, the crew members who were to take a break, took a break, and those who were busy, busied about. The scene was noisy, as if there were no way to turn their sight over.

Wen Ying only stepped on her heels now and arrived over in two three steps, “You better not tell me, that it’s because you think that the male three does not match your identity, so you came here to create moths. If you are still conscious, you would realize that it is not the time for you to dominate the film. Unless you can grow up against the background or recreate your childhood, you will play the script I chose.”

She has seen his previous plays, and she doesn’t know whether the company or the agent was letting him fool around. The script was either an overbearing male setting or a blackened male setting, and there was none that was suitable for him, so it made his popularity fall to this point.

Her voice was cold, and the spines in her words were numerous, which made Ning Xiao stop at once.

Wen Ying took a glance at him and immediately understood, “It seems that I guessed it right. You just want to get rid of this role with this chance. Tell me, what is the inside story?”

“What?” Her rhythm was changeable, he couldn’t keep up with her, and didn’t understand her for a while.

“It’s not wrong that your temper is bad, but you would not lose your temper for no reason, so what’s the reason?”

“Hng.” His expression suddenly became awkward. Although he suspected that it was the other party’s means, he still didn’t expect that she could say such a thing. “It’s the woman who played with me. The next one is our kiss scene. She said it was her first kiss. She didn’t want to hand it over like this. Really……at the beginning, there was a kiss scene in the script. If she has the ability, then don’t grab the script, She didn’t pick up the story. On what basis is she acting unreasonable once it hits this scene?

“Ok, I know.” 1 *ok is originally in English

Wen Ying heard the story clearly, and went to find the actress who was playing with him. She really looked like a young girl who just graduated from university, full of collagen, and was young and beautiful, but now she was crying with her eyes reddened, and the assistant was comforting her.

“You are Qiao Ke?”

“En.” She nodded, hesitantly looking at Wen Ying who suddenly came. “You are?”

“I’m Ning Xiao’s agent, Wen Ying. Hello.”

“Hello.” She lowered her head a little embarrassed. “Sorry, it’s all my reason, delaying his time, but I……”

“You don’t want to give him your first kiss, right?”

She was reddish in her face, “After all, it’s my first time……”

“Alright, I understand.”

Qiao Ke just wanted to ask what the other party understood, and suddenly was lifted up by her chin. Then, the woman’s elegant perfume was close to her, and some soft thing fell upon her lips.

“Hong”, her face blushed bright red, stuttering without appearance. “You you you you you you you……”

Even when Wen Ying left, she still had not recovered from “being kissed by a woman.”

Including Ning Xiao, the film field was as motionless as a wooden chicken.

“This way you won’t give your first kiss to him.” Wen Ying finished speaking and rose straight up, saw that the girl’s expression seemed to be like seeing a mountain break, thought again, “Or you can think of it as that I had placed a layer of fresh-keeping film for you. When he kisses you, it doesn’t count, so you can leave the first kiss to the person you like.”

“Thank, thank you?”

Qiao Ke subconsciously reacted, saying, “Wu” and then covered her face.

Mama, what did she say just now! !

The director returned to find that the atmosphere was a little strange, but the actors and actresses seemed to have adjusted their status. So he waved his hand and started shooting.

Ning Xiao also did not know what happened, but before kissing Qiao He, he couldn’t help thinking of the scene just now.

The long fingers of a woman raised the chin of the girl, and her lips were bright and colourful, which contrasted with her excessively white skin. Then she dropped a kiss casually, as if only to complete a casual response.

Who would solve the problem in this way? !

Thinking of this kiss, it was equal to kissing that woman indirectly, Ning Xiao was angered till his cheeks reddened.

This f*cking freak was absolutely abnormal!!

In the monitor, the young man’s cheeks were red and gave a full play to the feeling that the young man was about to kiss his lover.

“Good” 2 *English in original text

The director took the lead in shooting.

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