SOOEW Chapter 169- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs IX

Yes, he is Ning Xiao, the most proud and confident Ning Xiao. He shouldn’t have such doubts!

Fans will never let go of all kinds of interview news of their idols. There will even be a special category in the post bar, indicating the time and place in the title. Even if the video uploaded was only one minute, fans will work together to build a “skyscraper”. If the content of the video is wonderful and interesting, by uploading it up to Weibo with eye-catching text, there will even be thousands of forwards, attracting countless passers-by.

This was very obvious when Ning Xiao became famous back on the Internet.

At first, it was his fans who forwarded while licking the screen. Later, it was marked with the title of “congratulations on Wen Ying’s capture of another Xiao Shou*”, which was immediately hotly debated. Even the first person who was attracted by the title to attack Wen Ying in a rage, after seeing Wen Ying’s performance in the video, was inevitably hit by the defensive.

*Xiao shou – the bottom (≧∇≦)

“For the sake of her protecting her cubs, I’m embarrassed to scold her.”

“Domineering, careful wording, this agent is good, much better than the original one!”

“The floor upstairs, although Wen Ying has quite the gossip about her, and her private life is a bit chaotic, they are still the gold medal agent that formed the popular Yang Sen!”

“After looking through the information ofYang Sen, it’s really, it’s a bit powerful.”

“If they have no ability, how can they play the hidden rules with nothing! Do you think there is no threshold for people to enter the market? “

Although she was completely crooked in the end, unexpectedly, the network, which used to be dominated by curses, reduced its firepower after she showed certain professional ability. She even attracted some fans. It was a small number of fans, but they held high the banner of “President Wen Ying’s attack for thousands of generations of fresh meat and flowers”! It can be called a cult.

In the restroom of the company, Jiang Ke leaned lazily on the sofa and brushed his Weibo with his phone. Seeing that someone was supporting Wen Ying’s “Backyard 1 *backyard = harem “, he can’t help laughing.

His agent was browsing the contract for him, and when he heard the voice, he looked up at him, “What’s the matter?”

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“I just found a funny thing.”

He replied casually.

He had known Wen Ying for a long time, but it was because of Yang Sen. He and Yang Sen got to know each other because of a play. When they were idle in the film and Television City, they met to play basketball and drink wine together. In the evening, they went out to have a barbecue.

Wen Ying was the most talked about person in Yang Sen’s mouth.

At that time, they were not well-known, but somehow they stepped into the business. He also had his agent. However, the connection between him and his agent was obviously not as good as that between Yang Sen and Wen Ying. He intuitively thinks that they are a pair. Yang Sen’s performance is not obvious, but Wen Ying’s expression and eyes let him see it at a glance. He never thought that someone would devote themselves to another person’s career. This could probably be called love. At one time, he was very envious of Yang Sen.

It wasn’t until he found out that Wen Ying, who had become a gold medal agent, dated a little famous Xiaosheng.

They held hands, behaved vaguely, and even shared a portion of food. When he saw that the juice on the pasta rubbed against their mouths, there was a nauseous impulse in his stomach. How long can a person wear a mask on their face? After that, maybe God made trouble. He met her with other men more than once, and each time was a totally different new face. But in front of Yang Sen, her fiery and focused eyes were as before, as if those he saw were not her, but her siblings, or it was just his illusion.

He knew that they were not together, and Yang Sen had never said that she was his girlfriend, but he still could not put down his disgust for her.

Fortunately, Yang Sen and she have gone their separate ways. Although she came to Huandi film, she and himself have never met each other. He believes that there would be few opportunities like this in the future. She was not willing to be lonely to brush her popularity. He is also not her anyone. It’s good to see a play. There’s nothing to interfere with.

Just as he was thinking so, after meeting with the agent, Jiang Ke, who was waiting for the elevator, he suddenly found that the person walking next to him was Wen Ying.

She followed Ning Xiao. The handsome boy placed his hands in his trousers pocket. When he listened to her, his body would tilt slightly and he would nod obediently.

It’s another one again. He thought to himself.

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