WFILTU Chapter 218 – Clarify II

The next morning, Cheng Mingze’s expression was pale white and his eye bags were darkened. On their way to school, he whispered——

“I’m sorry……that post hasn’t been deleted yet……”

He spent the whole night last night and asked the industry leaders to help, but he was unable to delete it.

The person he asked busied until early in the morning but only sent him a message to tell him that the person who controlled this post was absolutely the top big guy in the industry.

Who did Xue Jiao provoke? Will there be such a powerful person preventing the deletion of the post?

“No, brother, it’s a good thing to not delete the post.”

“En?” Cheng Mingze was stunned.

Xue Jiao thought about what Lin Zhihua had told her yesterday. She leaned her head against the window and repeated it in a soft voice: “It’s been so long since the post came out. People have already seen what they should see and know what they should know. If it is deleted in this way, even if it is clarified, some people will not believe it. There are still some people who don’t know. When they listen to a few words, they will only speculate. But it’s better to keep it, make things bigger, let everyone know what they can, let everyone pay attention to it, make things bigger when they clarify it, and completely clear me. “

Cheng Mingze frowned: “It would be better for less people to know.”

What he said was really the ideal way to deal with fallacies and minimize all the effects.

But……Cheng Mingze still doesn’t know. They still have a big move.

Naturally, the more people know, the greater the impact.

“Brother, don’t worry, I already have a solution. Do you think I can borrow the radio station after school this afternoon?” Xue Jiao looked at Cheng Mingze.

The other side frowned and nodded when he saw that Xue Jiao was firm.

“Be careful not to hurt yourself.”

Xue Jiao nodded with a smile, and her decision was as firm as ever.

She’s just afraid of trouble, but she’s not cowardly. Once she has a way to solve the trouble completely, she can’t let it go.

Isn’t Gu Shiyun trying to make a scene? Doesn’t she want to put it on the forum to let everyone know?

So as she wishes.

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By the time Xue Jiao arrived at the classroom, Yi Tianyu had already arrived. He was haggard and didn’t sleep all night.

Seeing her coming, Yi Tianyu immediately said anxiously, “What should we do? Li Wei is really unable to be found. Her parents seem to know something, but they don’t say a word! I will leave earlier this afternoon. I won’t believe, that I can’t interrogate it out! “

Xue Jiao shook her head: “Li Wei is with my friend. Don’t worry about it. There is a way to solve it. You can practice well and play well at your competition during the vacation.”

Yi Tianyu was shocked——

“There’s already a way?”

Xue Jiao nodded, her face relaxed. It didn’t look like a fake at all.

Does she really have a way?

Very soon, Yi Tianyu’s mind moved: “Where is your friend? Which friend of yours? Why don’t I know of them? “

“A friend like my mentor.” Xue Jiao thought of Lin Zhihua, the corner of her mouth had a smile, “He’s the one who helped review with you before the end of the term.”

Lin Zhihua……really helped her a lot.


Yi Tianyu was relieved and naturally felt that he was an old teacher.

“Then you have to thank the other very much!”


On Friday morning, although the students in the class have a good feeling towards Xue Jiao, the other side is now at the top of the storm.

The girls are afraid of being pushed out when talking to her, while boys are afraid of having another leg when talking to her.

Hence, no one in the class dares to talk to her.

Students in other classes exaggerated a little more. Some girls in ordinary classes who do not do well will point her out when they get together.

But most of the students don’t point, they just keep gossiping about it.

They are impartial. They are just talking about the truth and falsehood……

But as long as they’re talking about it, it’s hurtful.

No one likes to go everywhere and hear about the “black stuff” that slanders them.

Yi Tianyu was angered very much. A few days ago, he was still angry. There were so many love letters to Xue Jiao that he couldn’t clean them up, but just a few days ago, there was none!

The most irritating thing was that there was a letter abusing Xue Jiao!

Yi Tianyu was angered to his breaking point. If the letter insults him, he will turn the world upside down and find out the person.

But it just happened to curse out Xue Jiao!

He was afraid that she would find out and become saddened, so he had to destroy the letter secretly.

However, in his heart he greeted the 18 generations of the sender’s ancestors very clearly and explicitly.

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