SOOEW Chapter 168- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs VIII

When Ning Xiao was three years old, because of his lovely appearance and smart eyes, he took on an advertisement for infant milk powder, which was highly praised and successfully opened the door for him. After that, many manufacturers came to sponsor him. At the age of six, he took over his first TV play and played a child in a nearly broken family. His mischievous behavior once made his parents angry, but in the end, he showed the child’s sadness and innocence incisively and vividly in his ignorant confession, which moved the hearts of countless audiences. From then on, he became a household name. He sang all the way and cooperated with many celebrities. All the partners praised him for his young age and superb acting skills.

The world’s favorite pampering was all set on one. No one could grasp themselves, to not be dazzled, let alone a child.

When he grew up and went to school, he entered the Film and Television Academy, and appeared in front of the public again. Yet, the pressure is as high as the expectation. He couldn’t wait to apply the abilities he learned from college to his works. He was just like a treasure giving child who hastily holds out his own treasure and thinks with pride that adults will praise him as before, but waiting for him was only the sighs of disappointment.

“When he was a child, he obviously was very cute. The plot of the play was good, but the characters he played, I just really couldn’t like it.”

“It’s the fall of another genius. It’s the same with all the child stars. It’s easy to be held too high. Acting is like playing lotto tickets.”

“Very disappointed……”

Words full of negative energy came into his ears like cold water pouring down.

Why? Was his acting really so bad? Was his skill wrong? Was he really not as hard working as others? Ning Xiao was puzzled, confused and irritable. He was eager to prove himself again. However, he tries again and again, as if only to  prove that what they say is right. Childhood was his peak. All the praise and applause come to an abrupt end with his growth.

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No one likes the feeling of falling from the top. He has a bad temper, a bad style, and he offends people everywhere. All the evil thoughts bred in people’s disappointed eyes and silent blame. In the process of the sudden fall, he lost his balance. No one around him can hold him. They can only watch him fall to pieces.

It was at this moment that Wen Ying appeared.

She is not the same as his original agent, and was even quite the opposite. The original agent held him up and he will not show any dissatisfaction with him, but after he lost his value, he became a hot potato in his hand. As for her, she shows a great desire for control. She can’t stand the voice of opposition and has to arrange for him everywhere. He doesn’t seem to cooperate, but only he knows in his heart that all the restlessness and agitation are calmed under her orderly planning, and she gives him the sense of direction that he needs most.

Blindfolded people, after falling countless times, need someone to hold his hand and tell him how to go in the future.

After the interview, he couldn’t help asking her: “Do you really think that my time as a child star won’t be an obstacle for me in the future? Can I be recognized again? “

She was busy negotiating with others, and was unable to split her attention. Seeing that he was a little nervous and fragile between his eyebrows, she stopped to laugh and coax him: “It depends on whether you are obedient. Obedient children have sugar to eat.”


“Who’s called Wei?”

“…… Sister.” He was embarrassed, “I am asking you seriously.”

“This you will have to ask yourself.” She reversed and questioned him instead: “Do you think you can’t?” she asked

Her aggressive momentum, like a sharp arrow, pierced the mist in the distance, and made him wake up suddenly.

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