WFILTU Chapter 214 – Truth III

Finally, it concluded——this is Gu Xuejiao, the goddess of today. She likes her stepbrother. She used to enjoy nightclubs and one night stands. Hahaha, it’s definitely the same person, not just a rumor.

The following comments were also very lively——

“How could it be?”

“It’s true. She used to be like this.”

“How do you know so much, floor leader?”

“No way! That’s not like the goddess. Where did the fool come from?”

“Who doesn’t know that Gu Xuejiao only likes to study? Who are you wronging?”

“My God, she used to be like this?”

“It’s true. She used to be like this, but when it comes to opening a room……I am unsure. “


At lunch time, the person who stealthily took the phone would stir fry the heat to the highest. You tell me, I tell him, one pass ten, ten pass hundred. Soon, the whole grade and even most of the school knew it.

The Kaolin flower used to have a one night stand in nightclubs and loves her own stepbrother……what a shocking topic!

“Brother Yu, are you heading back to class?” A sweating player asked, holding his knee.

Yi Tianyu threw a three-point ball far away, and then said: “Let’s go, we will practice again tonight. The vacation is the final, everyone cheer up for me!”

“Alright——” he said.

After the players finished shouting, they went to the stool nearby and drank the water.

Next to the chair sat a young girl, who was the girlfriend of a member of their team. At this time, she was holding a phone and brushing through it speedily.

When the girl saw them coming, she immediately stood up with a smile and went to her boyfriend.

“Wei, you used to say that you regarded Gu Xuejiao as a goddess. Come on, let’s see what kind of virtue Gu Xuejiao has! Ha ha ha!”

The hand Yi Tianyu used to drink water paused. He walked over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Gu Xuejiao’s news, the school forum is quite lively now. If some students didn’t hand in their mobile phones, I’m afraid they would have blown up! Ha ha ha, it turns out that Gu Xuejiao used to look like this, and she’s so good at pretending……” The girl looked disgusted.

Yi Tianyu reached out his hand, took the phone over and read it quickly.

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Then his face turned black into ink.

“Really, I always felt that Gu Xuejiao was a peaceful person, isn’t she……”

Before she finished, a force pushed her away and she fell to the ground.

“What are you doing?” The woman burst into a rage. After roaring, she found that it was Yi Tianyu who pushed her, and that the other party seemed even more angry than her.

“It’s disgusting that you are such a schadenfreude woman. Gu Xuejiao is 100 times better than you. I don’t beat women, but you’re making me sick now! ” Yi Tianyu finished and waved his fist

to the boyfriend who helped the woman up.

“Ah——how can you be like this?” The women screeched.

Yi Tianyu waved his fist again, shook his hair and said coldly, “I’m just such a unreasonable person. If you talk again, I’ll continue to fight.”

With that, he turned away indifferently.

His fists were so tight that no one dared to stop him or even dared to say anything.


It started gradually spreading throughout the other classes too, first was the ordinary class——

“Are you serious?”

“No way!”

“It’s true, there’s a picture, it’s the truth!”

“My God, why don’t I believe it?”

“Gu Xuejiao sure is too good at pretending? Flower of Kaolin?”

“I saw the picture, too. Holy f***! I couldn’t believe it!”

“I still don’t think it’s possible.”


Among them, one of the boys didn’t speak. After hearing the rumors, he frowned,

Very quickly, he entered a bathroom, secretly took out a phone, and typed a few words with a link.

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