SOOEW Chapter 166- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs VI

She turned her eyes directly and placed them on Yang Sen, “It’s going to be autumn soon. You’re most likely to cough in the new season. You should remember to drink water if you’ve been acting in a scene for a while.”

Yang Sen was stunned and returned a low hum from his nose.


She turned her head and said, “If Liu Yi has the time, tell someone to stew a snow pear soup for him. Half a piece of rock sugar is enough. He doesn’t like it too sweet.”

This command was too natural. Liu Yi seemed to be her assistant. Liu Yi’s smile paused. She wanted to fight back, but she couldn’t expose too much in front of Yang Sen, so she had to reluctantly agree, but her heart was alert.

She narrowly forgot that, before herself, the other had been with Ah Sen for eight years. Once she gave the other an opportunity to seize, she would be easily overturned. She must be careful!

Yang Sen’s eyes through the sunglasses, appear obscure, until Liu Yi’s greetings in the end. When they were about to leave, he suddenly whispers to Wen Ying: “If you encounter difficulties, you can come to me for help.”

Even though his tone was sincere, which was obviously different from that of Liu Yi, it was still discomforting under such circumstances.

Her word let him pause his steps, “There currently is something I want to ask you for help.”


“Sign this for me.” She rubbed the head of Ning Xiao next to her, “This kid likes your movie.”


Waiting for the person to leave, Ning Xiao looked at the signature in his hand and looked at her again. The person who has always been proud has a sense of frustration.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, one was the movie king and the other was a child star. Looking at the proud look of the woman beside Yang Sen, we can see that they didn’t pay any attention to his existence at all.

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“Did I, disgrace you?”

“I didn’t expect you to have such self-consciousness.”

“Wei!” I’ve never seen a manager climb up the pole like this!

“You are still young.” Wen Ying looked at his hair that had exploded and said with a smile, “Work harder.”

The Weibo of stars has always been taken care of by specialized personas. Of course, many stars like to post on their own Weibos to increase their interaction with their fans. Ning Xiao was one of them.

But after Wen Ying became his agent, she took his password. She changed the password to prohibit him from sending any more messages. It’s useless for him to protest. The former agent may have given up on training him, so that his Weibo was full of the content that he wants to post, full of famous cars, watches and brands. Outsiders only think that he is rich, but Wen Ying knows that he was trying to create the charm of a mature man.

It made her laugh and cry all at once.

Ning Xiao was as lovely as a little brother’s existence. It’s more appropriate to go in this way. So after she took over, the aesthetic of the Weibo changed, with daily photos and cute words. Of course, in order not to give people the feeling of being different, she will still send some mature words and pictures, but she will forward fans’ wonderful comments with “Not allowed to laugh! My maturity doesn’t allow people to talk” and similar words, but this made fans fall down from laughter by his arrogance.

In fact, it’s just a human design created by Wen Ying referring to Ning Xiao’s own temperament.

Fans were quite satisfied with this. After a few popular Weibos, the number of fans has increased a little.

At the same time, it was unknown where the photos of Wen Ying kissing Qiao Ke in the crew came out. They didn’t know which fast hand it was, but they uploaded the photos in a short moment. Melon eaters have a lot of gossip. In addition, this was the follow-up to the scandal some time ago. Wen Ying’s rumor was on the rise again.

#Don’t worry about your husband anymore, you wouldn’t be able to keep your wife either! #At the top of Mount Boshan, Wen Ying’s list of beauty hunting has increased to double digits. However, many female stars with lovely appearance and gentle temperament have been listed. Compared with the last wave of bloodbath, the atmosphere this time can be said to be quite happy.

“Lily Sugoi! Coco’s shy appearance is so cute, no wonder even Wen Ying couldn’t be controlled!”

“Elder Ying’s general attack is more powerful and domineering day by day!”

“So no one noticed? ? It is said that Wen Ying has gone to Huandi and is Ning Xiao’s agent. Everyone should know Ning Xiao right? When he was a child, he took part in many works of celebrities, and when he cried, he could cry to a lot of people’s hearts! That little cutie! Now, the small cutie is currently making a play called《Jiang Shan Mou》, and the actress he’s playing against is Qiao Ke!”

“Oh, my god, take the couple CP in the bag, she she she she, she is not human (there should be coquetry here)”

“Sorry, the picture is too beautiful, I dare not see……”

“If she dares to move a hair on our Xiao Xiao, she can see if us elder sister powder would not tear her apart!”

Thanks to Wen Ying, after knowing her current situation, Ning Xiao’s attention has never been higher. All kinds of his fans have been blown out to protect their cubs, and the search volume of 《Jiang Shan Mou》has been rising all the way!

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