SOOEW Chapter 165- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs V

After shooting, Ning Xiao made a rare detour to the monitor to see his performance. The director praised him, but he was sulky. As soon as he came out, he complained to Wen Ying, “Isn’t the color of this outfit too dark? It looks very old on the screen.”

Although his temper was still not very good, he could still find Wen Ying to complain. Obviously, he was deterred by Wen Ying’s methods and accepted her identity.

Wen Ying was currently managing him only. Of course, she has plenty of time. After she solved the problem of the kiss scene, she waited for him outside the circle of photography. She saw him open his mouth with a lot of negative emotions. She knew that he was spoiled by the media since he was a child. She looked at him up and down, and said with a smile, “Who made our Xiao Xiao have a face that was too tender? If you don’t dress a little older, what if people think it’s a minor falling in love?”

Ning Xiao paused for three seconds before reacting, rolling a beautiful white eye. He just knew that he couldn’t hear good words from her mouth. He went on reluctantly: “……What’s more, the camera shot was not good. Several shots were shot from my side all the way to Qiao Ke’s, and they were all her frontal face. No way, I’m going to talk to the camera crew……”

“Don’t look down on Qiao Ke. You know she doesn’t have as many audiences as you, but the other had a brilliant supporting role that was well received before.” Wen Ying didn’t move either. She stood up and looked at him with her arms together. “Don’t pester the photographer for one or two small things. Men need to be generous.”

He stopped reluctantly.

Wen Ying had caught his tendons for a long time already. Ning Xiao was a proud man. He wanted to get rid of the child star hat that the media has always put on his head, and then he would take on some plays that were contrary to his human settings to show that he was a responsible man. So once she throws out this topic, he could only bow down even if he doesn’t want to.

After hitting with a stick, she naturally gave a sweet date. Her tone eased down: “Don’t worry, these are the work of the agent. You can act at ease, and I will solve the rest……” She said only half, when she suddenly saw the person in front and became distracted. Suddenly seeing the person in front of him looking forward in distraction, he turned his head in doubt.

It turned out to be Yang Sen.

His body was standard. His upper body is in the shape of an inverted triangle. His long legs are full of tension and his arms were also strong. At the moment, he was wearing his own clothes, masks and glasses, which covered him tightly, but Wen Ying recognized him at first glance.

“Film Emperor Yang?”

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Ning Xiao also seemed to have great curiosity, between his eyebrows and eyes there was a bit of eagerness to try.

Upon hearing this, Wen Ying asked, “Do you like him?”

“It’s not too bad. I’ve seen all his films, and his characterization is very good. How to say, every character of his performs very well, as if he stripped his own personality and devoted himself to the characters. His work is admirable. “

When he looks like this, he was a person who loved performing very much. He couldn’t help but make Wen Ying laugh. “Then, do you want his signature?”

“Of course it’s good to be able to have it——” he came out of his serious state, blinked his eyes and showed a bit of mischief. “I can make a lot of money bringing it out for movie fans.”

Wen Ying smilingly shook her head.

Liu Yi followed behind Yang Sen, and the other side was very surprised to see her.

“I didn’t expect to meet Sister Ying here. It’s a coincidence that Ah Sen is filming next door, so I’m here with him. Sister Ying also came with someone, right.” Liu Yi said with a smile, “I heard that you went to Huandi. Is this the new person you are managing?”

“Not bad.” Wen Ying’s tone was always concise.

Ning Xiao only clapped his head and remembered now. His current agent was Movie Emperor Yang’s predecessor! Yi, wait a minute. What a strange statement predecessor made……

Liu Yi’s eyes turned around to Ning Xiao and sighed: “It’s a pity, isn’t it because the high-level leaders transferred Ah Sen to my name? In fact, it’s a strategic consideration. If you stay in Xing Chen all the time, you may have a chance to work together again. ” Her tone sounded like a handout.

Ning Xiao just felt that her entire body felt unwell.

Seeing that Wen Ying was smiling and not talking, she said, “Sister Ying is from the Stars after all. If Huaidi bullies you, just tell me.”

“Then I’ll thank you first.”

“Why are you so polite?” Liu Yi smiled more deeply, “I also want to thank you, Ah Sen could only win the Film Emperor’s award thanks to your help. Speaking of, it’s pretty embarrassing, I did not do anything but became the film emperor’s agent. When I go out, others see me and will expose two points of respect. This is all Sister Ying’s credit.”

Wen Ying doesn’t quarrel with her because she knows that the other party has the upper hand now. No matter what she says, it’s just a clown jumping about.

However, she received it cheaply yet still sold obedience which made others a little uncomfortable.

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