SOOEW Chapter 170- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs X

At the moment they finished speaking, the three looked up and their eyes met.

“Elder Jiang.” Ning Xiao shouted at him in surprise.

Jiang Ke was surprised at his reaction, but nodded to him. “Ning Xiao.”

“Elder knows of me?” He seemed excited.

“Of course.” Jiang Ke’s voice was deep and beautiful. A little smile makes people blush for no reason. “You have been very popular recently. I’ve seen《Jiang Shan Mou》, too. Your performance is not bad.”

Without waiting for Ning Xiao to react, Wen Ying lightly “hnged, her line of sight directed towards him, smiling without a smile.

Seen it? I’m afraid he hasn’t seen the drama, but the Weibo comments instead.

The two people’s line of sight met, and then, she looked at the big boy, “Didn’t you like Yang Sen, what, you have a new sweetheart?”

“How can it be the same.” Ning Xiao responded very quickly and said, “Film Emperor Yang is just good at acting, and I’m not bad in comparison. Also my age is younger than him, so sooner or later I can reach the same height as him, but Elder Jiang is not the same. I like him because of his charming personality! “

He acted with awe inspiring righteousness, but Wen Ying saw through at a glance.

She pointed at him with her fingers, but he showed his little tiger teeth and laughed at her with a bright and innocent face.

This guy only liked Jiang Ke’s “walking hormone” temperament, and he just liked the other’s setting that charmed thousands of girls.

Jiang Ke felt that the two people’s intimate appearance was very piercing to the eyes.

Just then, the elevator doors “ding” and opened.

Ning Xiao was impatient and took the first step.

Wen Ying and Jiang Ke almost went in at the same time. In a flash, the narrow door forced them to lean towards the middle, and their hands touched slightly.

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The back of the woman’s cold hand has a familiar touch, and memory comes in like a tide, which makes him breathe slowly.

The night of confusion and lethargy, the noise for no reason, the mutual suppression, the sudden entanglement, the lingering groan, and the hand that the woman scratched on his back……

He didn’t know where the impulse came from, so he asked with a smile, “Ning Xiao, your new agent is very strict. Who you like and who you don’t like, she also has to ask?”

“En? This, well, she is……”

“Mister Jiang sure is managing very broadly?” Wen Ying’s lips angled a smile, her eyes swept over his body coolly, “How I control my artists, doesn’t seem to be something you can decide on, right?”

Ning Xiao, who was robbed of the right to answer, touched his nose awkwardly with a smile, acting as if he didn’t hear it.

“I just don’t like others over-restraining artists.” Jiang Ke hugged his arm and chuckled, “Be careful that the hen has flown away and all the eggs are broken 1 *be careful that all is lost , taking others to a high place. In the end, they will be rejected and kicked out of the way.”

Ning Xiao: ? Is he such a person in the other’s eyes?

Wen Ying turned her head to Ning Xiao and said, “Don’t pay attention to him. I’ve seen many people who like to speak sour words. Some people address their anger towards passers-by when they fail to act well in the film……”

Her words suddenly poked his pain. Jiang Ke immediately laughed angrily. “Who is addressing their anger towards passers-by? It’s clear that someone knows of them, but pretends to not to know. They were even lying on the same……” bed.

“En?” She snorted in an obscure way.

Jiang Ke suddenly reacted, then met Ning Xiao’s curious and puzzled eyes. She looked at himself with bright eyes. He seems to be splashed with a basin of cold water, and his hot head calmed down.

“Forget it.” He looked impatiently at the floor of the elevator, “It’s nothing.”

As he hoped, the first floor soon arrived, and the elevator door was wide open. Because of the time, only a few people passed through the spacious hall outside.

This time, he stood by the button in the elevator and didn’t move, letting Wen Ying leave first.

One step, two steps……

The woman’s high-heeled shoes tapped on the ground and made a sound. When they reached the position beside him, they stopped.

“That’s right.” As if she had just remembered, she found something in her bag. When he looked up suspiciously, she handed it to him. “Your key ring, you forgot to pick it up that day, so I kept it first. Now I have returned it back to the original owner. ” She carelessly said and walked out of the elevator.

The words that she obliviously spoke of shocked the other two people at the scene.

Jiang Ke looked down at the key chain in his palm, and a question turned wildly in his mind. How could she……carry it on herself?

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