WFILTU Chapter 215 – Truth IV

The two experimental classes of year two also knew it earlier. Some of the students in class two were not pleased with Gu Xuejiao, so they immediately gloated.

The first class, due to the fact that Xue Jiao was in their class, there were always people looking for their confirmation.

Xue Jiao was sitting in her seat. Even if no one said anything to her directly, but from

time to time the sight that comes over makes people feel uncomfortable.

She frowned slightly.

This is……what’s up?

“Wei, nerd……”

“En?” Xue Jiao looked at Yi Tianyu suspiciously.

Her eyes were very clean, and half of the exercises on the book on the desk have been written. She was preparing.

Yi Tianyu knows how hardworking she is. This type of stubborn girl whose mind is only on studying, running to nightclubs? One night stand?

Oh, even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t believe it.

“It’s nothing. Read a book.” Yi Tianyu smiled gently.

“Oh……” Xue Jiao turned around and thought that everyone was not normal today.

Class two at this time.

“She is absolutely such a person!”

“It’s impossible. How could Gu Xuejiao do such a thing like that?”

“It’s almost the end of the term, and you guys shouldn’t just look at these things that popped out of midair.”

“How could  it be made out of nothing? There’s a problem with her personal quality. “

“That’s right, they are boys. Maybe they like this type of woman! Hmph!”

“She’s wronged ah. If it’s true, I’m disgusted to see her!”


“Enough!” Chu Sheng suddenly stood up and slammed the book on the table.

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The others were stunned and looked at him incredulously.

Xueba Chu Sheng never liked to talk. He never said a word out loud. He only knew how to study.

Now, this is……

Chu Sheng’s hand trembled and he continued to raise his voice and said, “Have you finished your homework? Or have you reviewed for the final exam? If you have time to discuss these, it’s better to study. You want to discuss them, but I don’t want to hear them. “

Then he sat down and continued to brush questions.

The others were stunned, blinked and looked at each other, then you pushed me and I pushed you, and they all dispersed.

After waiting for the others to disperse, Chu Sheng’s hand that was holding the pen stopped for a moment. His handwriting was in a mess, and his mind was floating.

In the afternoon, Yi Tianyu found someone from the school management forum.

“Delete the post, you people don’t do anything! How dare you put such a rumor on the forum? ” His voice was angry.

The management of the forum was only a part-time manager of the forum, and was usually mainly responsible for school education.

Wen Yan, a young teacher frowned: “We also don’t know, everyone was having lunch at noon. When we come back after lunch, this post has become hot. We immediately wanted to delete it, but we don’t know why, the post suddenly disappeared. After a while, it came out again, and then it couldn’t be deleted.”

This teacher also had a sad face, the forum was just to comply with the trend of open, usually also propaganda learning. Hot posts were used to share learning experience, but suddenly and naturally the post set off such a big storm.They could not hand this over to the headmaster!

Yi Tianyu’s brow was wrinkled tightly, it couldn’t be deleted?

“Classmate, if you have nothing to do, you’d better go back first. We are still trying to find a way for this post! Don’t disturb us!”

Yi Tianyu walked out of the office blankly. When he returned to the door to the first class, he bumped into Cheng Mingze, who was carrying a computer.

“What are you doing here?” Yi Tianyu frowned.

“Finding Xue Jiao to find a way to solve this.”

Cheng Mingze just finished speaking, when Yi Tianyu subconsciously said: “Don’t tell her!”

Cheng Mingze frowned and sighed: “I know you don’t think you should tell her about it, but you must know that Xue Jiao has the right to know. She is not as vulnerable as you think.”

With that, he stepped forward into the classroom of class one.

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  2. Whooo, Big Bro has the better attitude here. Yi Tianyu, I know you think of her as a flower, but she’s not as fragile as you think she is. She’s her own woman. She can stand up on her own two feet and hold her head high.

  3. First invade her privacy by stealing letters meant for her and destroying them.
    And now keep her in the dark like a fragile child when she’s being slandered this viciously with her reputation on the line?
    Yi Tianyu, we get that you like her, but you should learn that this fact, by no means, entitles you to control her interactions with those around her.
    She’s her own person. If she received letters, she should know about the, even if not read them, and if something concerning her happens, she should know about it.. 😅
    Learn from Zhihua, he loves her too, but he’s also respecting her her own decisions concerning things related to herself, even if that meant she wouldn’t love him back..

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