WFILTU Chapter 219 – Clarify III

“How dare she come to school?”

“Holy smokes. If I were her, I’d better transfer quickly.”

“This is way too shameful.”

“Such people are still on our school honor list. I’m ashamed to think about it!”

“When will she leave?”

“Could it be a rumor?”

“Nonsense, if it’s a rumor, how could she not come out to clarify for such a long time?”

“That’s right, if I had been the one slandered , I would have come out early to clarify!”


Several girls murmured, and one of them looked at the silent Gu Shiyun——

“Shiyun, you never said Gu Xuejiao was bad before, but now you see, Gu Xuejiao is such a disgrace to those with the surname Gu!”

Gu Shiyun didn’t speak. After a moment, she sighed: “We’re all little girls. How can she do this……”

“Look! Even our kind Shiyun can’t look at her! “

Gu Shiyun lowered her head slightly to cover her smile.

Gu Xuejiao, do you think you don’t have to be despised when you get better?

As long as I exist for a day, you can only be despised alive!


At noon, Xue Jiao went to the canteen with her meal card.

She just approached mealtime. Two girls blocked over with their plates, directly pouring the soup on her body.

“Aiyo! My bowl can’t help it when it sees something dirty!”

“Yueyue, what’s the matter with you? Stay away from this kind of person, who knows……”

“What are you doing?” Someone interrupted her and rushed in.

It’s nearly May first. The weather was warm. Xue Jiao was not wearing thick clothes. This bowl of hot soup had solidly fallen on her.

Yi Tianyu placed his coat on her, and Xi Junyang looked anxious: “What’s the matter? Jiao Jiao, are you ok?”

Xue Jiao shook her head.

Yi Tianyu was biting his teeth. His forehead was blue and his fingers were clenched into fists.

“Seeking, death!”

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His appearance was so frightening that the two girls were so scared that their legs were soft.

Xue Jiao suddenly reached out and held his hand. Yi Tianyu was stunned and turned back.

Xue Jiao just shook her head and said in a soft voice, “It will be clear. Don’t let things get out of hand now.”

She is worried that Yi Tianyu’s real move will have an impact on himself. At this time, the school rules are still very strict. It doesn’t matter what he says. It’s not a simple matter if he hurts people and his parents come to make trouble.

Furthermore, it’s hitting two girls……

Yi Tianyu was going to compete soon. He can’t ruin his future for herself.

When his fingers loosened slightly, Xue Jiao came to the two girls and stared at their school cards.

“Liu Yueyue, class 10, year two, and Shen Tong, class 10, year two.”

She read it once, and then said nothing, as if she just wrote down her name.

Then, carrying a plate to Yi Tianyu and Xi Junyang, she said, “Hurry and grab your plates. Let’s have a meal together.”

Yi Tianyu looked at them coldly, and then threw a farfetched smile at Xue Jiao——

“Ok, let’s eat together.”

He should have been guarding Xue Jiao!

With her* guarding, how could Xue Jiao encounter such a thing!

“Yi Tianyu! Just protect her! Who didn’t know you had an affair with her!”

“Bang——” a bowl of soup splashed on her face.

It was Xue Jiao who threw it. She paid back Liu Yueyue the bowl of soup.

“Ah! ! !” Liu Yueyue screamed.

Xue Jiao said coldly, “If you don’t know how to speak, then don’t keep your mouth.”

It was unknown why, but Liu Yueyue felt that Xue Jiao’s gaze……was more frightening than Yi Tianyu’s fist……

Xue Jiao turned her head, looked at Yi Tianyu and Xi Junyang, then smiled: “Let’s go. We’ll get another one together.”

The three sat down at the table with their plates.

Xi Junyang couldn’t help saying: “Jiao Jiao, you were so handsome just now!”

It was unknown what Yi Tianyu thought of, but his ears were a little red, because he was sitting on the opposite side of Xue Jiao, so he quickly put out his hand and covered his ears.

His heart was pounding.

This nerd……

How can she be so charming! ! !

After eating, the phone that Xue Jiao brought today vibrated slightly.

She quickly took it out, and it was Lin Zhihua’s——

【Sorry, I’m just sending out the post now. When I just wanted to send it, I thought I was too polite, so I changed it.】

She doesn’t know why, but Xue Jiao thinks that Lin Zhihua’s tone seems to be very angry?

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  1. Could it be LZ is spying on our GXZ, that’s why he know what happened… It’s kinda…😅

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