WFILTU Chapter 216 – Truth V

At this time it was just dinner, but after dinner many people have come back. Seeing Cheng Mingze come in, they suddenly had surprised eyes.

Cheng Mingze’s popularity was needless to say, plus this was another protagonist of the story!

Cheng Mingze doesn’t care about their sight at all. He goes to Xue Jiao, turns on the computer and shows her the post first.

Xue Jiao looked at the post opened on the computer doubtfully.

Slowly, she frowned, browsed the whole post, then went back and looked at it from the beginning.

After reading it, she was silent for a moment and asked——

“It’s been spread widely?”

So that’s why people look at her strangely all day today?

“People who care know it, and the people who don’t care know it from others.” Cheng Mingze frowned.

Yi Tianyu jumped into his seat and asked her, “Is this person you?”

Xue Jiao was silent for a moment and nodded: “It’s me.”

It’s Gu Xuejiao, which is also her.

Yi Tianyu was stunned for a moment. His eyes widened and his face was unbelieving. This really was the nerd?

“That picture……”

Xue Jiao frowned and recalled the whole story in her memory. After a moment, she said, “the photo is real, but the content is fabricated. This one……”

She pointed to the one on the top with the nightclub and frowned: “I went with Li Wei and they said that they were going to take me to have some experience, and that I’ll be back soon. Then after I went in, I was drunk and left by Li Wei and them. I ran back in a little while when I regained a little consciousness. “

“It was that time……” Cheng Mingze seemed to want something.

“Correct. “

“Damn it! What is with this group of people! Nerd, who is Li Wei? Lao Zi is going to……”

Cheng Mingze looked at him coldly: “You have no evidence, don’t be impulsive.”

Yi Tianyu was so angered that he jumped, and he hated the iron that couldn’t turn into steel. He poked Xue Jiao’s forehead——

“Why are you so stupid? You believe in just anybody? “

Xue Jiao nodded seriously. Wasn’t Gu Xuejiao just so stupid?

Cheng Mingze looked at Xue Jiao: “In the afternoon, I deleted the post, but later I don’t understand why the post appeared again. I think there was a hacker or a person who was very good at computer manipulation behind the back. I just don’t know if it was Li Wei and her group.”

Xue Jiao frowned tightly.

Gu Xuejiao was a hooligan, but it was Li Wei who lured her all the time. Moreover, she has never really done anything bad. She has barely been to the nightclub several times. After Li Wei left them there that time, she did not dare to go again.

“The post was mostly made by Li Wei. Even if it’s not her, it has a lot to do with her.” Xue Jiao pinched her eyebrows and felt that disaster was coming from the sky.

The original body……really gave her a lot of trouble!

Cheng Mingze also once again flipped through the post: “I checked the IP, it is an Internet bar. It should probably be the internet bar they go to.”

“Let’s find a way to let Li Wei explain herself!” Yi Tianyu pounded his fist on the table angrily. If Li Wei was in front of him now, he would have already started!

“It should be clarified. Once we get off tomorrow, I will try to borrow the radio station to clarify..”

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Cheng Mingze paused for a moment, pointing to the “evidence” about “Xue Jiao liking Cheng Mingze”, and his voice was somewhat unnatural: “I can clarify this tomorrow, the main problem is nightclubs and one night stands……”

Xue Jiao’s brow was wrinkled tightly. She doesn’t know why Li Wei and other people want to harm Xue Jiao like this. In the end, what kind of hatred do they have?

Yi Tianyu let out a breath and suppressed his anger: “The ones above could only start from Li Wei. The key is where can we find them? Do you know where they live? “

Xue Jiao shook her head: “I only know that they are studying in the secondary school on Changming street.”

Yi Tianyu suddenly stood up and jumped out, “I’ll go out and make a phone call. There’s someone I know. I’ll let him watch Li Wei for me, and then we’ll go to find her?”

Cheng Mingze nodded: “This can only start from Li Wei.”


Just before class, Yi Tianyu came in with a frown and angry eyes.

“Li Wei disappeared. She was still here at noon today. She was picked up in the afternoon and didn’t go to class in the afternoon!”

Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao frowned at the same time.

If Li Wei can’t be found, the matter is at a deadlock for the time being.

Xue Jiao also only knew at this time, that being looked at with strange eyes by others was such an uncomfortable thing.

She tried to ignore the sight of other people’s pointing, and also tried not to care about her own past wherein others would immediately retreat as if they saw something dirty.

Yi Tianyu was like a firecracker today. He blows up with any one point. Whenever someone talks about Xue Jiao, he immediately blows up.

He even called Yi Dafa and asked him to help find a person named Li Wei.

In the evening, Xue Jiao walked by the school gate as usual, and someone muttered about her on the way out.

“I can’t believe she is such a person!”

“Normally she acts pretty well. Those boys even shout goddess every day.”

“You guys say, how can she be alright with that?”

“She doesn’t really like her brother, does she?”

“What can’t be done?”

“Is the post really her?”

“Nonsense, it must be her, otherwise if you think it’s not her, why doesn’t she explain?”


Xue Jiao stopped and turned to look at the people who were talking——

“You do not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. You are not discussing the truth, you are venting your inner darkness.”

After she finished speaking, regardless of a few people whose faces turned ugly, she quickly left.

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze didn’t mention the matters that occurred at school to Cheng Shuo. When they went back to their rooms, Cheng Mingze said, “Jiao Jiao, I’ve already asked someone to find Li Wei. As long as she’s alive, this matter will be fair to you.”

Xue Jiao was silent for a moment and then said softly, “Thank you, Ge.”

“En.” Cheng Mingze pulled out a smile, it was unknown why, but in his heart, there was some bitterness.

Closed the door.

After a moment, Xue Jiao’s mobile phone vibrated slightly——

【Lin Zhihua: May I call you?】

The word “can” of Xue Jiao just went out, and the phone rang.

“Jiao Jiao, I kept the post, and Li Wei is with me.”

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