SOOEW Chapter 167- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs VII

“Sister, the home page is completely occupied by you. You said that you used a few cents to promote the water army?” Yun Ou sighed when she was brushing her Weibo. She turned around and saw a lipstick on Wen Ying’s desk, which she had never seen before. She couldn’t help asking, “When did you buy this?”

“En?” Wen Ying followed her line of sight to look over, then lightly smiled, “I just bought it not too long ago.”

This was the reward brought by the last task. It is said that after using it, kissing could make the other person’s heart beat faster, and haunt him for a few days. When she solved the problem, she just happened to use Qiao Ke as an experiment. When she saw the other party stare at her nonstop during the two days of the filming, she knew that this was very easy to use.

However, she only took it as a small prop.

“Leave that alone for now.” Wen Ying sat in front of her desk, gently propped her chin and looked at the computer screen. “Take a look at this and try to dig this person up.”

Yun Ou was curious about who could make Wen Ying interested. At first glance, she was startled. Even if the person in the photo was not a handsome or beautiful man, that would be naught to say. However, it was a little fat man!

“Wait……I seem to have some impression of this person. ” She recalled, “Is he called Zhou Zhou? He was a comedic actor for a variety show, and is quite open. He even ate peppers and onions. There were a few times where I couldn’t bear it. He tries really hard for the show. But no matter what……”

Wasn’t this difference from Yang Sen way too big? !

Just a Ning Xiao was enough for people to bear. His name isn’t big, his attitude isn’t small. People in the industry were all staring at sister’s ability. In fact, she was also holding a sweat. At this juncture, signing a comedy actor, isn’t it a joke?

Naturally, she doesn’t know, but Wen Ying knows the future.

Zhou Zhou, a truly talented actor, was buried by a small company in the early stage and went all the way on the road to be a comedian. Later, he was signed by Xing Chen. However, he was still silent for many years before he was able to shine in the hands of a little-known agent. However, it was not his wise eye but Zhou Zhou’s own good luck that unexpectedly attracted a famous director. The little agent worked under Liu Yi, and finally Zhou Zhou was transferred to Liu Yi.

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The only pity was that his body type was easy to gain weight and he doesn’t seem to have any desire to be thin. He was nearly 30 years old when he became popular, so he could only act in some supporting roles that people like to talk about.

If she doesn’t rob now, when would it be a better time?

“In a word, you help me to get in touch with him first, and then you will know why when you sign the person.”

Wen Ying’s tone sounded fixed.

The talented actor of the future can not be let go, and the brilliant child star of the past should also be grasped. It was unknown whether the script Wen Ying picked was accurate or whether it was Ning Xiao’s luck. After the small production of《Jiang Shan Mou》was broadcast, it unexpectedly got a good audience rating, among which Ning Xiao’s male number three was the most popular.

This role was very consistent with his own temperament and image, coupled with Wen Ying’s “squeeze and spur”, which prevented him from daring to slack even a bit, and finally won him praise.

The part of his role was not much, but it was reasonable, which promoted the development of the main story line. He was an indispensable character. In addition, the character setting of the role was simple, very attractive, and very popular with the audience. Almost overnight, Ning Xiao has become a name that people talk about.

At the launch conference, in addition to the male and female stars, he was even more likely to be asked questions by the host than the male No.2.

Fortunately, after Wen Ying’s advice, he appropriately restrained his temper and led the topic to the actor for male 2. The other side felt good, but jokingly called him “Teacher Ning”, saying that “He grew up watching Teacher Ning’s play”, which made the atmosphere harmonious and happy.

Because of his rising popularity, he had a separate personal interview after the press conference.

The reporter’s microphone was almost delivered to Ning Xiao’s mouth. This was a lively scene that he has hardly encountered since his childhood.

The familiar scene was back. The eagerness between his eyebrows increased by two points and his bold and proud appearance was even more eye catching. It wasn’t until this moment that Wen Ying had to admit that Ning Xiao was not suitable for the low valley. Once he fell into the low valley, it would be very difficult for him to climb back, because he would never forget the mountain peaks in the past, but he could undoubtedly control the peak. Such a scene, let alone ordinary people, many stars will feel tired and uncomfortable, but he could enjoy all this, exposing an unprecedented good state.

It can be said that he was born to be the one who stood on the stage to receive stars and hold the moon.

However, paparazzi were not easy to get along with. For the sake of the layout and the number of hits, they have to ask some sharp questions.

“To be able to play this role well, did your childhood acting experience help you a lot?”

“You haven’t done well before. Although the xx in 《Jiang Shan Mou》is very popular, it is similar to the xx you played when you were a child. Does this mean you can only play such a simple minded character?”

“Do you think you can get rid of the shadow of your role as a child star?”

When the last question was asked, Ning Xiao eyebrows formed a downward pressure, and the scene of the atmosphere suddenly became cold.

The most intolerable thing for him was that when he couldn’t hand in a good answer, people would always mention his childhood with a sigh, and mention those praised roles. Over time, his heart was covered with a shadow, almost forming a physiological aversion.

He thought that after the appearance of a popular character, people would forget to compare him with his past self. Unexpectedly, he could not get rid of this shadow!

Seeing him open his mouth to speak, Wen Ying, who had been staring at him, suddenly stepped forward and stopped him.

“Why do you say it’s a shadow?” She had a calm manner, and her speaking speed was orderly. The momentum that was hard to ignore caused the reporter to be unable to interrupt. As an agent, she calmly answered the reporter’s question, “The works he had done when he was a child are the advantages of his resume. In the career of an actor, it will also be a bonus item for people to consider. I believe his childhood experience was quite wonderful, but it will never be the best. Whether Ning Xiao can play other types of roles, the future will give you the best answer.”

When she answered, the lights were still flashing.

In the dazzling light, Ning Xiao looked at her in obvious shock.

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